Son of rabbi heard Hebrew (tongue) in Christian church


By Dr. Verna Linzey —

Dr. Verna Linzey
Dr. Verna Linzey

One Sunday morning, the son of a Rabbi was visiting San Diego from New York. The young Jewish man had nothing to do on Sunday since most businesses were closed. So he got up, got dressed, and took a walk. He was standing near a corner when a church bus stopped and some people including children got on the bus. He got on the same bus to see where it would take them. The bus took them to a church on 6th and Fir streets. So he went in the church with the other people and attended the morning service.

During the service a little lady stood up and spoke in tongues (in a language unknown to her). It was perfect Hebrew. After the service, the Jewish man went up to the pastor and said he wanted to meet the little Hebrew lady who stood up during the service and addressed the congregation.

“We don’t have a Hebrew lady here,” Pastor E. E. Fullerton said.

“Yes, the lady that stood up and addressed the people during the service,” the Jewish man insisted.

“Oh, that was by the Holy Spirit—a gift— that she spoke,” the pastor said.

Pastor Fullerton introduced the Jewish man to the lady who had spoken in tongues. The Jewish man talked to her in Hebrew. She did not understand a word he said. So the pastor explained how what had happened was similar to the events on the Day of Pentecost in Acts chapter 2. It was an act of God and a moving of the Holy Spirit.

The Jewish man gave his heart to God and accepted Christ into his life right then. Wednesday night he was back in church, and after receiving the baptism with the Holy Spirit as confirmed by speaking in tongues, he told the congregation he was going back to New York and tell his people about Jesus Christ.

Verna M. Linzey, D.D., was an award-winning author, Bible translator, international speaker, and host of “The Holy Spirit Today” television programs. She passed into the arms of her Savior November 11, 2016.


  1. That or something similar happened in Springfield, Missouri. It was my Aunt who gave the message in tongues. She told us right after it happened. It was posted online on her churches website, and her pastor confirmed the story. Wonderful event.

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