Arab training camp teaches love, not hate


By Bill Giarratana

SD chip with teaching materials
SD chip with teaching materials

Nestled in the beautiful countryside of Spain is an Arab training camp. Not the kind of camp you have recently heard of coming out of the Arab world, but a training camp that empowers Arab Christian nationals, equipping them with the mighty Word of God.

“It is more like a school than a camp,” explained ‘Stephen,’ the Director of Training. “Over 100 students come here annually from all over the Arab world for intensive training in Church planting and evangelism.”

For the past two years, the Digital Bible Society has been providing this facility with audio Bibles, as well as hundreds of hours of gospel films and videos — all in the Arabic language of the students and loaded as data files onto an SD Microchip. This SD Microchip, which is about the size of your thumb nail, is the ideal ministry tool for these students to bring God’s Word back to their respected countries where the Bible is often outlawed and church planting and evangelism are forbidden.

Each microchip has all the material essential for Church growth. There are faith-building lessons for new believers, discipling, Pastors, spiritual leaders, evangelism, missionaries and church planters. The SD Microchip can be used on all electronic devices, including laptops, tablet computers or Smartphones.

“Providing Christian content on SD Microchips in Arabic is only part of the solution,” remarked Ken Allen, President of the Digital Bible Society. “These students are in need of laptops, pocket projectors and tablet computers. The Digital Bible Society is preparing to supply each student with these much needed tools to take back with them for Gospel presentations and discipleship.”

There are over 160 million Arabs living in the Middle East and North Africa, representing one of the largest unreached groups in the world. The Spirit of God is stirring millions of hearts to faith in Christ in these lands — often through visions and dreams, and now thousands of underground house churches are emerging.

Do you want to be a part of sharing Christ’s plan of salvation with the millions who have never met Him? Will you help us equip this next generation of brave mission pastors with the powerful tools of God’s Word? To learn more, contact us at Digital Bible Society. YOU can be a part of this great move of God that is, as the prophet Isaiah foretold, now taking His light to those who walk in darkness.