Scientist who worked on Hubble space telescope confirms Genesis creation

Cedric Johnson Quantum Digital
Cedric Johnson, whose ‘Cyphergenics’ proposes to both allow anti-terrorist surveillance and safeguard citizen privacy, says cosmology and quantum theory are corroborating the Genesis account of creation.

By Michael Ashcraft and Chad Dou —

A former CEO of the firm which built a critical Hubble telescope electronic subsystem believes the latest in cosmology and quantum physics substantially confirms the Genesis account of creation.

“It is not at all surprising to read the works of modern cosmologists and to discover that the book of Genesis provided such comprehensive insights thousands of years ago,” W. Cedric Johnson said. “Those first 27 verses in Genesis 1 [that talk about creation] are far, far more likely given contemporary scientific research and findings, than unlikely.”

Johnson, 64, an applied scientist, (mathematician) who is currently advancing the field of cryptography, has long been on the cutting edge of computer- and network-facilitated technology, having worked for Rockwell International as a high school student, a firm he joined full-time after completing undergraduate studies.

In addition to providing stunning space photos like this one, the Hubble telescope, on which Cedric Johnson worked, offers scientists a glimpse into the origins of the universe. Surprise! It seems to confirm the Bible, Johnson says.

In addition to the Hubble work, Johnson’s firm oversaw design and development of critical electronics for the Space Shuttle, worked on Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative, as well as the Global Positioning Satellite system, and worldwide communications systems engineering for the Air Force Communications Command.

Johnson grew up in a Bible-believing home and never doubted Jesus, he said. But at age 29 he says, “I came to the Lord by simply changing my mind. I said, ‘God, I believe that completeness resides only in a life in You. I believe that purpose and truth comes from You.’ From that moment forward, I renounced any competition.”

He says the Hubble Telescope reveals the universe has a tempo evidenced by the cosmic background noise of the universe. Carried to its rational and scientific conclusion, this lends tremendous credibility to the presumed discrepancy between Genesis’ six-day creation account and the apparently contradicting geological and anthropological conclusions, he said.

ETA Technologies worked on the Space Shuttle
Before Hubble, Johnson worked on the Space Shuttle.

Much like a song can be played at a faster or slower tempo (not recorded and sped up or slowed down) but still corresponds 100% to the relationships of harmony and rhythm, so too the first “day” of creation was not confined to the reference of a 24-hour period tied to the rotation of the planet. “This was given for man’s perspective, as God, who is eternal, had no such use,” Johnson said.

The tempo of the first “day” indicates it was actually millions of 24-hour periods, the second “day,” 87 million 24-hour periods and so on. Even now, the cosmic background noise of the universes indicates “ongoingness,” he said.

“Many previous inconsistencies with other scientific timelines have found scientific bases for reconciliation,” Johnson said. “The loss of obvious aberrations between trying to make six 24-hour reference periods fit geological and the palentological timelines, is no longer so certain; they fit!”

Stephen hawking
Cosmologist Stephen Hawking has been a vocal opponent of faith in God.

With regard to the Big Bang as the origin of the universe, cosmologists substantially agree: The universe is the progeny of an intelligent beginner; the universe came into being from a first cause event, and everything came from great nothingness.

Even though these conclusions corroborate Genesis, many cosmologists do not agree that the intelligent beginner is or was transcendental, nor remains connected with the universe, a long answer for “we can’t confirm a God,” he said.

Cosmologists are not the only ones being forced to revisit the God question, Johnson said. “Quantum theorists are facing a new line of questions and potentialities,” he said.

He spoke of the phenomena of “entanglement.” Were two entangled photons entrapped separately and moved as far apart as New York is from Los Angeles, modifications in their states would be mirrored instantaneously, with no explanation and theoretically faster than the speed of light, he said.

Cedric Johnson, in his personal library at home. Photo: Chad Dou
Cedric Johnson, in his personal library at home. Photo: Chad Dou

“This is an awesome field of study, yet nevertheless startling stuff. For many, entanglement has ‘Oh my goodness moments,’” Johnson said. Some quantum physicists are quietly saying, “You know that book that says, ‘Let there be light?’ I think we need to look at that book again.”

Regarding noted cosmologist Stephen Hawking who famously does not believe in God, Johnson expressed understanding as to how a guy like him could disavow such reasonable intimation, Johnson said, “While you’d expect him to have new questions, the God of this world still blinds minds. The key is to understand that the mind is not the seat of revelation.”

Johnson argues that Charles Darwin was both intelligent and reasonable. “His deductions derived from what he could see,” he said. “With the equipment of his day, Darwin could only see at the cellular level. Had he more powerful equipment, enabling him to see the many complex machines within a single human cell, irreducibly complex in some cases, I believe, unlike Hawking, he would have arrived at a different position or minimally left many more questions regarding his theories open to further investigation.”

strategic defense initiative
Johnson worked on Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative, called “Star Wars” by the media. Ultimately, the system was never fully developed by helped end the Cold War.

Today the cell’s treasure trove of biological machines has set the curiosity of the Nano engineering community on overload, he said.

Johnson believes, even cryptography evidences God. “Both entropy and infinity are essential conditions in cryptography. Many mathematicians who have worked with cardinal numbers and/or entropy became believers.”

Johnson’s extraordinary life on the forefront of science began in a Christian home in what is now the Florence neighborhood of Los Angeles. While other boys on his street sought matching cap guns for Christmas, Cedric asked for a science set from his parents. He was part of a high school group who studied calculus at Fremont High School a decade before Jaime Escalante became famous for teaching on the East side.

Rockwell visited his school, which was largely African-American, seeking gifted science and mathematics students for a new program they were initiating to diversify their ranks.

Returning to Rockwell after college, he quickly worked his way into a Think Tank where he designed a series of computer simulation models for analog, digital, and hybrid electronics, which ultimately caught the Department of Defense’ attention and funding. Johnson, resigned from Rockwell and founded ETA Technologies Corp. He would not only build a series of commercially successful computer models, but would win essentially every award granted to small business, including technology firm of the year.

Johnson says Darwin would have backed down on some of his conclusions, had he been able to see the astonishingly complex machines in the cell.
Johnson says Darwin would have backed down on some of his conclusions, had he been able to see the astonishingly complex machines in the cell.

After the space shuttle Endeavor was retired from service, it was flown to Los Angeles, where it was moved slowly through city streets from the LA International Airport to the California Science Center. While Angelenos turned out by the thousands to see it fly in and be transported carefully through their neighborhood streets, the man who built its critical communications felt more melancholy than nostalgia.

As tens of thousands of Angelenos flocked to see the Shuttle, he was heading to his South Bay gymnasium where he played full court basketball with his buddies. Even though he had tried to avoid the space shuttle route, he ended up getting trapped in traffic with the shuttle right in front of him. That’s when God spoke.

I opened the doors to make it possible for you to have this experience, the Holy Spirit impressed on his heart. He revealed to Johnson that God heard the desire in a little boy’s heart and brought it to pass, after which he began bawling.

He is the recipient of over 600 allowed patent claims in the area of communications, transaction, and multimedia security, which technology underlies such applications such as Pay Pal, Apple Pay, and Cable network distribution security.

His new company Quantum Digital Solutions has solved the problem of encryption and surveillance that would thwart spying, piracy and digital sabotage. The third generation technology, “Cyphergenics,” is a breakthrough in applied cryptography that Johnson believes will provide the essential technical resources required to resolve a problem politics and litigation cannot.

In addition to his life of science, Johnson has served on numerous corporate boards of directors, is a noted speaker and talk radio host focusing on economics and culture, and also an accomplished performing musician, songwriter and arranger. He has served on the Board of the Union Rescue Mission of Skid Row Los Angeles for 20 years.


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