Muslim father killed daughter and threw her down a well, but Jesus caught her and restored her life


By Mark Ellis —

Reading God's Word
Reading God’s Word

She was born into a strict Muslim family in the Middle East. Because she was born in the Muslim month of Ramzan, her parents named her Ramza.

“I was a religious girl from my childhood,” she told Bibles for Mideast. “I was always in front of the line for the Islamic practices for reciting the Koran, doing prayers five times a day, and fasting on the month of Ramzan.”

She also kept the tradition of wearing the “abaya,” with full head and face covering.

Her family was large, partly due to her father’s three wives who bore 13 children. He generated a substantial income from several trading and contracting companies.

After Ramza completed her education, a former schoolmate surprised her one day by sharing about Jesus Christ. “She was the daughter of a pastor, ministering with Bibles for Mideast. But I never accepted her message and arguments. She gave me a sample gospel (tract),” Ramza said.

After her graduation, Ramza’s father proposed that she marry an older, wealthy man, who already had three wives and several children.

Ramza was sickened by the proposition, especially when she realized she would be younger than his youngest child.

One evening she went to meet with her father. “I pleaded with him not to arrange my marriage now, but to send me for further studies. My father denied my request. I argued with him, for I was unable to imagine such a marriage. He did not listen to me at all,” she told Bibles for Mideast.

Tearful and defiant, Ramza told her father she would run away from home before the marriage could take place.

Enraged that she would argue or question his authority, he suddenly grabbed a chair and hit her on the head with one of its legs.

Ramza collapsed to the ground, bleeding profusely from a broken skull. Her father and stepmother were shocked when they realized she was dead.

Not wanting anyone to know, they tied up her dead body and stuffed it into a large plastic bag and placed it in the trunk of their car.

Ramza’s father and stepmother traveled many miles into the desert until they arrived at a secluded date plantation. They found a dry well on the property and threw Ramza’s body down the shaft.

Somehow – whether in the body or out of the body – Ramza had the awareness that her soul was going into hell, a place of terrible darkness. She felt a deep thirst, but strangely, it was not for earthly water.

Her life flashed through her consciousness and she remembered her friend giving her the Gospel. She tried to reach out to grab ahold of it, but her hands could not touch it. She had the sense that if she could possess it, her soul would find rest “in an amazing garden.”

As her lifeless body hurtled down the well, something incredible happened. There was “a strong, healthy and beautiful man” standing at the bottom of the well.

“He caught the sack of my dead body in His hands,” she recounted. Then he proceeded to untie the sack. He placed his hands on her head and back and breathed life into her physical body.

“I opened my eyes like waking up from a dream. I saw the nail marks in His hands,” she says. Immediately she knew it was Jesus, and believed in Him as Savior and Lord.

Then Jesus picked the young woman up in His arms and brought her out of the well. He said, “I am the resurrection and the life; he that believes in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live (John 11:25).”

Jesus laid her gently on the ground and Ramza prostrated herself before Him.

A torrent of tears and words began to stream out: “Jesus, you’re my Lord and Savior. You were crucified and died for me. You are risen indeed. I am yours. I believe in you.”

She lifted her head to look at Him, but there was no one there. He disappeared.

Now there was a certain pastor and his wife in a village nearby and the Lord said to the pastor in a vision: Arise and go to a date plantation where you will find a young woman who needs help.

Ramza picked herself up, but didn’t know what to do or where to go. “But I was so happy. I was praising and thanking Lord Jesus. Within a few minutes, a husband and wife from Bibles for Mideast came to me. They introduced that they are Christians and the Lord Jesus guided them to me.”

Now Ramza works with five other women laborers
Now Ramza works with five other women laborers

She excitedly shared her dramatic experience with them. They gave her a Bible and brought her to a farmhouse where she could live with five other women.

“They are born again women. They teach me more about the Word of God and we worship Jesus together in our house church.” Ramza works with them at the farm as well as ministering for the Lord.

“I don’t want go back to my parents unless they accept the Lord Jesus Christ,” she told Bibles for Mideast. “Pray for my family members, relatives and all the people of Middle East to be saved,” she said.

“Now I have been born again by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior and I have become a citizen of the Kingdom of God.”


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    • wow wow wow I have read about and heard about Jesus bringing precious people back from death and it never ceases to amaze me!!! Praise the Lord for You are Life and Love!!!

    • What He is telling us is to share our testimony about Him with the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit to all Muslims that He brings to us without fear, without hesitation. That is why He is shaking especially the Muslim nations, because He loves them, not because He hates them. I share all the time to Muslims and they invariably thank me and even accepted Christ into their heart! Be guided by His Spirit but share the Good News of His Kingdom!

      • I have heard testimony from Muslims who converted to Christianity that was the first time they felt the peace that passes all understanding. It is amazing the more Christians are persecuted the more other religions come to a saving grace with Our Lord and Savior. I have heard this is happening in ISIS controlled territories not sure if that is true. I feel I am being called to be an evangelist I want to lead people to Christ and I am so in awe of Christians in these Muslim countries who know by becoming a Christian is a death sentence usually by their own families. Majority of Christians in the states do not seem to care or want to make life better for persecuted Christians which is a travesty.

  1. God is still in the miracle business and seems to be working mightily among the Muslims.Praise His Name!


  2. The Father’s love is amazing is mercy endures forever, thank you Jesus my Savior and Lord for you came to save the lost. Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Amazing story

  3. This should be conclusive in every ones mind – those who read it – that God is alive and well on planet Earth!…that His love is incomprehensible…His power unfathomable! Very touching story that brought me to tears!!

  4. I am about to travel into the Middle East to connect with some pastors and spread the love and power of Christ..
    I wept when I read this account of what happened to this little girl. Praise the Lord – these stories are faith building and helps to soften our hearts towards Jesus, thank You,
    Pastor Jonathan Cargill. Rarotonga.

  5. Our God is Great! May you keep growing in love and the grace of Jesus. And may God answer your prayers for your family.

  6. Beautiful testimony of God’s eternal LOVE. The great “I AM” 🙂 the Holy One LOVES all people…beyond borders, boundaries & lines-of-division! Every tongue, tribe, nation & people! 🙂 including you 🙂

  7. What a wonderful Savior is Jesus our Lord What a wonderful Friend is He.
    He hides my soul in the depths of the rocks and covers me there with his hand.
    Safe for always in His hands.

  8. This is an incredible story. God is indeed faithful. He is doing great and mighty things in the Middle East. I pray that her whole family will be saved. Jesus is Lord

  9. Wow that’s the God we serve, awesome God, we pray for more souls in Mid east and salvation for Ramza’s family in jesus’name.

  10. I am so overwhelmed by her testimony. God is always there for us all who believe in Jesus Christine.

  11. Could not believe God in Jesus still works the way He did with Ramza.Most amazing.I thank our Jesus most humbly and pray that Rsmza be more loved and blessed by our Jesus. Thank you so very much for sharing that touching story. All power to your Ministry snf your ministers

    • God is the same as he was when he created the heavens and the earth. God never changes , we are the ones who have changed. Before Christ ascended into heaven he stated that all of the miracles that he had performed we would/can perform also and more. How amazing our Lord and Savior is.

  12. She said she saw the nail marks in his hands,its been proven that the nails were in his wrist because the hands could never hold the weight,other then that awsome

    • The nails were driven through His hands, not His wrists… In crucifixion the wrists as well as the arms above the elbows were tied with flax rope to the cross bar first… The nails used in His case, was to pin Him to the Cross so that He could not ‘wiggle’ them to attempt an escape… Psalm 22:16 states it clearly… Don’t try to twist Holy Scripture to follow human logic… it’s the first stages of totally going off the track.

    • While many scholars in the past have argued that crucifixion required nails in the wrist because hands couldn’t hold the weight, and yet somehow Christians would still report visions of Christ with wounds in hands. But now, interestingly, other scholars are saying that actually people were often nailed through the hands because it caused more pain than the wrists, and ropes could be used to tie the arms or wrists to the crossbeam to support some weight but most weight would be actually held by the feet (which is why victims often suffocated to death, because the soldiers would break the legs of the victims, which were holding the weight, as they almost tried to do with Jesus).

      • In the book A Physician Looks At Calvary, Dr. Philippe Barbet did tests using cadavers with nails in the hands. The weight caused the body to fall as there were not enough bones to keep the body held there on the cross. Also, there are far more nerves in the wrist due to the major nerve going down the arm to the hand. It goes through the wrist, thus making it far more painful. when the nails were in the wrist, the body stayed supported on the cross.

        • The wrist is often considered part of the hand, but you know what? The placement of a nail 2 inches one way or the other doesn’t change the central facts. Jesus died and arose, and now this girl is alive in him. Don’t become so mired in the trivial that you lose sight of the Great Truth.

          • Chris, you are right about not getting “mired in the trivial”. Who cares if it’s the hand or wrist? We weren’t there to know. When people “argue” about some teeny thing, it diverts their attention from the REAL issue: the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ or Messiah.

  13. What a breathtaking story!
    I agree with this young lady that the Spirit of the Living God would fall upon all flesh in the middle east.
    That a “Road to Damascus, ” event would happen to the people of the middle east.
    In Jesus name ! Amen

    • A “Road to Damascus” experience is exactly what I have been praying for President Obama, Michelle Obama and even Hillary and Bill. I would love to see a morning news report about all 4 of them. Included also is Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood. God does not want one soul lost but for all to come to Him.!

      • Amen to that, Barbara! I would add Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to that list of so-called “leaders” who need that experience of Jesus knocking them off their high horse to see His Light. Please, Lord Jesus, help this nation to get back to Christian values as soon as You deem possible. In Jesus’ name I pray.

  14. Beautiful story. But may that evil man be prosecuted & this demonic practice be stopped. For too long the church has been silent or impotent to prosecute evil. We have accepted such treatment of females as “just the way it is.”

    • Mia, I totally agree with you. I also pray Ramza has a chance to see her father. I am sure he will be amazed and shocked at her story and relieved that she is not dead. He might be wracked with guilt right now at the horror of what he did. Her story may be the means
      Jesus? uses to bring Ramza’s entire family to Him.

  15. This is a wonderful testimony of God’s mercy for this young lady. But when will Christians rise up & demand justice & prosecution of such evil men. How long will Christians be impotent against evil? The cry for justice will be heralded by the unbelievers if the believers remain silent or simply eek out a weak “praise the Lord”. God’s throne is established on righteousnes and JUSTICE.

    • Thank you God Reports for reporting this story, it is faith building. Thank you Mia for pointing out how wicked and evil her father and mother acted and we should be outraged. The people who follow religiously the Koran will become more and more violent because the Koran advocates and elevates violence as a way to please their god who is our evil adversary and is only satan. So as America’s current leadership promotes islam over Christianity these same cultish practices will become commonplace in this country also. Wake up Church which this includes all who are born again, we need to make it known the biblical standards of right and wrong and stand up for righteousness. Lord may this not be just words but actions also. I am humbled.

      • I totally agree, Mrs. Gruba. I think it was Edmund Burke who said, “all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” That’s what “the Church” is doing in these Last Days. “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” as the Bible says. Well……are we going to “resist the devil” or not? Too many timid Christians in this country. Or as I like to say: couch-potato Christians.

      • Have you read the Quran? Because I have and there is no more violence in it than our Old Testament. In fact, in at least one place, it says that Muslims should be friends with Jews and Christains because of their good works and their holy books. I am a dedicated reborn Christian with a son in law who was raised Muslim. We have frequent conversations about Jesus, who the Muslims do revere and respect, just not as messiah. But at least that is a first step. What I fear is often preventing the second step, is Christians falsely accusing Muslims of being a violent people…based on a book most Christians have never read. In fact, most Christians haven’t read the bible either or they would realize the OT is filled with violence, which taken out of context has been used historically by “Christians” to justify evil acts, such as the Spanish Inquisition. I do not mean to criticize you, but rather lovingly admonish you and encourage you to read the Quran. Blanket statements should never be made about any group of people. This is what perpetuates the hate and distrust that is far more insidious and destructive than violence. We need to minister to all people with love and kindness. To paraphrase the Apostle Paul, “when I am with a Jew, I am as a Jew and when I am with a gentile, I am as a gentile” I have found that reading the Quran and finding our common ground with Islam has better enabled me to know how to minister and talk to Muslims.

        • May be you read a different Quran.It’s a confused book,a counterfeit of the bible in message ,with no single salvation clause,that has brought immeasurable destruction in human history since it’s entry into the history of man.

        • Karen Smith, it would have been prudent for you to declare your conflict of interest. Your judgment and argument is clearly biased by the fact that your son-in-law was raised Muslim. Whereas I agree with you that some Muslims could be nice people, they are an exception. And to castigate Christians for not reading the Koran is also diversionary because we have seen violent actions and words of Muslims which are directly influenced by the Koran. Your attempts to draw parallels with the Old Testament are just lame given the fact that today none of the church leaders preach violence against other religions as the case is with the Muslims clerics.

        • I hope you don’t believe that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. The Muslim Jesus is not the same as the Christian Jesus. Muslims believe Jesus will return, but to kill the Jews and Christians.

          Have you read the Hadiths? What common ground have you found with Islam?

  16. Wow, amazing how the parents threw her in the well, without knowing that Jesus is the well for those who thrist n hunger for Him…thanks for sharing, Wat an Awesome God we serve.

  17. It illustrates that Jesus has his eyes on us whether Christian or Muslim. What an amazing story of Ramza. Nothing is impossible with God. Praise you Lord Jesus. God has a plan for her.

  18. I have tears flowing down my face.
    Jesus is real. .real in my soul today.. Jesus died for all of mankind, not wanting anyone to perish, but have eternal life.
    What an amazing and miraculous moment to share.
    It causes my heart and soul to draw closer and closer to Jesus..

  19. Amazing Jesus! You never stop making us wonder at your visitations.Lord look kindly on not only the Middle East but also on the South Asian countries and you need to do something radical in America for it to be healed of backsliding


    I say more LORD more, give them more, more visions, dreams and the miraculous because YOU have already said that none should perish!!! But they will if YOU do not intervene on their behalf.
    More LORD MORE!!! amen!!!

  21. What an amazing story of God’s goodness and grace!! Stories of Muslims encountering Jesus in dreams and visions are becoming more and more numerous! He loves them and wants to reach them while there is time. I agree with Barbara that we need to pray for such miraculous encounters to come to our own leaders. God longs for each one to know of His love and grace!

  22. This is amazing love from JESUS CHRIST. His love has no limits and boundaries. We serve an awesome GOD. I pray for all those that have read this and do not believe, to experience a similar situation, so that you may know who created you. I have never seen his nail scared hands, but I believe in my creator. I have heard his voice, whenever I needed him and he never left my side.

  23. Love has come to earth for all people, in the form of the Man Jesus, who is God. This story confirms His Diety and sovereignty. It’s so beautiful to see how much our Lord loves the lost and wants for all to be saved.

  24. Jesus still performs Miracles ,of which this is one .Lets continue
    To pray for all Muslms ,that God would pierce the darkness with the truth
    Of His Word .

  25. Jesus was, is and always will be the Great Rescuer….that’s why he came. And we are rescued one at a time. I would love to know how her father and step mother would react if they saw their daughter alive, well and full of God’s love and grace towards them.

  26. Jesus is intervening in peoples lives. So many wonderful stories of people in need and his love reaching out to them

  27. I do not know what would have happened to this girl if she hadn’t heard about Jesus through her friend. (Of cause, God is sovereign!) But it the duty of everyone of us to share the Good news of Jesus with anyone and everyone possible.

  28. Wonderful, Jesus loves people so much and He goes where we cannot go! Praise His Name and give Him all the glory!! Amen

  29. Halleluyah, praise His name, Amen. Brethren let us all pray to the Lord of harvest to send labourers to our Muslim brothers and sisters that the light of the gospel may shine into their dark hearts, in Jesus name, praise the Lord, Amen. Greater grace to your ministries.

  30. Ps 27:10 When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up.
    Thank you Jesus for saving her in this awesome manner. In your mercy do reach out to her parents that did this evil to her in their ignorance, as well as multitudes of other Muslims out there in the world that are still groping in the dark regarding the true way of eternal life.
    Joh 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

  31. This testimony truly serves to prove that Jesus lives! All the claims the Bible says about him are true.

  32. Believe it or not! Jesus CHRIST is the only-only-only-only-only-only-only WAY to God the FATHER and CREATOR of mankind.

  33. Ramza should made to see her ‘father’ as an opportunity to accept Christ. J-E-S-U-S too much!

  34. I believe. !!

    Amazing , Jesus shows up – and Holy Spirit directs ( Holy Spirit is a person )

    I am also one of the miracles . Jesus came to me in the middle of the night. The power of God came over me and literally lifted me out of bed . Everything was pitch black and he led me to a Bible I repented of my sins
    Jesus came into my heart That was over 40 years ago Tremendous life changing experience (The kingdom of God is coming to the earth – it’s not by might, not by power but by my Spirit says the Lord) Love it !
    God has a way to confound the wise .

  35. great testimony indeed , but i am wondering how she knew her mother was present when she was thrown in the well if she was already dead

  36. John 3:16, Thanks be to God the Father and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
    Greater love had no man than this than the man Christ Jesus who laid down His life for His friends.
    God bless you for accepting the invitation.

    • There was still an ounce of life in her , Jesus met her , as she tried to reach out to the one she read about ….by her own free will , she believed , and was spared the torment of Hell

  37. There are approx 29,000 children die each day of mostly preventable causes. What an absolute _______ of a god that would save only one in a well. You are absolutely delusional of you could believe something like this.

    • To be perfectly frank, I wonder about this story myself, but I’ve seen and spoken with enough people to know that it could very well be true. I have experienced first hand things that have *no* rational explanation without a being who has the power to rewrite the very code of the universe. Why doesn’t He ‘save’ everyone? Because He has a plan on a scale that beggars the imagination, and physical death is completely inconsequential; we all die, and if an earlier death will help advance the plan without causing needless suffering, then so be it.

  38. A fact to be made known to Muslims who are still ignorant or resist the miracle and saving powers of of our Lord and Savior,Jesus Christ.Tell it to at least one Muslim you know. I will do just that.

  39. Here is what I believe happened. Jesus came to save her because he knew once she read that tract she would be His. The devil knew this too and made her father try to kill her to steal her soul. She was already chosen by God and He will not let any of His children perish! AMEN!

  40. God is a miracle worker, but he also depends on us to reach the lost. We can not go to the Muslim nations but we can evangelize those he is bringing to us. God does not give the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. Lets put aside the politics and fear and ask God what he would have us do for those who are already here.

  41. Thank u Jesus for miracles like Ramzas. Please give us another big one for the coming elections. Please get our country back on ur track. In ur precious name I ask this. Amen.

  42. There is so much Biblical imagery in this account that it is truly staggering. This woman has had a “Jonah” experience of being plunged into the “depths” of death and if you like “vomited” up onto the earth, again enclosed in darkness and traveling through a “birth canal” to be “Born again” by believing and confessing with her mouth Yeshua as Messiah and being “saved” by the Messiah. She was bound in sin [tied in the bag] and descended into depths of the “Underworld”. A realization that despite how far we fall the Messiah is there to catch us if we call on Him [as an old chorus states]
    It reveals a wonderful mercy and love. Amazing

  43. Here in the West I recon the majority of us being secular will argue the story is Christian propaganda and made up and at the same time we don’t question most of the stories on the evening news, cause we don’t want to be stigmatized as conspiracy theorists.

    But I would argue how would missionaries spiritually survive on made up stories, facing death and torture if caught, living poor and having to raise their own funds to stem just a little of the evil tide they are up against and feed themselves and the persecuted.

    Analyze that #wskwsk #cruzifiedagain

  44. I like the rescue story, but I am puzzled about the hell experience. Why would she envision hell (since she was to be rescued) ?

    For not reading the gospel ? For not having converted to Christianity ? For defying her parents ? For believing Islam ? As a generic warning for other Muslims to expect hell if not converted ? It must be awful to live in the ME, face hell on earth and eternally be in danger of hell acc to the teachings of Islam and Christianity. I feel very sad for the Muslims in the ME.

  45. My testimony is : when my youngest daughter, whom I named Rebecca, after the Rebekah in the bible, (I didn’t know how her name was spelled) was four years old and had her tonsils out, and was in the recovery room, as she told me when i entered into her room, she saw Jesus enter through the door without opening it, He wore a white dress, had long hair, glided over to her, knelt down and clasped his hands together as in prayer, and said “I love you” without opening His mouth, then floated to the ceiling and went through it. Two years later, as we sat together on the couch, leafing through the bible while I was looking for scriptures, I turned to a page with the picture of Jesus on it. She suddenly blurted out, excitedly, and said, “That’s who I saw when I had my tonsils out !!!”. Now, did she actually see Jesus? She certainly did ! She had gone to Sunday nursery school, and knew about Him and what He looked like. Two years later, she remembered Him coming to see her. Yes, I saw Jesus,, through my child’s eyes, and I feel blessed.

  46. No doubt these are last days, and our precious savior is revealing himself to those in need of salvation for his own glory.Glory be to the KING OF KING.

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