King’s heart was gripped by Jesus, then hundreds more believed


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Ntolo villagers were ready to receive God’s Word. (Photo by Soren Kjeldgaard)

Among most Meetto communities of northern Mozambique, visitors are welcomed politely, if coolly. Clan elders are even more reserved and sometimes even hostile. Most Meetto adhere to another major world religion, and also practice traditional spirit worship. So, when Jomo,* a new Meetto believer visited the Ntola village to share his faith, he was surprised at the outcome.

The people — including the local king and religious leader — listened to Jomo’s testimony about Jesus. They accepted a copy of Meetto Scripture portions he offered them. When Jomo returned home, he contacted church leaders in Baloma and told them to go visit Ntola — now!

Ali was part of the team that followed up Jomo’s request. He reported an astonishing openness that had not been there before. After three days of preaching and teaching at various public gatherings, hundreds of people had come to Christ.

This happened only after the king had satisfied his questions about the Resurrection. It was a sticking point for him. How could anyone rise from the dead? “Impossible!” he said.

Ali turned to Matthew 28:11-15, and read the story of the elders bribing the guards to change their story.

“I knew they were corrupt!” the king said. “We were always told that the body was stolen. So they were bribed — Jesus really did rise from the dead!” Then the king gave his life to Jesus, and many others followed.

As the team left Ntola, the king gripped his new copy of the Cowantikhiya Cittakattifu (the Meetto Scripture portions).

“I used to have to pay someone to read me the [holy book] in Arabic in our former religion, and then interpret for me,” the king said. “Now I can read God’s Word in my own language for myself!”


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* Because of the sensitivity of this area, the name used is a pseudonym.


  1. Amazing and beautiful. God leaves no one out…the Gospel will go forth throughout the entire world and many will believe and call on the name of Jesus.

    And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” Romans 10:15

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