Hindu snake goddess saw Jesus in dream


By Mark Ellis —

Snake temple in Penang
Snake temple in Penang

People in the community worshipped her as a snake goddess, brought her offerings, and prostrated themselves before her. But a powerful encounter with Jesus in a dream turned her away from black magic to follow the living, true God.

“My father was a leading sorcerer among our people. He was practicing black magic,” says Nagamma, which means, “mother snake.” Nagamma’s family is part of the Hindu Dalit class at the lowest rung of Indian society, sometimes known as “untouchables.”

Nagamma worshipped many idols and practiced witchcraft at the direction of her father. “Snakes were my favorite gods,” she notes.  As a child, she first began to feed local snakes by bringing milk to the edge of their snake holes.

Hindu girl feeds snake
Hindu girl feeds snake

In her community in the border area of Kerala and Tamil Nadu States, there were many snake idols in a special temple dedicated to snakes, located under a fig tree.

When Nagamma was 12-years-old, a snake reared up its ugly head and bit her as she attempted to feed milk to it. “My parents took me to the local doctor (not a medical practitioner) who was able to take the snake poison from my body,” she recounts.

After three days her condition improved, but unusual side effects remained. “I had a total change in my body and mind. My color also changed,” she recalls.

“I began to act like a snake. I always wanted to stay and sit at our snake temple. So my people considered me as the snake goddess. My father was the one who announced first that I am the goddess of the snakes,” she says.

People in the surrounding area began to bring milk, fruits and flowers for her as offerings and prostrated themselves before her on the ground. “They wanted to get a touch from me for their blessings.” They even gave her offerings of money.

As word spread about the snake goddess, she became famous throughout her district.

People asked Nagamma to visit their homes. They asked for her black magic incantations to bring blessings to

Worshipping the snake god
Worshipping the snake god

their home and the destruction of their enemies. “My parents used me and made money out of it,” Nagamma notes.

Once some evangelists gave her Bible tracts and told her about Jesus Christ, but Nagamma’s father confronted the men and told them his daughter is a goddess, so they should follow her instead of Jesus.

Last year, Nagamma performed black magic in the home of a family with a small child when something unusual happened. “Satan instructed me that there is golden treasure in that house, so I had to sacrifice a child of below three-months-old to find that treasure.”

However, a spiritual battle ensued for the life of the child. As the supernatural warfare raged around her, suddenly Nagamma became troubled and disturbed. “I could not complete the black magic and left that house,” she says.

When she went to sleep in the evening, she had a remarkable dream.

“I had a dream that a bright and beautiful man came to me and sat beside me. I noticed my room was full of light and there was no darkness at all. The man showed me His hands.”

His hands were nail-scarred, bearing the marks of crucifixion.

“My daughter, you are dear to me,” He said. “I am your Lord and God. I give you the treasure of peace and eternal life.”

“I am the gate,” He continued. “Those who come in by me will be saved; they will come in and go out and find pasture. The thief comes in only to steal, kill, and destroy. I have come in order that you might have life – life in all its fullness.”

Nagamma recognized the man in her dream as Jesus Christ! Overwhelmed with emotion, she knelt down before him and accepted Him as her personal Savior and Lord.

Nagamma (Maria) receives Bible from Mercy Ciniraj
Nagamma (Maria) receives Bible from Mercy Ciniraj (right)

In the days that followed, her changed heart led to bold actions. “I myself broke all the idols and temple of snakes. My parents and those who believed in me did not like it. They told me I was mad. They tied me to a tree and beat me. Many other persecutions I faced. But I did not loose my faith in Jesus,” she says.

After Nagamma’s baptism, she received a new name: Maria. “The Lord has anointed me by the Holy Spirit,” she says. “He is using me as a servant for many through Paul Ciniraj Ministries. Please pray that I shall be a faithful witness unto our Lord till the end of my life.”

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  1. Surely a wonderful Witness for Christ the Living Lord …
    Pray for India which is overflowing with 330000000 such gods and goddesses who can not show the people the Way of Truth or Salvation . Through her national emblem India says ” Truth alone will triumph.”

    • Christian ,
      Brother i request you to not make any judgement on the base of things you hear about any community/country/religion.
      my friend hinduism is not any religion its a way of life in hinduism there are not 330000000 gods/goddess .. there are 33 koti of devi and devtas …
      in english god means the supreme being but if you translate it to hindi/sanskrit supreme being is Param brahm not devta.
      in hinduism there are 33 koti devi/devtas (koti=level) its like a government, where param brahm is supreme being and devi devtas are employees…
      our aim is to be engaged with the supreme being but devi and devtas are also have importance since they are the employees of god, we should respect them too.
      in hinduism god is the source of everything.
      in geeta lord krishna said that he is the god he is the supreme being he is the source of energy of every element , he is the one who is creator , the nature is a womb and he fertilizes this womb ..where in shiva purana it is clearly written “one who believes shiva(often known as mahadev) vishnu (krishna) and brahma are different will never engage with us he will be sent to hell or will born again and again on this earth”
      so basically we hindus have just one god but we also believe that he has many forms/formless he is present equally in every human being his energy is within and without 🙂
      yog is a way to engage with god we have 1000s of different kinds of yogs. ( modern yoga stands for exercises but true yog means to engage with the supreme being yogah= addition )
      , THANK YOU

        I WANTED THE TRUTHS. Do not get emotional over this dharma or that dharma.
        Worry about your SOUL.

        • You’re not a ass so u do not have to believe you’re going to die in sin, but there is an option. All u have to do is believe in Jesus. If u don’t jesus will still love you and give you more options to accept him. When you’re in a coma u may see him

    • Newly converted are more xtians than xtians in Rome. Do you know why really was Christ? N why did he exhiled to Tibet? Have you read real story of christ “Nag Hammadi library”; so for u what west teaches is great. If we Hindus r wrong; den Ayurveda; KALARIPAYATTU, Marma n d rest of the every invention west did will b wrong? And which stupid wrote this article; black magic with snakes; we pray good for the world. This attitude of us made fake xtian ppl to come to India n convert n mound such ppl like you to talk about own culture. They just deceive and convert its hmjust a fund raiser. Do you know how your christ looked? Copying n slowly swallowing Hinduism just like xmas swalloed from someone else.

    • Seth…I have been corresponding with the pastor in India who now works with this woman. The pastors wife had sent me the testimony a few days before it appeared on Breaking Christian News.

      • Bertha,

        Would it be possible to have this woman call my in-laws in Kerala and share her testimony with them? They (at least Amma and the children) believe in the demon (Shiva–aka snake “god”), but I suspect that if this woman told them her testimony that they might repent and accept the Lord.

        If so, please send me an email message, and I will send you there number.

        God bless,

        • You ppl could easily deceived. Friend by changing the name; west ain’t consider you as west. For them you are just a part of their petty politics. Do you know who christ was; n have you ever heard a Hindu abusing your gods. Your fake God is a dummy created to rule the world. Why mke everything else demon; just to keep you away from understanding better things. Scientists of Oxford had testified Hindu Scriptures as perfect gps becons of a great history n not mythology. They even found Dwarka under sea. If Hinduism is wrong Ayurveda n KALARIPAYATTU should be wrong. N every knowledge was looted from here. Xtian got many fathers I just got one. You are amputee; dnt abuse a person with both the legs.

  2. In Jesus name I pray, thank you God for coming to nagamma (Maria). I know you will give her the courage to keep faith in you. Keep blessing her. You are a good God.

    Maria you are so strong. Your story will help me. I am God’s servant too, I don’t face too many people that would ever harm me. I love Jesus so much, I believe with God I would have the courage to face people that would harm me. I know that God walks with you. Never back down. Jesus is the way you are a child of God!

    • The name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST is lifted high through what u shared here. Glory to The Lord our Living God!

  3. It sounds very good that God comes to our rescue on time. God chosen servants do not go that way. For Jesus always is at there protection than their destroyer. I love His saving grace.

  4. I pray faith, trust, and discipleship to the One Lord Jesus Christ would greatly explode from this girls amazing life change story. And may Christian sites like godreports have extraordinary success in spreading this hope to those who are outside His family with this story.
    In Christs name, holding the power to do more than we can hope or imagine I pray, amen.

    • The problem is we say we love jesus we dont follow his way of life or his commands dont you guys get it? He said he didnt come to change the jewish law so automatically us christans shud respect that not take somoneone who didnt know jesus (paul) and follow him is that crazy paul says the trinity in onw we say ya jesus says o ye isreal ur god is one we say no jesus was circumsied and didnt eat swine we say nay paul says its fine i saw jesus in a vision n he said its ok to change it are we that dumb to ket this go on? N to top off no christian really reads the bible they just take thier minister word for explaing it to them yet when i read what jesus actually preached i was embarresed to say the least

  5. This is without a doubt a very powerful and uplifting testimony that I have appreciated so much.However,Jesus Christ is The only true God and Lord through which people can make it to heaven.Unfortunately,those who fail to put an end with sinful ways in order to believe in our Lord Jesus will end up in hell fire if they die.India may be the first country in the world in which there are a lot of fake gods.Christians,let’s be ready every day ’cause the coming of Jesus Christ is very near. See you in heaven.Prophet of Christ.

  6. Jesus is Shiva’s incarnation. The image in the dream doesn’t get have any name.. the white colors they say is not his robe, its his energy.. as white as it can be ,, as pure as it can be.. brighter than like sun light.. and We call him GOD..
    Thats the Hindu wisdom

    • Dear Harry
      First of all, I disapprove of your Hindu wisdom.
      Jesus and Siva are NOT the same as you believe. If you were ever prudent and studied about their characters and whereabouts and their doctrines and lifestyles, a sensible person like you wouldn’t say something like this! Nobody can ever change their SOUL’s IDENTITY. Jesus is the SAME yesterday, today and forever(Hebrews 13:8). Jesus’ deity or divine nature is entirely different from that of Siva. If you are a true hindu, i challenge you, first read the bible, at least the four Gospels, to know Jesus Christ and study carefully your Hindu doctrine about Siva and finally compare them to know the TRUTH. The TRUTH will set you free my brother. Then I will appreciate your ‘Hindu wisdom’.

    • OK but the nail symbol. and the Bibles verse he spoke . what ever she says that he spoke to her is almost bible verse

  7. Praise Jehova God in the mighty Name of JESUS! As indicated as above , iam 45yrs old married to Abramin Hindu priest for 27yrs with 4 grownup children , I was completely converted to Hinduism by my Husband GOR KIRITIKUMAR, LET ME OPENLY Say I really underwent oppression&many more occultism till I get SAVIOR JESUS IN VISION & EXCEPTED HIM IN MY LIFE PRAISE JESUS !KENYA MURANGA!

  8. I respect all religions…all religions r frm God (not saying abt black magic as black magic doesnt come under praying God)..all religions r diferent paths tht lead to d same almighty God…I respect Jesus Christ, sameway i respect allah n Bhagwan too…each of us sud respect each other’s faith thts wht my view…we have no right to criticise d faith of others…thank you

  9. A Religion that teaches a Human being to Accept, Honour and Respect all other Religions, without showing any disrespect to other Religions, has finally served its purpose of Enlightening a Human being.

    Conversion of Human beings is Man’s Work, whereas Conversion from a Bad Soul to a Good Soul is the Work of God. What finally matters is ……to Inculcate Good Values. which Teach and Show us The Way to Lead our Life and enjoy the benefits of Human Birth, without committing any sins.

  10. Hi,

    I have gone through your blog “Hindu snake goddess saw Jesus in dream and became His witness” this is such a good topic. I really enjoyed a lot and the blog is really very interesting.

  11. nobody has d right to criticise the religious beleif of others..God never taught people to criticise others neither Jesus Christ asked his disciples to do so..all religions r different paths tht lead to d same destination..sin?? criticising the faith of other ppl is a big sin…1st religion is humanism , after tht other religions exist..religions r made by man, not God…sorry guys..but i respect Jesus Christ a lot n i m a hindu….for me all religions r one but methods r different..i dont even like hindus n muslims who criticise the religious beliefs of others…respecting d views of other ppl is wht God wants..thank you

  12. I am surprised how easily people get carried away by such stories. By the way the title itself is so silly. “Hindu snake goddess saw Jesus in dream and became His witness”.
    HINDUISM is a system to live in peace , harmony and its based on all that is around us such as the nature. Why Hinduism have so many gods? It is because only when a person give respect to every single living being in this world , only then he will live harmonious life. Praying the sun, moon, poisonous snake to ferocious lion/tiger or a tree might sound silly to the ignorant. But we fail to realize how it would be without all things around us on this earth. There will be collapse in the entire ecosystem.

    • Exactly, we pray the sun, moon, all wild, demostic animals and respect the nature but unfortunately we forget to workship the creator.

  13. I am a believing and God fearing l Christian. I live in an area where we are vastly outnumbered by Hindus I have grown up with them. I have numerous friends among them. I always wish that they may see the truth and attain salvation. But I have seen nor heard about a living snake goddesses in human form.
    God forgive if I am wrong, but it is difficult for me to trust this testimony. One thing more Nagmma (नगमा) is not even a Hindu name. It is a Muslim name rarely used by Hindu girls and it means stanza of a poem or song.
    However I flirmly believe that Christ Jesus is the only name given to men under heaven through which one can attain salvation. But again I am against deceiving some one through false testimonies. For evangelisesation is a sacred mission and is profaned by lying.

  14. Yes Jesus is the way. I’m coming from Hindu family.but god chosen me. Again I tell every one in this world one thing. Jesus is the way. You believe or not. But I believe. Jesus is almighty god.Nobody god crucified in cross for our sins.

  15. Wow yes…can anyone tell what your God / gods have done for your sins?? So that u will not get into hell.. I am asking people who believe in all gods apart from the one, holy o.e holy holy jesus.. because jesus died for us .. what did Krishan do? What did shiva do? What did Allah do? Nothing…If anybody can show from your own religious texts, show us…jesus I love you papa.

  16. What did Buddha do? What did baba do? Simply they were born and they lived up to their old ages..but they did what apart from that? Nothing… a religion which worships elephants, snakes, trees, monkeys, lions, batrakali — who spares no life of sinners… …they can never (gods yuck..they are all idols, demons.jesus is the way the truth and the life …he forgave us for our sins by sacrificing his own life as part of the father’s plan.. Amen..

  17. well cooked story keep it up , what a idiotic title ? will this type of stuff really make u guys to reach god ?
    please think

  18. I was a worshiper of Shiva the god with the snake since I was a little child.
    I would see in my dream when a snake bit a person. In reality it was true.
    One night in my dream I was struggling with big black animals trying to kill me.
    I saw a snake trying to bite me.
    I tried to remember the mantra my father taught me to get rid of evil. Couldn’t remember.
    In my dream I shouted Jesus and everything disappeared.
    From that moment I gave my life to Christ

  19. I have self-practiced a loose form of Hinduism, having read carefully the Ramayana, Mahabarata, Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, and other related books, years ago, spending many hours a day meditating before images, that to me, represented ideas not actual uniquely individual Beings, although, through sentiment the beautiful art depictions of the characterizations portrayed in such wonderful stories can become personified in ones heart. A real love emerges as God given faith seeks it’s hope, a greater being in which it may plea and give its trust. It is stated that Krishna says to only ask him and he will come and you will be with him safely. And there is a name given to the presence of him in the heart that is much like a name for Yesu, Jesus, Isa (Issa, Isha). Through this knowledge I came to reflect more on Yeshua, having had much Chritian training of the Bible scriptures. But one thing I lacked in such Biblical study was why I was affected by another’s sin. This I understood better through my comparative eastern readings and life applications. And when I came to perceive that the ‘self” cannot save itself, I then came to a spiritual sense that my devotional performances and focus had no true tangible hope if these that I adored were metaphor for metaphysical or esoteric concepts. ‘Hope’ I then was enlightened to as not a ‘wish’, like you hope or wish for peace. ‘Hope’ I could see is a Person, a greater person than my ‘self’. I then chose my sincere hope to be God incarnate, as foretold in ancient books of verifiable history, in which men, guided by a holy Spirit, prophecide of many things that came to pass and also of a Son of God, like no other, to be with us in the flesh, touchable in reality, loving. I spent days, three by providential chance, locked in a room praying only His names, even as I slept my dreams continuing, and as I awoke my tongue already repeating. I only got up for juice or water and to relieve, yet continued in recitation of His holy names, as I knew. The last evening of prayer, as I slept it seems I dreamed or had visions for the last time, after years of such experience, of bad or evil spirits, of which were that night attempting to restrain my deepened contemplation and pleas. When my eyes opened I felt the event was done and must decide whether to share my belief and what I knew of Whom I believed, that He is distinct, above all, alive, forgiving, and returning to dispel all misunderstandings and to try all deception with Himself, the Truth substantiate, more than all symbols, the Word of God to be with us, within you, in Whom to bestow one’s sense of love, faith, hope, one’s sense of ‘self’. This humbly and honestly share, here, to the best of my ability. May God bless it to be suspicious for you. Lastly, a wise man once said to me, regarding life, “it’s all about relationships”. God wills to have with us, over any other, that when we see Him and there is none and nothing to bring but that love, faith, and hope He gave us to relate, He will touch us and make us most like Him as He is. We will be free.

  20. God is one who loves all people in the world.He knows all languages. He is the one who gives life to every humanbeing on this EARTH and takes back.
    In Holy Bible says that GOD’Spirit was moving on the surface of the water :Gen:1:2.Gods Spirit means PARAMAATHMA.When God created Adam ,He gave His own spirit and when God spirit came into human body ,it became human spirit that is called JEEVAATHMA.Gods spirit dwells in the heart of the human body.Thatswhy the heart moves all the days of a persons life.Gods spirit moves on the surface of the water,human spirit also moves in the heart of the human body
    in blood.The blood is containing of 80 percent of water.God gives His spirit to every one on this earth.Thatswhy all religions accepts when a child is born he/she is Holy. Some say child is God.when a person is dead,the jeevaathma should go back to paramaathma.When Paramaathma gave His aathma to all people on this earth it was Holy.When jeevaatma go back to Paramaathma does it have the same Holyness?To clean jeevathma from earthly sins Gods blood is essential otherwise “raktha prokshanam avasyakam,, tad raktham paramaathmena punya daana bali yaagam.” God loved all the people on this earth He sacrificed His own beloved
    AS YOURSELF”.IT IS COMMONDMENT FROM GOD.Because every person carries His spirit.whenever you see a person give respect because he/she carries Gods spirit.

  21. whenever we raise our energy level to access the invisible world, we will be met not only by good energies, but also by dark energies, inorder to distinguish between good and evil , we should keep three things in our subconscious mind 1). “According to HINDUISM we should not create harm or kill living beings”(In most situation this will take you to the Right path). 2). The good energies will not play a VILLAN role (i.e It will not give you blessings for your wrong activities, It will not obey your words(bad thoughts) at any costs). 3). Eventhough we have different types of GODS, We should never forget that Our ultimate goal should be to reach the IMCOMPARABLE & UNIMAGINABLE “PARABRAHMAN”(i.e The Supreme which will give powers to your comparable & imaginable god).

    If you didn’t experience or not believe in “good & dark energies, invisible worlds etc” .
    you can follow the above three points which will take you to the right path.

    I didn’t experience the “dark energies and invisible world” but I will give respect to the feelings and experience (inconvience, pain, fear, consciousness) of our senior citizens.

  22. This is the truth about the 330,000,000 Hindu gods. Read on. To die to the mind of Christ is to live in GOD. Here we see the evidence of the war within the mind. (2 Samuel 11:9) (Genesis 4:7) The killing of Uraiah is attested within the Hindu Bhagavad Gita, where Krishna is the Biblical David warring within his own mind. Krishna’s lover Radha is Bathsheba Venus. Here is her golden apple. (Proverbs 25:11) The name David means Beloved, and Solomon is also called Jedidiah which means Beloved of the Lord. (1 Samuel 12:24-25) (Psalm110:1) (2 Samuel 7:12-17) (Mark 12:35-36) (Acts 2:34-35) (Romans 14:9-12) (Hebrews 1:5-7) (Bhagavad Gita 9:16) (1 Chronicles 17:13) (Luke 20:37-44) The Bhagavad Gita was written as a prophesy before time had passed, and was disguised within the Hindu Holy Scriptures. Here Krishna is called the Beloved in the Eknath Easwaren Nilgiri Press English Translation. (Bhagavad Gita 7:17) Other translations speak of him as the Wisdom in being a type of one with his son Shiva whom is the Biblical Solomon. Shiva is also known as the Almighty Wisdom. (1 Kings 10:23-24, 4:29-34, 5:12) (2 Chronicles 1:11, 9:22-23) Shiva is known as the man of destruction as his teachings are said to destroy ones inner evils. (Romans 6:1-23, 8:10, 14:9) (1 Corinthians 15:29-52) (2 Corinthians 15:4) (Galatians 2:17-21) (2 Timothy 2:11-13) (1 Peter 2:23-25) In the Bible, Shiva is called Abaddon which is translated as destruction. (Revelation 9:11) (Job 26:6) (Proverbs 15:11, 27:10) In Irish Celtic, Solomon is known as Aonghus whom had a foster-son named Diarmuid of the love spot, with a magical love spot on his forehead. This spot is the Hindu Tilaka, which is similar to the red Hindu Bindi dot on the forehead of females in Hinduism. The Hindu Bhagavad Gita is also called Song Celestial, The Celestial Song, and The Song of the Lord which links to the Biblical book called the Song of Solomon which is also known as Song of Songs. The Song of Songs was written as a link to the parents of Solomon whom is the Hindu Shiva. His parents are the Biblical David (Roman Mars & Hindu Krishna) and Bathsheba (Roman Venus & Hindu Radha). Here are a list of Biblical books that will properly correspond to Solomon in Hindu Scriptures. The Book of the Acts of Solomon. (1 Kings 11:41) The Book of Nathan the Prophet, The Prophesy of Ahijah the Shilonite, The Visions of Iddo. (2 Chronicles 9:29) Here are a list of Biblical books that will properly correspond to prophesies of David in Hindu Scriptures. The Book of Samuel the Seer, the Book of Nathan the Prophet and the Book of Gad the Seer. (2 Chronicles 29:29) (Colossians 1:17-23) We hid the books over there together.
    The Vishnu Lineage. (Revelation 22:16, 19:10) We are not to be worshiped though.
    And Jesus Christ is the Mediator between heaven and Earth. (Galatians 3:19-20) (1 Timothy 2:5) (Hebrews 8:6, 9:15) Life is fall. Eternal life to me is eternal fall, as we are not GOD. Eternal progression. So, if you agree with eternal fall, join Jesus Christ and have eternal life. It is not bad; it is a decision. We do not understand GOD’s perfection. Unless you are perfect, you have a remnant of a fall, meaning that you are able to progress. If you want to go to the literal heaven, Jesus can mediate your way. I don’t personally answer nor listen to prayers the people may think I do. I forward them to GOD, for I am not GOD, nor did I ever say to pray to me. (Luke 11:1-4)

    (Isaiah 52:15) (Psalm 77:1-20)
    For the doctrines to work, we had to have veils and secrets until now. The condemnation was only from himself. It is said that Hinduism has 330,000,000 gods, yet it is also said that Hinduism is a religion of Polytheism. They were the people who were called on to hide every single one on Earth from the new ages. These 330,000,000 gods were actually the ancient Census, which has now been forgiven.
    (2 Samuel 24:10-25) (Psalm 82:1-8) (John 10:34-36) (Hosea 1:10) (1 Corinthians 8:5-6)
    They were on Prayer Lock. And thus now I will forward all of their prayers to GOD. Every Prayer ever spoken by any Hindu has now opened in Heaven.
    I was told that GOD has accepted all their prayers, and has not left anyone behind.
    (Ezekiel 18:4)
    And your sins are forgiven.

  23. God said in Exodus 20:1-4
    Exodus: 20:1
    And God spoke all these words:
    Exodus 20:2
    “I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.
    Exodus 20:3
    “You shall have no other gods before me.
    Exodus 20:4
    “You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.
    Exodus 20:5
    You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me,
    Exodus 20:6
    but showing love to a thousand [generations] of those who love me and keep my commandments.
    There is no other God but the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob. The Living God who created the heaven & the earth.
    The Heavenly Father God, our Lord Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God & the Holy Spirit alone is GOD. The Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit are One & the same.
    Do not worship idols coz ur sin of worshiping idols & some other sins will visit ur children, children’s children, grandchildren , grand grand children which means u may not be the one to suffer the consequences of ur own wrong actions but ur children will be cursed & they would suffer coz of u.

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