Pastor decries Drag Queen Story Hour, sees effort to remove Age of Consent laws


By Mark Ellis –

Drag Queen Story Time

They are coming to your local public library – drag queens reading stories to young children like “Heather has Two Mommies” and “The Prince who wanted to be a Princess.”

One African American pastor from Dallas, Stephen Broden, has had enough and is helping to organize a coalition of pastors to counter the phenomenon. They call themselves the Gone 2 Far Movement.

Pastor Stephen Broden

“LGBT child recruiters, including convicted child sex offenders, are using public libraries and public schools to normalize extreme sexual deviance to very young children,” Broden charges.

He cites the case of a drag queen story hour in Houston conducted by a man that had been convicted of multiple sexual assaults against young children ages 4, 5, 6, and 8 in 2004. He was incarcerated previously and is listed as a “high-risk sex offender.”

“We have pictures of drag queens on the floor in public libraries with kids laying on top of them. One child is lying right on his crotch. That’s a man. That’s a man down there and has male parts and has kids rolling on him. He is sitting there like he’s in seventh heaven.”

Pastor Broden believes the ultimate aim of the story hour is to persuade children to identify as homosexual, lesbian bisexual and transgender, to lower their resistance to sexual molestation by adults and to encourage abnormal experimentation among themselves.

“This is NOT an exaggeration, but a fully predictable consequence of a documented goal of the LGBT movement since 1972!” he exclaims. “The 1972 Gay Rights Platform specifically calls for “the removal of all laws governing age of consent.”


Remarkably, most of the goals of the LGBTQ movement that appear on the 1972 Gay Rights Platform have been achieved – except for removal of age of consent laws.

“Now they are going after the hearts and minds of innocent children to sexualize them in their own image,” the pastor says.

Sadly, when God is removed from a country, almost anything and everything becomes permissible. “They are laying the groundwork to legalize pedophilia by introducing new pro-pedophile euphemisms such as “Age-Gap Love,” “Inter-generational relationships,” and “Children’s Sexual Rights” to normalize the idea of adult/child sex,” Pastor Broden says.

“There is an attempt to redefine morality in America,” he says. “Drag queen story hour is one of the agenda items being pushed by the LGBTQ community that seeks to change that which is abnormal to that which is represented as normal, healthy and natural.”

He laments that many Christians have been shocked by these developments into a form of paralysis. “The culture has capitulated to this small minority who is now running roughshod over traditional values.

“This is outrageous and we are standing up and saying no, there is an alternative voice here. Our voice is re-emerging in the public square.”

The Gone 2 Far Movement is establishing an email alert system for action to counter the story times by pressuring mayors, city council members, and library directors. “They are doing this without any support from the community or alerting the community that they are considering these things,” he notes.

Without action, Pastor Broden believes pedophilia is on its way to becoming legal in America.


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