Five million worldwide receive Christ via Billy Graham website


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An Internet evangelistic website set up by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) marked a milestone this weekend as the five millionth person received Christ at

The ministry uses Bible verses and video presentations to share the Gospel with visitors to the site, which was launched in May 2011.

“This is significant because we’re following Billy Graham’s legacy of taking the most advanced technical capabilities available and reaching people where they are with the hope of Jesus,” said John Cass, BGEA’s Director of Internet Evangelism. “This has given us the opportunity to go to the ends of the earth.”

Billy Graham
Billy Graham

More than 20,000 people a day are viewing a presentation of the Gospel via the website. “For decades we have worked to fill venues with people so Billy, Franklin or Will Graham can proclaim the Gospel,” said Cass. “The way we look at it, this is similar to welcoming a full arena to hear the message on a daily basis. The difference is that our audience may be in Russia, or Saudi Arabia, or other places where we may not normally be able to go.”

In the month of October 2014 alone, 45,000 people in Iraq, 34,000 in Syria and 33,000 in Saudi Arabia viewed presentations of the Gospel message at

The goal and challenge facing the BGEA is to move a person who received Christ into a discipleship relationship. To deal with the need, the ministry has developed an extensive network of trained volunteers who are available to live chat with inquirers and answer questions.

They have also created training materials for new believers, and actively work to help new believers find a church where they can grow in their faith.

While the Internet evangelism ministry has only existed since 2011, it has been an added support to the Franklin Graham Festivals, My Hope with Billy Graham, and other ministries affiliated with BGEA.

“Even though we’re celebrating and giving God praise for the 5 millionth decision for Christ through this ministry, we realize that it’s not about the number,” said Cass. “Each and every person who has responded to the Gospel message on our site – from the first to the 5 millionth – is somebody’s son or daughter; somebody’s mother or father. Each person is someone who has been prayed for and who is loved by God.”

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