Influential Christian leader Howard Hendricks passes to his reward


By Mark Ellis

Howard Hendricks
Howard Hendricks

Howard Hendricks, longtime faculty member at Dallas Theological Seminary and prolific Christian author, passed away Wednesday, February 20 after a battle with Alzheimer’s disease. He was 88.

In addition to authoring 18 books and preaching in more than 80 countries, Hendricks was known for his influence on other Christian leaders. Chuck Swindoll, Tony Evans, Joseph Stowell and David Jeremiah all counted Hendricks as their mentor.

“No man has meant more to me in my adult life than Dr. Howard G. Hendricks, whom all of us know as simply, ‘Prof,'” Chuck Swindoll wrote in a statement published on a DTS tribute page. “What a magnificent man he has been to so many of us, so much so, it was easy for us to assume he would be here forever.”

The “Prof” served on the faculty of DTS for more than 60 years, where he influenced more than 10,000  students, school officials said. Through speaking engagements, radio, tapes, films, and books he authored, his service on numerous boards, and his work as a chaplain to the Dallas Cowboys (1976–1984) – his reach was worldwide. His legacy, with his wife Jeanne, includes four children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren, DTS stated.

According to a news release from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (, Hendricks played an important role in the development of The Cove, a 1,200 acre getaway in Asheville, North Carolina where gifted Christian leaders, teachers, and speakers guide people in studying God’s Word.


“Hendricks laid the foundation for what a training center should be, reinforcing what God had laid on Billy Graham’s heart – that The Cove would train people in God’s Word to win others for Christ. The only textbook for such a place would be the Bible,” said Jerry Miller, longtime executive director of The Cove.

“In addition to his leadership in the area of program development, Hendricks was a frequent speaker. His last seminar at the Cove was in 2010. He was a noted and gifted Bible teacher who loved God and loved spending time in His Word.”

Hendricks will also be remembered for his humility. In a 2009 interview with Decision magazine, he said, “I’m not what everybody in the world says is great. I’m just a servant of Christ, that’s all.”

The staff at The Cove urged Christians everywhere to pray for the Hendricks family and to follow the words of Hendricks, who said, “Once a believer really gets to see what the Lord can do through him or her, at whatever stage in life, they’re going to get excited about getting out there in the battle. It’s all about being a servant of Christ.