Heavy metal singer stands up for Jesus, loses fans


By Mark Ellis —

Austin Carlile

A former heavy metal singer from Of Mice & Men, Austin Carlile, has made some bold expressions about his faith and also paid a price for it.

In a recent Tweet, he acknowledged the cost: “I LOSE followers any time I speak about God or His son Jesus, ppl don’t wanna hear it. What I GAIN from knowing Him though… irreplaceable.”

“It may not be ‘cool’ to believe, it may not be popular, but the GOD of the entire universe loves you. Realizing this changed my entire life,” he noted in a report by CBN.

The musician was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome, a genetic disease that affects the body’s connective tissue. When the aorta valve is affected, the disorder may be fatal, which happened to Flo Hyman, the Olympic silver-medalist in volleyball, who collapsed and died at age 31.

Austin Carlile’s baptism in July, 2016

The disease is associated with people who have long legs and arms. Some believe President Lincoln may suffered from the disorder, but the theory has never been proven.

Carlile continues to praise God as he battles the insidious disease. Treatment usually involves beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, ACE inhibitors, and sometimes surgery, according to Wikipedia.

“Relying on my own perseverance and strength was not enough. His grace has been overwhelming, and with every obstacle I’ve faced I’m proud to say my hope through HIM is what has pushed me to continue on, and to keep fighting,” he noted in 2016 on Instagram after his baptism as a new believer.

“I had to get out of the middle of the road and fully follow Him. Trying to do things my own way completely left me stranded,” he added.

Sadly, he was forced to retire from Of Mice and Men at the end of 2016 due to his battle with Marfan’s.

Austin Carlile

Carlile’s faith sustains him through the valley. “I think Jesus was the Son of God and God sent Him to die for our sins,” he told Enoch Magazine during his Warped Tour. “When he came in the New Testament he changed all the rules and made it so people don’t have to sacrifice lambs anymore. He changed the game.”

“Even if you don’t believe Jesus was the Son of God, it’s easy for people to see that what he talked about was love. He spread love and the message of love and he told people to love one another. No matter who you are, you can take something from that. I think that alone makes Him one of the greatest people to walk the face of the earth,” he said.

His hardcore secularist fan base dislikes his faith references, but believers admire his boldness.

“I don’t agree with your viewpoints but I respect the hell out of you for being so vocal about what means everything to you. Stay strong,” one Twitter follower noted.

“Never stop talking about Jesus brother. Proud of you dude,” another Tweeted.


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  1. It is great that he does not bury his faith for the sake of popularity.. I pray God will heal him.. and give docs a head spin!

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