Tebow wore a microphone during Chicago Bears game; he reveals the heart of a man sold out to Jesus


By Mark Ellis

Tim Tebow


As Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Bebow led his team to another improbable come-from-behind win against Chicago, not many realized he wore a microphone throughout the game that recorded a rare glimpse of his unusual faith.

Before the start of the game, he knelt on the sidelines in his trademark pose and uttered this prayer: “Lord, put a wall of protection around me and my teammates today. When we go out there let us honor you with everything we do and say. I love you. In Jesus name, amen.”

As he warmed up on the sidelines, Tebow sang: “Our God is an awesome God, He reigns from heaven above, with wisdom…”

Throughout the game, Tebow was heard encouraging his teammates to “keep believing” even as they fell behind for the first three quarters with less than stellar play. Tebow was even heard encouraging players on the opposing team. He told Chicago outside linebacker Lance Briggs, “I’ve been looking forward to playing you for a long time…I love watching you brother.”

In the fourth quarter, as the Broncos set their sights on a comeback, receiver Demaryius Thomas dropped a long pass that could have turned the game around. The ball sailed right through his hands, and after the play, he parked himself on the bench, dejected.

Tebow sat down next to Thomas and said, “Guess what, you’re about to catch the game winner here. It’s no big deal (you dropped the ball). It just makes it closer for a little bit longer. You’re about to catch the game winner and then you’ll be the winner of the game.”

Only a few minutes later Tebow’s encouragement proved prophetic. Thomas caught a 10-yard pass in the end zone to put Denver within three points.

With two minutes left in the game, Denver failed in their attempt at an onside kick to recover possession.Chicago seemed to be in an unassailable position. But Tebow bowed his head as he sat on the sidelines and uttered this prayer: “Dear Jesus, I need you. Please come through for me. No matter what, win or lose Lord, give me the strength to honor you.”

On the next series, Chicago running back Marion Barber inexplicably ran out of bonds, which stopped the clock. Commentators were left shaking their heads at his puzzling error. That gave Tebow and his teammates at least 35 extra seconds to stage a final, game-tying drive.

Tebow yelled at his team: “We’re going to win this. Let’s go,” as they retook the field. The faith-filled quarterback drove his team down the field to get within field goal range.

With only three seconds left, kicker Matt Prater crushed a 59-yard field goal to send the game into overtime.  Tebow cried out, “Thank you Lord!”

On Chicago’s first opportunity to score in overtime, Marion Barber fumbled the ball away at the Broncos 33-yard line – another tragic mistake. Fans and commentators were again stunned by the dramatic turn for Denver. “The chain of events that have happened in the last few minutes have been unbelievable,” one commentator remarked.

Tebow called his mighty men into a huddle for their last series of downs. “Hey, believe here, all right?” he said. Again, he got his team into field goal range at the Chicago 33.

Tension filled the stadium as Denver’s kicker approached the ball. Tebow lowered his head in prayer, then looked up as the ball shot off Matt Prater’s foot.

Prater hit the 51-yard field goal to win the game. Delirious with joy, Tebow and his teammates embraced. “Way to believe baby! You’ve got to believe every day!” he shouted.


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  1. It would appear all those EXPERTS who said Tebow could not play were wrong. Just because he does not FIT the mold does not mean he is incapable of winning. I wonder how many wins is it going to take before these experts admit that they may have been wrong about Tebow? Way to go Tim. With or without his faith Tim shows real character and it is no wonder why his teammates fight so hard for him. He believes in them and they believe in him. Tim believes in God and it shows in his faith in his fellow teammate.

  2. Thanks, Mark for this inspiring report. I will use this in San Antonio in Jan when I go there to preach. Bless you and this great ministry you’re following.

  3. Only a loving and caring God could produce a Tim Tebow and we are blessed to be part of the ministry that God has led him to expose to us . Thank you God for Tim and that he is an obedient servant. It is not about winning but about bringing brothers and sisters together for the Kingdom and we are blessed to have this fine example of what a Christian should be and how he should behave and lead his brothers. The score means nothing… God is winning through TIM. God Bless you Brother

  4. Wonderful report.
    We need a Tim Tebow playing “Aussie Rules” football in Australia!
    Sadly our footballers are mostly happy womanizer pagans.
    “God please raise up a man of faith in Jesus Christ amongst our footballers here in Melbourne Australia. Thank you Lord”

    • I confess to thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hidden these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them to little ones. Yea, Father, for so it hath seemed good in thy sight.

  5. Mark,
    This was an unusual and inspiring antidote to the negativity surrounding professional sports. Thank you for writing this article.

  6. The Lord has lifted up the lowly and scattered the proud in their conceit.

    Praise God for role models like Tim Tebow. He doesn’t do drugs, defile young maidens, beat up girlfriends, or cuss at the media. One must wonder why the “Elite” despise him so. We ned more Tebows. Rise up young men and be counted.

  7. And again I ask . . . what’s all the fuss about? The man lives his faith and he doesn’t beat you over the head with it. God bless ya’ll real good,Tim Tebow!

  8. ALL we are seeing in tebow on the field is his FAITH. God is not a sports fan of any sport. BUT he loves out spoken people who acknowledge him in public. to tell that he is real. TIM is rewarded with that faith acknowledgement NOT the denver broncos. the broncos win because tim wants to win and he happens to play with the broncos. ever see the movie, ‘angels in the outfield’? THATS what your seeing. the angels in the movie werent behind the baseball players throughout the game, only in clucth time to win the game. thats why you keep seeing the score within reach throughout the game then, in clucth time, you see the miracle happen. THEN TEBOW acknowledges GOD in public AND putting thanks FIRST were it should go. say same with any other sports player, curt warner come to mind?. dont believe this? ok lets watch the broncos against new england. THIS is a big test. remember if new england even goes up by say 34 points with time ticking away, the fat lady hasnt sung yet. AND also remember even if tebow and the broncos lose a game you can bet your house on one thing. the denver broncos WILL go into the playoffs and THEN on to the super bowl and face undefeated green bay and tebow and the denver broncos WILL win the super bowl. by the scores being either high, 34/ 27, or being low scores. or in overtime. doesnt matter because tebow keeps acknowledging God and giving him thanks FIRST and God will reward tebow and give him what he wants. a superbowl win. because ITS ONLY a game to tebow. his heart is doing Gods work in public and elsewhere. let us wait till the game between broncos n england n see. BUT remember even if they lose, watch their games afterward n see. AND remember. God loves things that are pushed up against the wall, when it looks like there is no way out. because thats when God shines the brightest. amen!

  9. It saddens me to see so many people looking for the bad in Tim. Instead of enjoying each game and the way his team pulls together. Tim Tebow , A man playing a kids game, Never has said it was all about him. his skills, in fact most think he isnt even a good quarterback. Frankly i would rather want my kids to see him thanking God and encouraging his teammates. All god asked is to accept him…He,ll do the rest. God bless the Broncos…A Viking fan.

    • He has said it is all about him though. By saying that god is working through him, that he is just an instrument of the author of creation. Whatever that is, it isn’t humility.

  10. I can’t deny that in a sports sense, Tebow’s story is very interesting. However, I find some vast differences between Tebow and the donkey riding, non-extravagant Jesus. In other words, if we want to know God, we don’t need to look any further than Jesus, not Tebow….

    ** Jesus neither explicitly or subtly ousted the broken. Tebow, with the help of Chuck Swindoll’s Family Life, has promoted the barrier between “Christians” and the “secular,” by making a absolute judgment (while subtle – similar to the evolution of racism to subtle racism) on the abortion topic. Jesus, who is compassionate and loving, provides no such examples. You have wonder why there are “haters” on Tebow.

    ** Pharisees proclaimed their faith and prayed in public, and so does Tebow. Jesus condoned retreating to the mountains or “praying in the closet,” indicating that faith is ultimately a relationship between an individual and God. Taking Jesus’ example, he would often avoid crowds and tell those he healed to not say a word. There has to be a reason why (don’t you think?). If Jesus wanted to show his majestic power and almightiness, he would have came in on a spaceship on dubs, with music blastin’, killed all of his persecutors, wore a shiny clean diamond studded blinged out platinum white robe made of silk, and saved himself from hanging on the cross. I think we have to realize that it’s possible Jesus wanted us to see his humanity more than his almightiness. Maybe he wants us to see ours as well?? If we do, I’m sure it makes it easier to accept others with “differences” and “diversity.”

    With all that said, I wish Tebow the best. However, I hope people don’t inspire their own individual faith on some professional sports player they’ll never know. It isn’t about morality or the example another person sets for our own faith, but is ultimately about our individual relationship with God that we’ll be accountable for in the end.

    Also, if Abraham had a say, it isn’t even about morality. If it were, Abraham would have been jailed for being an attempted child murderer. Morality is subjective and faith is absolute, as it is being in a loving relationship with the real dirty Jesus.


    • Yet again, another person who needs to find some kind of negativity about a man who is pursuing his passion, and loving Jesus at the same time. In all the interviews Tebow has done, he is consistent in a couple of things: first, he always thanks his ( and my) Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; second, he never takes the credit of what’s happening to him and the Broncos for himself, but always redirects the credit to his coaches and teammates. As far as the praying out in public, if Tebow’s praying in public is bringing people to the knowledge of a wonderful Savior, then by all means, pray out loud. You mentioned the Pharisees. I suppose then you do not pray over a meal in a resturaunt? I guess it would be presumptious of me to think that you could be serving as an example. There is no similarity between what the Pharisees were doing, and Tim Tebow. Your comment is out of context. What about the Great Commission? What about being in constant worship? You see, the church is not a building, but is the complete body of believers. I would certaintly pray, that by example, Tim is leading people to at minimum inquire as to what he has that they don’t. That would be Jesus. Live and lead by example. Choose Christ. Save Lives. Save the World.

      • I am so happy that you pointed out the fact that there are no similarities between Tim Tebow and the pharisees. That comparison was absolutely ludacris. All your points are valid. It is so unfortunate that this guy is getting criticism from non-christians and christians alike. We all need to pray for Tim Tebow to stay stong in his faith. I can’t imagine the temptations out there for a guy like him.

    • Tim Tebow does not say great is me, he gives the glory to almighty God and Father. He could say it was his own doing but he proclaims God in his life and his lifestyle. He was very much different then the boastful pharisee, he doesn’t praise himself. He lives the life of a great christian minister, and God bless him! I am not so strong in my faith as many but I know a faithful person when I see him!

  11. …by the way, to the moderator, if my comments don’t get posted, I hope this penetrates your heart at truth. I hope you find realness in your life and don’t succumb to such things as the repeated “God Bless You” rhetoric of our day.


  12. We are so grateful to see a Young-Man of God live the heart of Jesus to our young men and women across the nation. His example, I believe is restoring Godly-character for our young and old athletes.

    Sadly, many secular and religious people are waiting to see God “stop moving” in Tebow’s life. But the truth is, Tebow’s life is God, not football. Remember the interview he gave on national TV after the NY Jets win? Tebow said his love for football is great but his love for serving Jesus is even greater; that playing in the NFL happens to be the place God called him to live out his faith (paraphrased). As Steven Curtis Chapman sang, LIVE OUT LOUD!

    Thank you Jesus for the Great Commission…to go out into the world and share the Gospel.

  13. Awesome! I’m in China but Denver is my hometown. May God continue to raise up multitudes of Paul’s like Tebow in every profession and nation around the world. Merry Christmas to all! Thank you to all who proclaim the good news everyday and in everyway!

  14. I remember Tebow in Florida gators (I am a gator fan with a gator family who is catholic.) I remembered that since I have heard of Tebow he became a role model for me. Do not speak negatively of him, theres much better things you could be doing in your time. I don’t worship Tim, but I see the good he is doing and hope it’ll touch many more to be like Jesus.

  15. Well it is good that God has time to be so involved in football and to pick and chose among his favorites every Sunday and Monday. That will make it easier for the 24000 kids who die every day to cope with their ultimate demise. Praise jesus.

    • Tim’s foundation is partnering with CURE International to build a hospital to serve poor children in the southern Philippines, where he grew up….From what I can tell, he has a big heart to help the kids you describe.


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