Former Muslim raised from the dead shocked her neighbors


By Mark Ellis —

Her Muslim neighbors and relatives grieved the loss of this relatively young mother of nine children. But after mourning her death for 12 hours, God brought a miracle that touched many lives.

“This is one of the most unusual and dramatic testimonies we’ve ever recorded in our AIMS ministry,” says Dr. Howard Foltz, president and founder of AIMS. “It all started when a man named Warsa got saved and then God spoke to him that he would be used by God to see the dead raised.”

Trained as a missionary by AIMS, Warsa was already reaching many Muslims with the good news about Jesus Christ. Then one of women in his village became ill.

“For two months I was very seriously sick,” says Fatuma Shubisa.  Fatuma grew up in a Muslim home, but she and her husband converted to Christianity.

One day Fatuma’s mother came to visit her ailing daughter was shocked to find her lying motionless and unresponsive. She searched in vain for a pulse or heartbeat, but Fatuma’s body was already cold.

She closed Fatuma’s eyes and straightened her leg. Unable to control her grief, she began to wail, and her sheiks aroused many of her Muslim neighbors who gathered in and around the home. They too began to grieve.

At the moment Fatuma died, her soul left her body and she was drawn up to heaven. The first person she met was her brother-in-law, who died two years earlier.

“That brother of my husband took my hand and led me away,” she recalls. As her former home on earth receded like “an open ditch,” heaven opened to her.

“I went to a place where everyone was dressed in gold,” Fatuma says. “I looked at the earth as very dirty.” In heaven, she felt “free and clean.”

Fatuma also met her mother-in-law in heaven. “She was begging them to send me back so I could raise my children,” she recalls.

Meanwhile, a missionary named Warsa Buta was walking nearby and saw the crowd gathered around Fatuma’s home. When he learned of her passing, he went inside and began to pray.

Some wondered why he prayed, since she had already been dead 12 hours. When he heard the murmuring, he persisted in prayer, because he remembered the promise God gave him as a young believer, that he would be used in such a time as this. Could this be the day?

“I had faith the Lord would work through me,” Warsa says. “I prayed as Peter prayed, ‘Fatuma, be raised…I ask you in the name of the Lord, come to life…

“Fatuma, be raised in the name of Jesus!”

Suddenly, Fatuma sat up in the bed, as everyone gasped in astonishment.

“I found myself in my body,” Fatuma recalls. “I said, ‘What is this? What’s happening? What is going on?’

Most of those around her were speechless. “Can he call back a dead person – a dead soul to a body?” someone asked.

“If this is real, we will all become Christians,” one man said. “Your God is a very powerful God!” another shouted.

Many believed in the Lord Jesus that day and there was great rejoicing in Fatuma’s village. She is convinced she knows the reason for her return.

“I came back because it was the will of God for me to live with my children, but I would be very happy to go back there,” she notes. “Now I have seen when a Christian dies he goes to a better place and his body goes back to dust. For a nonbeliever, that (hell) is a place of sadness. But when a Christian dies he goes to a place where everything is good, where everyone is happy.”

Dr. Howard Foltz  believes God will use powerful testimonies like Fatuma’s to provide breakthroughs among unreached people groups. “Our goal is to see all the remaining 35 unreached people groups of Ethiopia reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ,” he says.  Dr. Foltz notes that Fatuma’s miracle was also reported on by The 700 Club.


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  1. All things are possible to God Jesus Christ.
    Remember the dead raised in the name of Jesus
    Remember the dead raised through the power of God in Eliah, Elisha,Peter, Paul and Jesus Christ

  2. All things are possible if you have great faith to do anything in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Remember the dead raised through God servants like Eliah, Elisha, Peter, Paul, and Jesus Christ our God.

  3. So this “miracle” has also “been documented by the 700 Club?

    And just HOW was it “documented”?

    Pat Robertson and his 700 Club put stuff up every day on their TV program that is asserted to be miraculous, and they are yet to put up anything that has even the remotest color of scientific truth.


    • bighoss, I am glad that someone is out there that can still shed a little bit of doubt and cynicism on the discussion. Its people like you and me that refuse to believe any old claim that a “miracle has happened and needs documentation for proof! Despite all the “miracles” that have been performed within the Roman Catholic Church over the last few hundred years, the Vatican is still there worst critic when it comes to certifying them as true miracles. They TRULY fell like it should literally take an act of God for a miracle to occur.
      I felt this way when I started going to church over 20 years ago; I must say, time and logic are the things that have brought me around to the church’s way of thinking about many things. So, though it is OK to scoff, don’t write the whole program of church off.
      Take care

      • Just because you have not had such a spiritual experience, does not detract from the truth these NDE’s reveal to us. Glad you are still open though.

        Something I have shared with less than a few people, for fear of being a nut case.

        I died, went to heaven sat down along side a figure dressed in white. I “knew” he was Jesus. We spoke without the need of speech but as thoughts. He told me why I had died and explained everything would be right. He told me I must leave now and I said something which made him laugh in a jolly way, enjoying my humour. I came back to Earth, and began breathing again. Not even my husband knew I died that night even as he slept beside me.

        I remember every detail and the warm love the Saviour Jesus Christ has for ALL people. This experience happened 26 years ago and every day I talk to him and keep the commandments. Every day I try to spread love and peace to all. I pray for those unfortunate than me who do not know the teachings of the Bible, and ask him to show mercy for these people, in Jesus name, amen

    • “Documented” may be misleading. Since this happened in the developing world, there was not the sophisticated array of medical technologies available to verify her death and return to life. The 700 Club interviewed the various participants and recorded their eyewitness testimonies. I found the people involved to be credible. But this was not in a hospital setting, there were not licensed medical professionals with instruments recording her death, and video was not rolling continuously.

  4. bighoss, you truly are a miracle and God is about to use you in His truths. Gods work is not of scientific foundries, but the true Spirit, Miracles, Faith and Magnitude of His presence. From the beginning, God used only Love to fulfill His promises to us. He embedded Love with all the great miracles we have seen. Faith brings all these things to fruition. Believe on Him and you shall have everlasting life. Faith only the size of a mustard seed can bring Heaven sized Miracles into our lives.

  5. I am a walking miracle as in my life I experience many signs and wonders of God’s healing. Totally free from Leukemia after a month leaving hospital with a sternum biopsy giving one year to live (that was 4 years ago), fibroids disappeared from womb when in OT before op although ultra-sound scan showed deep-rooted ones, son had a brand new liver on 5th morning of hospitalization (registrar noted this miracle), growths disappearing after repenting of nay bitterness and un-forgiveness towards people. Nothing is impossible, ONLY we are to believe and take action of faith. To God be the glory!

  6. There are people who like Thomas will not believe until they touch with their hands and see with their eyes. God’s Grace is upon them.
    Many of the best truths of Jesus’s teachings are to be sought by people who know that God is good and He still Loves Us all. I would state anyone who wants to verify this testimony, GET ON A PLANE AND SEE FOR YOURSELF.
    You will have a Saul of Tarsus experience and know that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He wants us to finish the plan, destroy the works of the devil and establish On Earth As it IS in Heaven.!

  7. Why if this is documented is it not on the news around the world? I do believe that God could raise this person from the dead,however I have heard many false claims such as this that undermine the truth of the Gospel.We must be careful to verify these “miracles” or we do a diservice too the truth.

    • To Ranjit: Yes, brother I agree we must use discernment. But Jesus said one of the signs of his followers that He gave to His disciples when He first sent them out was to heal the sick, cast out demons and to raise the dead.(Matt 10:5-8). This was meant to be normal Christianity. However, the religious systems and traditions of men have buried the power and glory of Christ’s Kingdom for centuries, and God is finally restoring it as He promised He would(Acts 3:20-21). Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Such occurrences as this are happening with increasing frequency in the world. In one ministry alone, in Mozambique, Iris Ministries with Rolland and Heidi Baker have seen over 100 people raised from the dead, many of them documented-and miraculous healings that bring entire villlages to Christ (over 8000 last count). This should not be a cause ofr fear but rejoicing that Christ’s Kingdom and coming is drawing nearer-and that we, like the first disciples must be about the business of the Master’s commission to make disciples of all nations. If you still struggle with it, brother, consider that the devil-although he can duplicate some miracles falsely-is not going to give glory to God and bring people to Jesus as this and the others have done. Blessings!

        • Those of us tend to work quietly in Jesus name. We do not seek fanfare or recognnition from cynical media.

          The one thing we all have in common is that we KNOW Jesus, we are no longer acting upon faith alone.

          Many say that is the personal blessing we are given because we dont fear death, and know that we dont just become dust after death. This time on Earth is brief, and we are to love one another, not judge another for we know not his circumstances, and pray for others, and remain grateful for the blessings in our own homes.

          Christianty, is really easy to live, and you can make many friends along the way who feel just like you

  8. PS Ranjit, you ask why the mainstream media doesn’t cover such things: such outlets occasionally do so, but normally they are mouth pieces of the demonic world system that opposes Christ and His Kingdom-that is, the anti-Christ spirit.

    • “but normally they are mouth pieces of the demonic world system that opposes Christ and His Kingdom-that is, the anti-Christ spirit.”

      hahaha are you kidding me? people rising from the dead and no news reports???? A news station would of course eat this stuff up are you kidding yourself?

      • Sorry, but they dont want the story.

        I tried to share my experience, with excitement, and I was sneered at and asked what cult I belonged too.

        I recall a saying told to me by a friend as I nearly became seriously depressed over the reaction.

        *Dont give up, Moses started out as a basket case*

        For those unfamiliar with Moses, he was found in a basket floating down a river, and Pharoh s daughter raised him. He became a very important prophet

  9. I question all of this. Yes Fatuma is brought back to life and responds in a way that when she died, she went darting off to heaven and my body to dust. Where is the teaching of the RESURECTION OF THE DEAD in all this, to greet the LORD on His return? Even pagans say when I die I go to heaven, but never stress the resurrected Lord and of His followers, only CHRISTIANS do. The Gospel must also encompasses the RESURECTION for without it the Christian Faith is vain.

  10. As the Lord Jesus Christ raised Lazarus from the dead, this is another manifestation in our modern time that God’s Love still is, as in the past , as to this present day, and the works and the words of Jesus Christ will always be with us, who believe. To those who seek scientific explanations, think about this…can science explain what is LOVE?…and FAITH? May GOD bless us all.

  11. To God be the Glory! As the scripture said “every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus is the Lord! be it to the whole universe, God almighty, Save all the unbelievers, in the mighty name of Jesus I pray….

  12. It is amazing how many cases like this are happening around the Muslim world. This is true as well with sending of dreams and visions. The Holy Spirit is truly working!

    • The time is running out, and Jesus in his mercy wants the Muslum world who may never hve seen a Bible, or know nothing of living a Christian life, to have an opportunity to decide their fath, with concrete information in the Bible.

      I feel for and pray hard for my brothers and sisters born and raised in the Muslum faith without fufther information. We all have free will to chose our lifestyle, but those without exposure to the Bible do not have a choice. They could read the Bible and be moved by its teachings, or simply dismiss it. At least then they have a *choice*

  13. The news is not new thse things are happening today. Praise be to God the father of our Lord Jesus christ amen.

  14. Lord Jesus raise Riad from the dead. He was too young to die. For your power and glory, Jesus, raise him to life as the power and glory is yours. Amen

  15. How sad it is when you guys pray in ”the name of Jesus”. you christians put jesus equal with God. You will all be punished in hell not Heaven as she says. But nice dream she had!

  16. According to the Bible, how many Old Testament prophets raised people from the dead? Answer: Two. Elijah and Elisha.

    That’s it. And they only did it three times. So the act of raising someone from the dead would have been seen as a very, very big deal. It was not like healing someone of a disease or casting out demons. Lots of people, it seems, could do those miracles. Nope, raising someone from the dead was the big kahuna of all miracles! Is there any instance in the Bible of a false prophet or a prophet of another god raising the dead?

    In the Gospel of John chapter 11, we are told that Lazarus had been dead for four days. His body was decomposing to the point that he stunk. Lazarus death and burial were very public events. His tomb was a known location. Many Jews had come to mourn with Mary and Martha and some of them were wondering why the great miracle worker, Jesus, had not come and healed his friend Lazarus; essentially blaming Jesus for letting Lazarus die.

    Let’s step back and look at the facts asserted in this passage: Only two OT prophets had raised people from the dead, and these two prophets were considered probably the two greatest Jewish prophets of all time: Elijah and Elisha. If this story is true, the supernatural powers of Jesus were on par with the supernatural powers of the greatest Jewish prophets of all time! If this event really did occur, it should have shocked the Jewish people to their very core—a new Elijah was among them! This event must have been the most shocking event to have occurred in the lives of every living Jewish man and woman on the planet. The news of this event would have spread to every Jewish community across the globe.

    And yet…Paul, a devout and highly educated Jew, says not one word about it. Not one. Not in his epistles; not in the Book of Acts. Think about that. What would be the most powerful sign to the Jews living in Asia Minor and Greece—the very people to whom Paul was preaching and attempting to convert—to support the claim that Jesus of Nazareth himself had been raised from the dead? Answer: The very public, very well documented raising from the dead of Lazarus of Bethany by Jesus!

    But nope. No mention of this great miracle by Paul. (A review of Paul’s epistles indicates that Paul seems to have known very little if anything about the historical Jesus. Read here.)

    And there is one more very, very odd thing about the Raising-of-Lazarus-from-the-Dead Miracle: the author of the Gospel of John, the very last gospel to be written, is the only gospel author to mention this amazing miracle! The authors of Mark, Matthew, and Luke say NOTHING about the miracle of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. Nothing.

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