Miracle mom returns from the dead, saw glimpse of the afterlife


By Mark Ellis —

Ruby and baby
Ruby and baby (Mark Randall/Sun Sentinel)

She suffered a rare and life-threatening embolism after a routine C-section and the delivery of a healthy baby girl. When doctors gave up hope, her family gathered in prayer – then God answered with a miracle.

Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro was in a recovery room on September 23rd at Boca Raton Regional Hospital gushing with joy over baby Taily’s birth when she suddenly blacked out, according to a story by The Sun Sentinel.

Doctors and nurses immediately started CPR on the 40-year-old mother of two, intubated her, and called in assistance from the rest of the hospital.

She experienced an amniotic fluid embolism, which happens when amniotic fluid, fetal cells, hair, or other debris enters the mother’s blood stream via the uterus and causes a blockage in circulation resulting in heart and lung collapse.

Dr. Michael Fleischer – who had just delivered the baby – rushed back to Ruby’s side. Other doctors and nurses joined the effort and worked for over two hours attempting to revive her, according to The Sentinel.

Then things went from bad to worse – Ruby’s heart stopped completely.

Medical personnel pumped her chest for 45 minutes and tried shocking her heart with electrical stimulation, but it was to no avail. She was clinically dead and placed on a ventilator for over three hours.

Ashen-faced, Dr. Fleischer informed her family there was little chance she would survive, and brought the family into the operating room to say goodbye. There, her mother cried out for God to “please take me instead.” Ruby’s sister hugged her one last time.

There was nothing more that could be done by the doctors (in human terms) than record her time of death. “Once we say that’s it, that’s it,” anesthesiologist Dr. Anthony Salvadore told The Sentinel.

Her family went to another room and began to pray fervently to God, with some holding hands and others on their knees.

As they prayed – crying out to the throne of grace – something amazing happened.

A faint heartbeat appeared on the monitor. Then more and more heartbeats began to appear — like raindrops from heaven.

Nurse Claire Hansen rushed out of the operating room and excitedly informed Ruby’s family, “Keep praying because her heart just started.”

The family screamed, began to jump up and down and cry. Ruby’s sister ran back to the operating room.

Ruby woke up in ICU the next day wondering why voices were telling her to open her eyes. Then she saw her family crying and relatives had arrived from Miami. She realized something must have gone wrong.

In the next few hours, Ruby was able to recall a powerful dream or vision in which she spoke to her late father, who told her it wasn’t her time. Whether a dream or vision – in the body or out of the body – she wasn’t completely sure.

“I remember seeing a spiritual being who I believe was my dad,” Ruby told ABC’s Good Morning America. “I remember the light behind him and many other spiritual beings. I wasn’t walking; I was flowing. It was peaceful. There is nothing to be afraid of.

“At one point it was like a force almost…like ‘you’re not going any further. That’s when I understood I was not going to stay there. (I’m) going to go back. It’s not (my) time. I was chosen to be here.”

When Dr. Fleischer took her off the breathing tube, Ruby told him: “You don’t have to be afraid of dying.” In her near-death experience, God bolstered her faith.

A few days later, Ruby went home, making a full recovery—without any brain damage from the loss of circulation. Living for 45 minutes without a pulse is extremely rare, doctors noted. There were no burns from the electrical shocks delivered to her heart. There were not even any bruises from the chest compressions.

God held her in the palm of His hands during her near-death experience.

Ruby returned to the hospital November 4th for a tearful reunion with the medical team that tried to save her. She hugged the doctors and nurses and thanked them.

“God had the right people in the right place,” she said as she held Taily in her arms.

Ruby with hospital staff (Sun Sentinel)
Ruby with hospital staff (Sun Sentinel)

“It was a complete miracle of God. It was answered prayer,” nurse Julie Ewing told The Sentinel. “We all were there. We all witnessed it.”

The president of the hospital, Dr. Anthony Dardano was no less amazed. “There’s very few things in medicine that I’ve seen, working in the trauma center myself and doing all the things that I do, that really were either unexplainable or miraculous,” he told The Sentinel. “And when I heard this story, that was the first thing that came to my mind.”

“There was no pulse, no blood pressure,” Dr. Chad Loutfi, a critical care specialist at the hospital told ABC. “The patient was not breathing on her own. It was indeed something we don’t see. I’ve never seen this happen. The whole family and a big majority of the medical team believe this was at least some kind of divine intervention.”


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    • Alleluia, His is our Heavenly Father who loves us the first and gives jesus to save us from the hands of death…

  1. God is God and his the Only One who gives and provide life to those he wants to. This is a great miracle that I really take into deep concern !!! let’s then praise our Lord Jesus for all his deeds in our life. Lazaro died for three days but through Jesus God brings him back to life, that’s why I say God is God..Praise the Lord for his mercy towards we people of his folk.

  2. The God who raised Lazarus from the dead is still very much alife and has worked this miracle in the life of our sister.
    Brothers and sisters, let’s continue to pray to Him for our miracles too.

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