Israelis traumatized by bombs, taking sleeping pills to find rest


By Melissa Nordell and Mark Ellis

Bombings from Gaza, destroying property and injuring people this week in Israel
Bombings from Gaza, destroying property and injuring people this week in Israel

There are several “on the ground” reports coming from ministries located in Israel that differ from what is broadcast in the mainstream media.

Many ministries throughout Israel are reporting the same thing: rockets are being fired every few minutes from Gaza into Israel. Some of these bombs (or kassam) are destroyed by the “Iron Dome,” eradicating these terrorist rockets in mid-air. However, some of the bombs have been hitting homes, daycare centers, sports complexes and parks.

Rachel, living in Sderot says, “I had to start taking sleeping pills to sleep. When the kassam hit on Wednesday night, it hit the apartment next to me. I woke up to the (warning) alarm, and when the kassam hit, the whole building shook, the room lit up like it was daytime. I got up, I started to cry. I didn’t know if someone was dead. I couldn’t control my breathing, my heart was beating so fast, I felt like I was drunk. I couldn’t feel my legs.”

Messianic Jewish Alliance reports that Rachel, like so many others, was treated for shock on the scene. The next morning she went to the Emergency Mental Health Centre in Sderot, set up in response to the growing number of residents with anxiety disorders related to PTSD in direct relation to the terrorist attacks.

MJAA asked Rachel how she felt four days after the latest attack, and she said: “I still have a headache every time I think about it. My legs just hurt now, and I still cry at such small things. My health is so low. I used to be so strong. Now, every small noise freaks me out. I’m so jumpy…If I’m not safe in my house, what will I do if a missile falls while I’m on the street, on the bus? I don’t want to leave the house. I feel like a seesaw: up and down. I’m not living, I’m existing. This isn’t a life for anyone.”      

Scared residents hunkering down in makeshift shelters in Israel
Scared residents hunkering down in makeshift shelters in Israel

Jerusalem News Network, a ministry of Barry and Batya Segal who provide aid to Jews and Arabs alike in the nation of Israel, dispatched the following: “Hamas fired some 30 rockets in a ten-minute period into Israel on Monday,” and reports that many adults and children are being treated for shrapnel wounds.

The bombs are fired indiscriminately by Hamas while the Israeli Defense Forces attempt to pinpoint targets of terrorism.

Messianic Jewish Alliance of America writes: “Well over 500 rockets and missiles have been fired into Israel from the terrorist organization Hamas – with over 100 rockets per day in the past 2 days.  And the warhead size and range of these rockets have increased greatly – compared to what Hamas has launched previously into Israel,” based on firsthand reports from their staff living in Israel.

Citizens are reporting that they are even fearful of taking showers or toileting because they have only 15 seconds from the time a siren goes off to find safety in a bomb shelter and because the bombings are so frequent, not only in Sderot and other cities near the Gaza border, but in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and other major cities as well.

Reports coming out of Israel also substantiate that businesses are closed and people are not going to work, shops or school due to the dangers. They state that cities are at a standstill in many places. The U.S. Embassy is one building that has remained closed.

Bomb from Gaza shot into Israel, intercepted by the Iron Dome over apartments in Jerusalem, Israel
Bomb from Gaza, intercepted by the Iron Dome over apartments in Jerusalem, Israel

Citizens, young and old, are suffering from an inability to sleep and tremendous traumatic stress as bombs have fallen nearby, destroying houses, shattering windows, and knocking items off the walls with deafening explosions. The bombings that shake or knock out holes and walls in their homes, along with the screeching, wailing sirens going off at all hours of the day and night leads to shattered nerves.

Families, especially the poor, are without basic necessities and food due to the crisis. Some do not have access to shelters easily. Christian missions organizations are risking their lives by attempting to supply people with food, emergency supplies and counseling.

There is talk in Israel of Israeli Defense Forces moving into Gaza and even discussion of Israel taking back the Gaza strip due to the violations of the peace agreements by the Palestinians.

Even more troubling, “Hamas is also sending rockets towards Israel’s nuclear plant in Dimona,” according to the Messianic Prophecy Bible project based in Israel. This ministry reports: “As we write this, a sports complex was just hit in Beer Sheva, and there are many injuries.  More than 50 rockets just landed in that city where both our forefathers Abraham and Isaac lived. A few hours ago a pre-school for children was hit”.

Many Christian missionaries living in Israel have been sending out statements regarding the bombings, reporting that they are noticing media outside of Israel is favorable toward the Palestinians. They voice the fact that media is not reporting how many bombs have been sent continually from Gaza to Israel, and not reporting on the destruction and threats by the Palestinians. To them, it seems as if news reports only show that Israel is bombing Palestine, with horrible pictures of bombings and destruction coming from Israel only.

As our Lord instructed in Psalm 122, please pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Please pray for the safety of Israel and Palestine, the ability for people to take shelter and get food and supplies, and an end to the hatred and destruction. Pray for Godly direction for the leaders in Palestine, the U.S. and Israel, salvation of the Jews, Palestinians and Arabs, healing from traumatic stress for all involved, as well as for the safety of the missionaries willing to risk their lives for the gospel in Israel and Palestine.


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