600 babies saved after 40 Days for Life campaign


By Jeri Ballard —

If you only prayed for one hour in front of an abortion clinic as part of the 40 Days for Life campaign, would it make much difference?

Remarkably, this year’s annual pro-life demonstration saved more than 600 babies, according to a video posted by 40 Days for Life.

“Abortion is ending in the United State of America and around the world,” Shawn Carney declared, president of 40 Days for Life.

“But things are getting worse before they get better on other fronts,” he added. “We’ve begun to see a wave of infanticide sweeping our nations not led by the fringe but by governors and candidates for presidents. It’s absolutely unprecedented.”

Recently, New York approved a bill that would allow late-term, viable fetuses to be aborted on the condition the abortionist believes it would be in the interest of the mother’s health, according to National Review.

Not to be outdone, Virginia state legislator Kathy Tran introduced legislation legalizing full-term pregnancy abortion and partial birth abortion. Illinois and New Mexico are weighing similar laws.

“It’s infanticide in the United States of America in 2019,” Shawn said. “There’s a hardness of heart, a coldness. There’s nothing greater than seeing your beautiful baby girl or beautiful baby boy. They have removed humanity from that beautiful moment of seeing your newborn.”

Meanwhile, the 40 Days for Life movement — which went nationwide in 2007 and involved 1 million volunteers in street prayer outside clinics this Spring — has played a part in shutting down 90 clinics, the video noted.

This year’s drive was energized by the blockbuster movie Unplanned, which documents Abby Johnson’s switch from Planned Parenthood clinic director to pro-life street prayer warrior who pleads with mothers to turn back at the clinic door.

Abby was the 26th out of 186 abortion workers to switch to pro-life, the video says. That switch and the subsequent of shutting down of her old clinic was the beginning of the 40 Days for Life movement.

“There have just been waves of people who have left the abortion industry,” Shawn said.

When the people are praying are in the streets, three of four scheduled abortion appointments turn back and don’t carry out the murder, according to the video.

This year’s campaign witnessed one woman who saw Unplanned, canceled her scheduled abortion, and went into the streets outside the clinic to plead with other mothers to do likewise.

Steve Karlen, Sue Thayer, Shawn Carney

The 40 Days for Life movement staged prayer vigils in 377 cities and 56 countries — from Africa to Australia and the United Kingdom.

“We have this new army of pro-life prayer warriors ready for the Fall 40 Days for Life campaign,” Shawn stated.

Sue Thayer was also a director of Planned Parenthood who changed to pro-life.

“Having been on both sides, I’ve been in the Planned Parenthood meeting and I’ve been in the pro-life meetings. I know I’m in the right spot,” Sue said.

Robert Colquhoun, international campaign director, said the pro-life movement abroad has grown exponentially.

“We’ve had an incredible campaign in over 50 cities internationally,” he said. “What I love about this campaign is taking this mission to other countries and seeing lives saved from abortion. We can participate in doing God’s work in helping to save lives.”

The pro-life movement is making an impact in Latin America. In Columbia, 55 lives were saved and 11 in Mexico.

Meanwhile, there’s been persecution in Germany. The local authorities are setting up “buffer zones” to keep the prayer warriors at a distance from clinics.

“God won’t be stopped by a buffer zone or a line on the map,” said Matt Britton, international board chairman. “These are human beings in the womb. They have human rights.”

Jeri Ballard studies at the Lighthouse Christian Academy in Los Angeles. All photos on this report are taken from the video.


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