Did worship photos capture angels – or just optical effects?


By Mark Ellis

From left, Joshua, Mikey, Isamu and Kathy Tanaka


During an emotion-filled evening of worship at the Vineyard church in Laguna Niguel, several photographs taken with a digital camera reveal some unusual effects.

“It seems like the angels are showing up more,” says Kathy Tanaka, a regular at the church. Her nine-year-old son Joshua took several photos with his new camera, which seem to show an angelic presence floating above his mother’s head. “My son just got his first camera, and he got a bunch of photos like that.”

Is this an angel's robe above worshipper?


“It looks like the long robe of an angel floating in the sky,” she says. The upper body and head of the supposed angel is not visible, only the middle and lower portion of the robe.

Some of the photographs show white circles floating in the room, which Tanaka refers to as “angel orbs.”

“Some people don’t believe in it,” she notes. “They will say its dust or it’s not there.”

orange glow around worship leader

On a recent trip to Hawaii, her digital camera fell and broke, so she bought a disposable camera. At an outdoor luau, she asked her son Joshua to take a photo of herself, because she sensed God’s presence was near.

“We went to Costco and they said, ‘There’s something wrong with this film.’” They re-processed the film again. Still, several photos taken with the disposable camera also revealed the mysterious round orbs above Tanaka’s head.

The Tanakas have used several different cameras that all produce the same results.

orbs around worship

On the first Friday of every month, a group of families gather for worship in the youth room of the church. “When the worship is really powerful you can get angel orbs,” she notes. “When we get people together with the same vision, purpose and love, that’s what God likes.”

“We’re just there to worship God and bless people,” she continues. “I feel it’s good for families. It’s good for the kids to worship God with their parents.”

larger view


  1. I am not surprised. There are times when you are in a worship session you feel a suprenatural presence which no one can explain.

  2. I also noticed the huge orb to the left in the robe foto.
    We just finished a VBS in Costa Rica (Jan. 25-26-27 of 2012)
    and when I looked at the fotos I was amazed. Tremendous testimony of a job well done I would say. The day with the most orbs and glory everything went so perfectly.

  3. I am not suprised at all. God is really revealing Himself more and more. Im loving my prayer times, lately; they are also God-packed

  4. The “robe” over the worshipper seems to be a “banner” as the Word says “The banner of the Lord is praise”… Yes, yes, yes and praise God for “showing up” in any and every way in our praise, worship and daily lives!

  5. I believe angels are showing themselves more often. I took a few pictures myself of angels hanging out around a corner in my neighborhood. I’m wondering why there are so many in the one area.

  6. It even appears that the child can see what is there above her and is reaching up in praise! I love it!

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