Jesus delivered brawler from his addictions


By Mark Ellis —


Anwar lived in a small village with his wife, children, and parents. “Before knowing Jesus, I abused alcohol and drugs. While under the influence, I often fought with people. Many times I was taken to the police station. I also spent many nights sleeping on roads and in the jungle,” he recounted to Biglife.

His restless heart could find no peace. “I used to wake up at nights with nightmares and wondered what was happening to me. Eventually, many of my friends died due to drug use. Some of them have lost their minds and some are still in rehab centers,” he says.

But God had a rescue plan in mind for Anwar, and sent a Christian worker to his door who introduced him to Jesus. “He regularly prayed for me and I began to realize that only Jesus could deliver me from my addictions,” he relates.

The power of God’s Word and the Spirit kindled faith in his heart to believe in Jesus. “I surrendered my life to him and now I am totally changed. I have not touched alcohol or drugs and I no longer have nightmares,” he says.

“I am really thankful to the Lord for rescuing me. Today, my family and I are sharing Jesus with others in our area. I thank God for His grace to me.”

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  1. So glad for this man and his family to be saved!! Praise the Lord.
    It bothers me though, that so many Indian men who are husbands and fathers, abuse alcohol and drugs: usually they starve their family to get the money necessary to support their habits; beat the wife and children mercilessly and make life a hell for them in general. One never hears of Indian women abusing alcohol or drugs, yet I have read a great many testimonies of Indian men doing so!
    It seems the women are more courageous than the men!
    Of course I realize that by deem of the male being the physically stronger, he most likely would not allow his wife to abuse substances, though he would do it himself. Still, one is always grateful to hear of yet another soul snatched from the jaws of hell! Amen!

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