Family of forced abortion victim persecuted by China


Christian Aid —¬†Earlier this month, the famous Chinese political dissident Huang Qi was the first to expose on his website the forced

Photo that shocked the world

abortion case of Feng Jianmei, a peasant from Shaanxi province, who was seven months pregnant at the time. The tragedy of the June 3 abortion forced on her by government workers and the photo of her dead baby, following closely after the Chen Guangcheng incident, once again focused domestic and international attention on China’s one-child policy and its violent enforcement, drawing widespread and angry condemnation.

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China’s government-controlled media reported that local government officials had been punished for their actions against Feng, in an attempt to portray forced abortion measures as a local problem in the implementation of China’s family planning policy and not the result of central government policies. According to the report below, local officials are wantonly meting out revenge against the couple who have already suffered so much. ChinaAid expresses its shock and condemnation and once again calls on the international community to pay close attention to this case and to help this couple.


blog 2012-06-23

Zhu Wenqiang: The forced abortion case of a seven-months pregnant mother in Shaanxi’s Zhenping continues to foment. [Husband] Deng Jiyuan is on the run again, and the local government is going crazy looking for him. The government has assigned people to stand outside the couple’s home with a banner reading, “Attack the traitor, run him out of Zeng Family town.” Now all their relatives in the village are being tailed and can’t return home. In such a small place, this kind of action will torture them until they have a mental breakdown.

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