God’s presence appeared to depressed Iranian woman


By Mark Ellis —

Screenshot from “Sheep Among Wolves”

Amaya* was 19 and severely depressed, in the care of one of the most famous doctors in Iran, but none of the medications he prescribed could lift her spirits.

“Nothing he gave me worked,” she recounted in “Sheep Among Wolves,” a documentary about the Iranian Christian awakening. “I lived in my room by myself for four years. I only left the room for cigarettes or something I needed.”

One day she ventured from her house and made a new friend. One day her new friend asked Amaya why she was so depressed. She explained to him the causes of her pain.

Then unexpectedly, he smiled at her and said, “Just that? My life is much worse than yours.”

Amaya asked him why he seemed to have joy, in spite of his situation.

“Do you really want to know?” he asked.


“Tomorrow, come to my store,” he replied.

The next day Amaya went to his store.

She was taken aback when he said, “Anything you need is in this,” and handed her a Bible.

Amaya went home and wrestled with what she heard. She lived in a very old house, so old the stones on the floor were loose and creaked when anyone stepped on them. Every time someone walked across the floor they made noise.

She decided to pray to the Christian God for the first time. She prayed aloud: “If you’re real, prove yourself.”

Then something amazing happened. Someone she could not see walked in front of her on four of the stones. She could hear the noise but saw nothing.

Then the room filled with something so thick she could hardly breathe!

Immediately she ran back to her friend’s store and excitedly recounted what had just happened.

“This is very normal,” her friend told her. “This is just the beginning. You’re going to see much more than this!”

Then he shared the Gospel with her in a complete way. “Do you want to receive this God that you just experienced?” he asked.

“Yes! Yes!” she exclaimed and gave her heart to Jesus Christ.


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*not her real name


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