Ray Comfort seeks prayer after failed surgery to remove kidney stone


By Mark Ellis –

Ray Comfort in hospital with kidney stone

Evangelist Ray Comfort needs God’s healing and comfort as he experiences a fiery health ordeal from a kidney stone that has stubbornly resisted surgical removal.

“I visited the ER five times in three days (one trip was in an ambulance),” he noted on his blog on June 19th. “So far I’ve had two operations, with another two coming up.”

In his most recent update July 3rd, he lamented an unsuccessful third surgery.

“Unfortunately, the surgery to retrieve the stone was a failure, because the stone was ‘impacted.’ This was causing a blockage. So the surgeon inserted a stent. They also put a tube into my kidney through my back to relieve the pressure, which was causing the pain.

“I had the kidney tube removed from my back after about a week ago. The stent is still inside doing what it’s supposed to do, until the urologist takes it out along with the impacted stone.”

His next surgery will be in about a month.

Despite his health setback, Comfort has been sharing the Gospel with medical staff. “Brett (the paramedic in the ambulance) was very open, and there have been other incidents in the hospital.

“One was with the man who wheeled me to the theater for the first operation. It’s quite a long ride so it gives time to witness. After we talked, I thanked him for listening and added that he had to give me that courtesy, because they may have been my last words. Sobering, but true.”

Comfort is gratified by the prayer support he’s received. “Thank you all so much for your past (and continued) prayers and your kind well-wishes. Very grateful.”