Muslim beat his wife—a new believer in Jesus, until one day he woke up paralyzed & afraid

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(Photo credit: Frontiers USA)

Adapted by Mark Ellis

Gulzhan was studying the Bible with a Christian worker when, one day, Jesus met her in a dream. After this dramatic encounter, she surrendered herself to Jesus as Savior and Lord and was born again.

Word of her decision spread rapidly throughout the village, where Islam is deeply entrenched in people’s minds. Soon Gulzhan faced stiff resistance from her neighbors, according to a report by Frontiers.

After the winter arrived, the cold weather drove villagers off the streets and into their homes. Now Gulzhan rarely had to meet the disapproval of her neighbors when she went out to the market.

But the worst of the persecution came from her husband, Elemes. He was upset by Gulzhan’s new faith and his anger reached the boiling point. Whenever he saw his wife reading the Bible, he beat her, pulled her by the hair across the floor while he yelled curses at her and insulted the name of Jesus.

Elemes’ anger towards his wife continued without any signs of letting up.

One day, as Gulzhan was reading God’s Word and singing praise songs, Elemes kicked her out of the house and into the snow. He locked her out and left her in the cold without any shoes or coat.

Amazingly, she continued to praise Jesus throughout this freezing ordeal. “God had so filled my heart with His Spirit and joy,” Gulzhan told Frontiers, “that I simply continued singing and didn’t feel the cold as I searched out a place to stay.”

Elemes eventually let his wife back into the house, but his anger and the beatings continued. Gulzhan stood strong, trusting in the knowledge that God had accepted her even if her husband did not. She continued to read the Bible daily and experienced strength, sustenance, and courage in the face of much pressure, according to Frontiers.

After a year of this unrelenting persecution, something strange happened to Elemes. He woke up suddenly in the middle of the night with a stark realization. “I can’t move!” he screamed. Paralysis had overtaken his body.

Elemes suffered with this new reality, and after a few days, God filled his heart with a holy fear.

A few nights after the paralysis set in, God revealed to Elemes in a dream that his paralysis was because he had been speaking against Jesus. Like Saul of Tarsus blinded on the Damascus road, Jesus suddenly had his full attention.

Within a week, Elemes repented of his hard heart and cruel behavior and asked his wife Gulzhan to bring others from her small fellowship of believers to pray for him.

As the small group of believers gathered around Elemes to pray, they felt God’s presence, but his healing wasn’t immediate. Slowly God restored his upper body and Elemes now has full use of his arms.

Meanwhile, Elemes’ anger and hatred have been transformed. After reflecting on all of the dramatic changes and events that had transpired, he decided to follow Jesus himself!

He has become his wife’s strongest ally in the Gospel, and he has also become a steadfast disciple of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Pray for this couple, that their radical faith in the Savior would draw many in this hostile village to Him.


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  1. Praise the lord that’s what our loving God do he will go to that extra length to save someone. I love to hear the conversion of these Muslim people. God know they are sincere in what they believe and they are ready to kill and be kill for what they believe that’ why God is calling them to the light so they can be a true soldier for the True God…..who can resist a loving God like our God?Amen

    • While they are willing to die, they, as christians won’t be seeking to kill others just because they don’t believe.

  2. Yes, all things are possible with Yahweh, our Lord. But as to Elemes’ complete healing (legs), he actually has a stronger, visual (proof) testimony to others as long as he bears this limitation. Once healed completely, there would then be others to wonder if the story of paralysis ever actually happened. Praises be to Jesus Christ who can bring joy and purpose even in the MIDST of a situation (partial paralysis) — to the Glory of His Holy Name ! May millions be touched by this family’s testimony!

  3. Grievous is the persecution of Muslims converting to Christianity, but the manifestation of Holy Spirit power and anointing overcomes all obstacles and testifies to the Glory of God! Praying for and with all for the Christian revival in Islam countries. That’s Period!!!

  4. Marvin Robinson

    God doesn’t like ugly, and for this to happen was a wake up call for everyone of us to believe in our Lord and Savior. Amen!

  5. Jesus is real and BOY is he real. The evil one has brought many false hoods into the world.
    And people hate the truth but the name of CHRIST YESHUA JESUS is the way. The truth shall set you free. She did the right thing. Should people die without knowing the lord and UN-repented that will be a shame as hell is real. G-D cannot lie. God is real!

  6. May our Lord”s name glorified and His kingdom be established on earth as it is in heaven.
    May He touch many souls and set the captives free.To God be the glory!

  7. Thank God for a woman that was willing to bear the pain and shame so that her husband might be saved . God’s love can reach anyone through innumerable means. I pray that this couple will stand together and raise up God’s banner in their community, Thank you for this wonderful testimony!

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