Little child identifies ‘The Man’ who says “He is coming soon”


By Mark Ellis

Emma and Caitlyn Sukut

Emma Sukut began to point at angels in her bedroom and talk about them to her parents at about 18-months-old.

“Every morning when I would get her up she would point up at the ceiling and say, ‘Look momma, there’s angels up there,’” says Caitlyn Sukut, her mother. More recently, she has spoken about “The Man” who appears with the angels.

Caitlyn was amazed one morning when Emma told her, “The man protects us and loves us. The man’s coming, momma. The man’s coming soon.”

“Does the man look like Jesus? Caitlyn asked.

“No,” Emma replied.

Emma has seen paintings of Jesus at church, so Caitlyn wasn’t sure if Emma would confuse the person she saw in her room with the various artistic representations of Jesus. “We don’t refer to people as ‘The man’ in our house,” Caitlyn noted, so her choice of words seemed curious.

A few weeks ago, the Sukuts visited South Shores Church in Dana Point, California, and as Caitlyn and her daughter walked into the sanctuary, Emma got very excited and pointed up at a stained glass window.

stained glass window at South Shores Church, Dana Point

“Oh momma look, there’s ‘The Man,’” she cried.

“This picture?” Caitlyn asked. “That’s Jesus!”

“Yes, that’s ‘The Man.’”

“We call Him Jesus,” she told Emma. “That’s who we pray to.”

Emma has also been known to see angels around places that might be dangerous to small children, such as stairways, escalators, and even playgrounds. She saw angels who seemed to ensure the safety of a plane flight she took with her parents.

Some have difficulty fitting visions and visitations such as this into their theology.

close-up of window

Others have surmised that the only way for God to get our attention may be to reveal Himself to little children – ones who are not old enough to fabricate such things.


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  1. I am unclear about the two parts in your report. The first part says Caitlyn had seen pictures of Jesus in her church, yet she was reported to have rejected them when her mum asked her if The Man looked like those pictures.
    Yet, in the sanctuary, Caitlin identified Jesus in the stained glass as The Man.
    In all the pictures of Jesus I have seen in the many churches around the world, they all look the same.
    What was the difference between the pictures in her church, and the stained glass etching in the sanctuary?
    I would appreciate an analysis. Thank you.

    • “Little child Identifies ‘The Man’ is a follow-up to the first story, “Emma’s guardian angels.” She had not seen a painting that resembled the one who visited her in her room until she visited the church in Dana Point. That happened after I wrote the first story. When she saw the face in the stained glass window, it struck an immediate chord. I don’t know about the other images she saw.

        • That’s right Jesus was from the tribe of Judah, in revelation 1:14-16 reveals he was a black man a man of color. No where in the Bible claims or shows of a “white” Jesus. This image is of the anti Christ. This is of the edomites image. Jesus is in fact black according to the Bible. But most people don’t want to accept that.

          • I saw him and the father as a child. They where dark not blk. they looked more like alaskans or middle easterners not blk. Dark hair. I say alaskans because as a little girl i only knew blk. white or mexican. he had short hair. Not as short as todays men but yes short.
            They do need to take down the pictures of him as a light complected man with light hair because many children raised as cathloic may not recognise him. I was affraid because I didnt understand when he said im your father and he looked nothing like the idols. It wasnt until a child drew him and they did the 3d images of the shroud that I recognised him. He looked almost identical to the 3d images of the shroud. Almost all 5he images drawn by children of him are identical.

          • Revelations Chapter 1. In verses 14 and 15 you find the phrases “hair…like wool” and “his feet were like bronze.” But what they leave out is that which those arguing for his whiteness utilize: “hair white like wool, and as white as snow.” Furthermore, The Bible does not reference bronze in terms of skin color, but rather the aura that they have off “like bronze glowing in the fire.” Later in that same passage, it states that “his voice was like the sounds of rushing waters” and “out of his mouth came a sharp double-edged sword.” Now, I don’t know what ethnicity can claim those characteristics, do you?

            The Bible is full of many scriptures written with symbolic language which is almost always the case when concerning physical descriptions of Jesus. Being of Middle Eastern heritage, it’s not out of the question that Jesus looked like, well, someone from the Middle East.
            Jesus was born as a Jew in Bethlehem to a family of Jewish decedent’s.

            I also don’t care about what he looked like. I am fully aware that Christianity flourished in old Europe and their portrayal of Jesus was as someone that was very similar to themselves. As European empires continued to leave their mark on the planet, they also exported the imagery of Christianity that developed within their own culture.

            With that said, a debate about what Jesus looked like is irrelevant. What is relevant is why He came, what He did while he was here, and what we’re supposed to take away from His message. And if we were to look closely into any one of these points, we would see that the issue of race is totally non-existent and inconsequential.

            “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.” – John 3:16-17
            God Bless

      • I have seen Jesus in a vision last year in near Cleveland Ohio.
        The vision was soo clear I made a painting and will be displayed at our church in New Brunswick Canada sometime this Summer.
        If you wish, I can sent you a copy of the painting entitled “The Hope of The World” translated into Hebrew.

  2. I think it’s interesting that Emma recognizes a Western European caucasian with long hair as her “Man”. Now, I know Saul/Paul saw Jesus and he went on to write that it’s a shame for a man to have long hair. I suppose we’ll have to chalk this one up to some explanation other than Emma really saw Jesus (as he really is anyway). Could the little girl be having a series of spiritual visions? I don’t have the answer to that but I don’t discount it flat out. God does work in mysterious ways.

    • Define “long”. Would hair longer than a crew-cut be “long”? How about past the top of the ears? Shoulder-length? Just past the shoulders? How about a few inches past the shoulders?

      In my opinion, “long hair” on men, as used in the Bible, would be looooooong hair, such as down to the middle of one’s back. The typical presentation of Jesus as having slightly-past-shoulder-length hair would therefore not qualify as “long” on a man, from the Biblical perspective, in my opinion.

      Also, remember that God ordained those that the Bible calls “Nazarites” — Israelite men who took a “Nazarite vow” to not eat or drink anything from the vine (grapes or wine), not to touch a dead body, and not to cut their hair. A Nazarite was one who was sanctified (set apart) for God in a special way, and the above vows indicated that special calling. I believe that for those who took the Nazarite vow, God Himself would not let their hair grow so long as to become a “shame” — but Samson was a Nazarite, and his hair was long enough that it could be braided into seven braids. I suppose around shoulder-length would suffice for this.

      So, be careful not to let cultural ideas and ideals cloud what the Bible means.

    • Shaul/Paul did not see Yeshua, he saw a bright light that blinded him. He heard His voice and asked Him “who He was.” He said, I am Yeshua who you persecute. So, Shaul did not exactly see His face, he saw the light of Yeshua that blinded him. Yeshua can appear to anyone, anyway He wants, for He is G-d. If He wants to appear as an Asian male, He is able to do so to the Asia people. If He wants to appear as a black male to the black people, He can do so, for He is G-d and He is not limited like we are. G-d is not limited as humans are, He can do and be anything and anyone He wants to be.

  3. I believe you Caitlyn. For the past 10 years I wondered if my grandson that died when he was 23 months old from drowning was asleep in death or in Heaven and I have been praying for an answer. 3 weeks ago I had a visitation from Jesus and my grandson. Jesus appeared as a child that was sitting with my grandson. I knew it was Jesus with my grandson and Jesus said to me “I died so that you could live”, giving me confirmation that my grandson is with Him. So Caitlyn, you keep talking with Jesus because He definately is coming very soon!

  4. God’s ways are mysterious – Why her and not someone else? God’s choice.
    We live in a physical realm and see with physical eyes. Jesus is spirit and moves in the spiritual realm. Don’t try to fit our beliefs and knowledge just in what we see – one day we will see as He sees, if we receive Jesus as our Savior and Lord. Alll will be known.

  5. Have any of you read the book by Todd Burpo? It is “Heaven is for Real” and there is a picture of the “Jesus” that Todd’s little boy, Colton, recognized as Jesus when he experieced a near death experience. The picture was painted by a girl who had a vision of Him. Read the book!! Also, Jesus can appear however He wants to make Himself known—think on that.

    • Judy I read the book. Towards the end of the book when they are going to the cemetery Colton tells his father that a war is coming. In the winter of 2010-2011 I was awoken at 3:24 am. A voice told me to get up and to go look at my backyard. I was afraid to go see it. I have had a few visions and most dreams since I was 7 years old. The voice again told me the same phrase. I got up and opened the curtains to the backyard. I was relieved to see just snow. I looked up at the heavens and I heard chariot wheels. It sounded like the chains of tanks on the move. The same voice said, “A war is coming.” When I read Colton ‘ s story and saw the same sentence the words jumped out of the book. I could not believe that he brought the same message.

  6. How perfectly legalistic to raise the long hair objection to a child’s vision.
    Long hair in Jesus day was shoulder length but even if it were not, as one said this is spiritual not a fair showing of the flesh.
    I suppose I will ever be amazed that as our world sinks in anarchy and the fulfillment of last days prophecy many Christians are still fighting little battles with nonsense and semantics to distract and disgust the world at large. Lets grow up here.

    In the meantime thank God for what one little innocent was chosen to see.

    Rev Michael Bresciani

  7. In January 2009, I had recorded a program of Good Morning America which starts at 3:30 am in Brisbane Australia. There was a promo Change is Coming about a new show to be shown in February. It was a straight line in the middle of the screen and the words Change is Coming appeared one by one at the top in the middle. Suddenly there was flashing coloured lights on the right side above the line then I saw the words appear `Jesus Christ is Coming Soon`. As soon as I read the words they disappeared. I rewound the promo back to the beginning but the words were no longer there. Yes our LORD Yahshua is coming soon “When the Fullness of the Gentiles Comes In.” There are thousands of Muslims and people coming into the Kingdom from the third world countries and when the total number is complete our LORD will come for HIS Bride. It can take place any day of the year.

  8. Who’s behind the big Doubt as to whether Heaven is real or not? It’s the one who was once known as `Lucifer`, when He was one of God’s loyal angels, but since his rebellion became notoriously known as Satan, the devil. Skeptics need to delve into the Scriptures to read Jesus’ word’s about him: The Lord Jesus said concerning Satan: “…He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” (John 8:44). An innocent child like Colton saw Jesus in heaven, testified that Jesus is alive and that Heaven is real!. Likewise Emma Sukut. He saw Jesus and recognized Him, and, gave testimony that the Scripture might be believed! What a Message to the world! Ladies and gentlemen who believe, we’re committed to taking this message to the entire world, sharing the Truth God’s Word as taught by Jesus.

  9. Brothers and sisters in Christ
    The Lord is coming again and the the Holy Spirit is being poured upon this generation to prepare and save as many souls as possible from the most hardened sinner to living saints regardless of race, culture or creed. I advise you pray to the Holy Spirit for discernment and then read the messages on the following website with an open heart and an open mind. God Bless you all.

  10. I agree with the person who said that with the world falling into decay and all of its problems that here we are with Christians debating the length of Jesus’ hair and whether or not He might choose to reveal Himself to an innocent child. What is wrong with us that we cannot grasp that a Supernatural God can do anything and everything that He desires to get our attention? People..He appeared to John on the isle of Patmos with white hair and looking completely different than He ever had while on the earth, yet John knew Him instantly! Why can He not appear to any child or any person in a way that is right for them?

    I agree..Church, the world is falling into debauchery and is more dangerous than ever. Evil is marching across our land. Truth has fallen in the streets. We are losing our Christian rights. Little children are being abused and murdered by their parents. And we are debating Jesus’ looks!

    It’s way past time for us to begin growing up. Discernment, yes. Critical spirit, no. If you are walking close enough with Him and have daily communion with His Spirit, you will know what is false and what is true.

    He’s coming soon. Stop wasting time arguing and get people saved.

    • I agree with you. This whole discussion regarding the length of Yeshua’s hair reminds me of the last video I saw from Prophecy in the News where the host was saying that here in America and the developed world people don’t believe in the supernatural. People from other nations where they are poor, believe in the supernatural and there are lots of miracles, visions, and dreams happening in these places. Unbelief is a sin, people say “I believe in Yeshua” but they don’t believe in His supernatural power. He said, because of your faith you are healed. Faith has gone out the door in so many churches in the developed world. G-d cannot work where there is no faith, we limit His Spirit when we don’t have faith/unbelief.

    • Exactly! many people that have had encounters will say that Jesus appeared to them with different color eyes, hair etc. He has the ability and power to do anything. He is coming soon and that is the point.

  11. I have read the book of Colton Burpo ‘Heaven is for real’ and I now buy additional copies to give them to doubting Thomases.

    I recommend you also read the book “Divine Mercy in my soul” and “Eye witness to heaven”
    Jesus’ words to St. Faustina whom he appeared to between 22 February 1931 – 5 October 1938.
    “You will prepare the world before My final coming. He asked her to spread the Message of Divine Mercy. To Trust in Him and to ask for His mercy and be merciful to others.
    He also said: “Mankind will not have PEACE until it turns with TRUST to My mercy” Diary no.300

  12. I should also add I have 4 daughters as well. Porn is going to affect their lives for the worse as men’s minds are now so depraved.

    • I totally agree, but God is able to preserve them in every way
      You can pray over them and cover them with the Blood of Jesus and pray that they do not see or hear anything unsavory. God is faithful to answer your prayers Julie.
      I fear for people too-not just girls but boys too, because of porn.
      Don’t worry there will be a global crash soon and the internet will shut down, when it re-emerges (along with electricity etc,) it will likely be Govt. controlled (like China.)
      I feel sorry for men who are trapped in sexual lust; there is too much for them not to be, unless the Lord has His Hand on them and they are fully submitted to Him.

  13. Y are u all arguing or are so obsessed with the length of hair. And the lady who said emma did not recognize the man in the other pictures. Jesus is not the same in other pictures due to the fact we are unclear to what he looks like. The main important part in this story is jesus is showing himself more n more the time is coming and instead of worrying bout the long hair or what jesus looks like worry more about where u want to spend eternity or where u want ur family to go. Are u living that christian life are u spreading his word? Just a thought

  14. Hi my.daughter too sees angels and jesus she is 28 years old but when she was eight months old she had open heart surgery at the childrens hospital in.Dallas Texas where she died twice but praise god he gave her back to me two days brfore her surgery i too saw jesus where i was staying at Ronolds Mcdonalds house i saw him walk by me with his shoulder length hair and long white gown he went through the door now i know why….it was a sign for me that my daughter was going to be alright i tell her yiu are very special up to this day she still sees angels and jesus and a pair of animals male and female like in the story of noahs ark everytime we go somewhere she see the angels and she tells me what they do she sees them going up n when they come down ….she sees boats in the sky n jesus reveals things to her or me but she tells me at times were sitting outside cause its a beautiful evening or befire it gets dark n she tells me mom i see jesus and he is smiling at us he is happy mom so i.say how wonderful …one time i heard jesus voice on my cell phone we go to church and my.daughter lives going to church too like me

  15. I think it is sweet ,I think that the little kid is telling the truth??!!All you gotta do is believe?children seen Jesus deffrently and describs him dreffrently?it does not mean that when one kid says he looks like a man with short blond hair or a man with long brown hair?they decribe him deffrently

    That’s all from my side
    God bless you all

  16. I’m sorry, but this account is ficticious. Your basic biblical history dictates that those renderings are NOT of Jesus, but of Michael Angelo’s homosexual lover. All things of God must line up with the word of God. The bible says, Jesus skin is as of bronze (brown)…..Jesus eyes burn as of fire…….His hair is like wool……and that’s only a few descriptions that negate your claims. And for those whom have seen Jesus for themselves, KNOW this is all filacious. May God have mercy on your soul.

  17. God works through children because of their innocence. That’s the way he wants us to come to him. I don’t believe for one minute that the picture of Jesus is an original. The moral of this story is to warn us to be ready. Get your life in order, because Christ is coming very soon. The signs are shown to those who has their focus on the mark. The mark is Heaven! Wars, rumors of wars, men against sons, daughters against mothers, and vice versa, is happening right now. Seasons are so strange that you can’t tell the difference sometimes. These are things that are in the Bible. It’s up to us if we want to believe God, live right, and go to a Heaven for eternity. Pray a lot, have faith, believe, and most important, love everyone!

  18. I have read all the comments. Children never lie especially about our Lord and Saviour. I have a difficult time believing in Heaven Is Real book or movie by Colton because the Photo of Jesus described by colton does not Look like Him. (The Original Photo of Christ is the Shroud of Turin).

    If anyone wishes to know the Truth please read your Bibles and the Messages of True Life In God (TLIG)

    The real Book inspired by Jesus Himself is called Heaven Is Real but so is hell the author is vassula ryden and she did not accept a cent from the sale of these books as the money from the Books are donated to the Beth Miriam foundation (House Of Mary) to feed the Poor. God clearly states in the TLIG Messages ‘Do not put me to the Test’ I will give you enough to cover your expenses’. All the readers of True Life In God are to live humble lives and never take a single cent from anyone.

  19. I’ve read all of the comments and decided to tell a little of my story… I had an out of body experience in 1963 after being hit (and thrown quite far) by a city bus at the age of 5… We didn’t have a television in the house, and I’d not yet seen a movie. I know from that experience God truly exists, without going into extreme detail so I can address the vision of Jesus I had around that time too.
    I was sitting in our large Cathedral waiting for my parents to meet our relatives out front. As I was looking at the stained glass windows to the left, I felt someone sitting next to me. I looked down to my right, saw robes, looked up into Jesus’ beautiful, smiling Face. I smiled back. I then looked again to the same stained glass windows to the left, felt the presence again, looked down to my right, and up to see Jesus smiling again, I smiled back. A couple of years before my father died, I reminded him of the bus accident, and of my out of body experience (I was told never to talk about again by the doctor and my parents). I then told my father about my vision of Jesus in church. I saw tears rolling down my father’s face, and asked him why he was crying. My father said he’d had that exact experience/vision when he was sitting in church at the age of 8 or 9. I believe God does appear to children because they aren’t jaded by the world….I know what I know because of how the Lord revealed Himself to me, and my father, and I am eternally grateful!

  20. Let me share something with all of the disillusioned people of the world. I am a member of a very Elite and Secret Society so believe me when I tell you that Jesus (which is NOT his Name) was 100 Percent Moor/Black/African American, but we (as in White Europeans) have been suppressing this from the very beginning! Yes, they are GODS ORIGINAL PEOPLE and we Europeans are only a Genetic Spin-Off of their Genes (along with other creatures that I wouldn’t care to identify). Since Ancient Times we have been deceiving the world with ‘Watered-Down versions of the Creators Truth’ (The Worlds so called Holy Books-LOL) and You,, the Mindless Masses always Unquestionably eat-it-up hungrily with a Fork and Spoon Every Time!!! The hieroglyphic’s that you see on TV were even Falsified Countless Centuries ago! Yes, Again They were All MOORS! When they left Egypt (which is a part of Africa) we moved in and Doctored the Hieroglyphics! You Blind Sheep of the world will never know Gods Truth until you are able to step out of the systems of Brain-Washing that we have given you! e.g. Christianity, Islam, Mormonism, Catholicism, Etc. You want to find the Original Gods? Look to Kemet as in Africa’s Religions!!! (can you say Old Testament Blood Sacrifices? Very Good CHILDREN!) He and others have told you as simply as possible that “I am the Son of MAN” which is an ancient dialect and way of saying “I AM HUMAN, as in MORTAL”!!!!!!! Oh and by the way, the Sun Disks that were painted atop of the Gods Heads in hieroglyphics were none other than Afros! (God I love that word). Even the so called founders of the country have their blood running through their veins. lolololol
    Why do you think President Clinton went to Haiti to get assistance from the Original Gods? Question, when he returned, even though Guilty, was he impeached? In closing, WE know and still worship the Original Gods (The Statue of Liberty is of a Moorish Mother God with our white face) and WE have given you the Blind Unhearing, Unseeing, Masses… False Idols…
    Yes, the Entire World has been deceived by a LIE!!!

  21. I just need to respond to your rant: Poorly written, sir! And entirely out of context with this rather nice sharing between people who are simply appreciating Jesus and expressing their devotion to him.

    Find another Fortun.

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