Emma’s guardian angels: two-year-old sees angels and a man who says ‘He is coming soon’


By Mark Ellis

Emma at 15 months

She was bathed in prayer from the time she was in the womb. Her parents and both sets of grandparents are strong Christians. Still, when she began to point at angels and talk about them to her parents, they weren’t quite sure what to think.

It started about a year ago, when she first began to talk. “Every morning when I would get her up she would point up at the ceiling and say, ‘Look momma, there’s angels up there,’” says Caitlyn Sukut, her mother. “I thought, ‘How cute, how sweet.’” Emma seemed to be seeing things she could not see.

“Is she imaging something?” Caitlyn wondered. “It’s hard to know what a two and a half year old is talking about,” she admits. “I don’t know how much is in her imagination and how much she’s really seeing.”

After naps, Emma would talk about the angels. “What does the angel look like?” Caitlyn asked. “She looks like auntie,” Emma replied, referring to Caitlyn’s 16-year-old sister, Hannah.

Several months ago they had their first airline flight with Emma. “Look at the angels, momma,” Emma said. “They are coming with us to help get us there and to protect us.”

“When Emma first started talking about this, I had not taught her about angels,” Caitlyn notes. “I never told her angels protect us.”

(left to rt.) Lisa Hartman, Emma, Caitlyn Sukut, “Auntie” Hannah

Several weeks ago, Caitlyn went into Emma’s room when she first awakened. “How did you sleep, Emma?”

“I slept great,” she said. “The angels and the man came,” Emma replied.

“Oh, what did they say?” mom asked.

“The man protects us and loves us,” Emma said. “The man’s coming, momma. The man’s coming soon.”

“Does the man look like Jesus? Caitlyn asked.

“No,” Emma replied.

Emma has seen paintings of Jesus at church, but Caitlyn isn’t sure if Emma would confuse the person she saw in her room with the various artistic representations of Jesus. “We don’t refer to people as ‘The man’ in our house,” Caitlyn noted, so her choice of words seemed curious.

Once when mom and daughter walked into church, Emma cried out, “Look at all the angels singing to Jesus!”

“Where?” Caitlyn asked. Emma pointed up at the choir, dressed in long flowing robes.

For a while, Emma seemed to be obsessed with angels and wanted to talk about them all the time. But as she gets closer to three-years-old, she is mentioning them less.

Caitlyn’s grandmother, Lisa Hartman, has spent lots of time with Emma. “I asked her if there was an angel by me,” Lisa says. Without hesitation, Emma got very serious and looked around her grandma. Then Emma walked behind her. She pointed and said, “Yes. Don’t you see it?”

Lisa, who sometimes gets nervous on airplanes, was consoled by Emma before one of her flights. “There’s angels on the airplane,” she told her grandmother.

“It was so comforting to me,” Lisa notes. “It was a fact to Emma. No one asked her if there were angels on the plane. She just offered it.”

Lisa also noted that Emma sees angels around places that might be dangerous to small children, such as stairways, escalators, and even playgrounds.

“It’s not surprising that little ones without the theology or teaching are able to see things,” says Ron Sukut, Emma’s grandfather. Sukut is

Pastor Ron with his wife, Diane

the lead pastor at Cornerstone Community Church in San Clemente, California. “When God really starts to move in, angels start to show up,” he notes. “The only way to get our attention may be for God to reveal Himself to a child who can’t fabricate these things.”

When Pastor Ron considers Emma’s special sensitivity to the spiritual realm, he thinks about Matthew 18:10, “… their angels in heaven continually behold the face of My Father who is in heaven.”


  1. Thank you for posting such a precious thing. I believe the child is very special and the LORD is definitely showing her marvelous things. I believe in angels and have been blessed to have a guardian angel.

  2. Ever since I taught Good News Club to all those 1st-5h graders, I’ve known that the younger children have the cleanest conduit to and affinity for seeing and communicating with God and the heavenly realm. As they grow, the world, their negative experiences, family trauma and the brokenness of this life in general tends to shut it down, until they are in Middle School finding their way and they just want to fit in and be like “everybody else”. Then one day God will call and hopefully they will remember that beautiful unfettered closeness that once just simply was. I pray, Ron & Diane, that your granddaughter will never lose her connection!

  3. Interesting about her saying that angels are in places considered dangerous for children like stairs. When my daughter was about 4 years old, she fell down a flight of stairs into a basement with cement floor. I was running down the stairs after her and could not get to her. I had my eyes on her the whole time and she never really seems to touch anything going down. It was like she had a bubble around her. She only had a few scratches. They found nothing wrong with her at the ER. I believe an angel protected her going down for sure. That could have ended in her death. Not just the danger the cement floor posed, but the steps themselves were old and wooden. Yet she barely got hurt. Definitely are angels. As for the little girl being able to see them, that I do not know. She refers to her aunt and choir members being the angels. It might be just a case of things she has heard and her imagination. But, I have no idea because I do not know if a little kid would be able to see them or not.

  4. I definitely believe children can see angels. Its because they just came from the spiritual realm. As they grow, they became distance to that connection.

  5. I really believe in angels. When my son was in grade school, he saw a huge man in a white clothes, a 7 footer man, he said. He told me that he was not afraid when he saw the man. I told him, it’s an angel. Here’s a comparison because he also saw a man with a black cape covering his face. He ran and called his sister. They both see the man and was afraid running to me.

  6. Mom,Dad,Grandparents, As this little one grows, continue to bath her in your prayers, and ask the Lord to continue to visit your child, and to make a very close bond of friendship with her. As she grows up, she will learn the value of this friendship with our Lord and not slip out of His hand later in life. Not many childeren have the oppertunity to form this special bond, with her opened eyes to see angles and Jesus. Spend time with her teaching her all there is in the Bible about Jesus, so she gets to know Jesus as her Savior, Lord and friend. Maybe she can pray that your eyes will be opened to see our Lord also, Mom. May the Lord continue to bless your entire family, and maybe some day soon we all will see Jesus in all His Glory. :o)

  7. Glory to God! What a blessed child she is. I remember vividly when I was about her age, I too was visited by Jesus. I had a brand new pair of black shoes and I wanted to wear them to bed so I could show Jesus my new shoes. My Dad put them on the floor next to the bed. I woke up and Jesus was sitting on my bed. He had brown hair and beard and beautiful eyes. I hugged him and showed him my shoes. He told me how pretty they were and then told me it was time to go back to sleep and he layed me down and tucked me in. I will never forget that. God Bless this child.

  8. Today it is not just the experiences of children and adults.Just look at our world Jesus is coming soon. Thanks heaps for your encouragement

  9. I really like this story because when I was a child I always had angels around me. I still do. (As everyone does). We are never alone. We are loved so much more than we can understand. God bless everyone.

  10. This story reminds me of the book that I read entitled “Under Angel Wings” which is the autobiography of a young girl named Cecy Cony from Brazil who was gifted with seeing her guardian angel as a child into her adolescent years. The vision of her angel ceased in her late teenage years and she eventually became a nun.
    For those interested, there are some excerpts from the book here:
    “Under angel wings” book

    God bless,
    Mark Johnson

  11. About 25 years ago, my good friends lost their daughter to a short battle with cancer. Upon her death bed she told her partents, not to worry because “the angels in the room had come to take her home to be with Jesus and that they would be okay.”
    We couldn’t see them, but she could, plain as day.

  12. I believe Emma sees angels.And I think this is a beautiful article. We all need something to hold on to, in these troubled times.I pray for my faith to be increased and Emma’s story went a long way in doing that.. God bless you little Emma..

  13. There is some truth in the lips of Emma and to disregard that is a total disaster for mankind, for this is a warning to those who are playing at a christian life style. It’s time to wake up to the call that HE IS COMING SOON and we are to get rid of all the worldliness in us. The time is now, God bless Emma

  14. This is amazing. My daughter is four and she still sees angels. She knows that she can only see them. It started when she was two and she told me about Jesus. I had never taken her to church, school, or a babysitter. She can describe “Jesus’ world” in detail. She tells me she misses him. I just can not believe the things that she tells me. It just amazes me!

  15. “Even so, come Lord Jesus!”. Oh how we need you now! Let’s all fast and pray for souls not yet saved.

  16. After my husband died (in our van), my two year old would often see Jesus sitting beside me in passenger seat of the van, as he was strapped in the back seat with his baby sister. I would ask him what Jesus looked like, and he always answered the same; long brown hair, beard, white robe with gold sash, sometimes purple sash. I’d ask him if Jesus had something to say to me. My son would reply that Jesus wants you to know that He loves you, and He has a big smile on His face!

    My little boy, while lying on my bed once said, “Mommy I’m not looking at the ceiling but straight into heaven and I see Daddy getting up onto a white horse behind Jesus. When his Grandpa died, he was 8 years old, and had a vision of Daddy and Grandpa doing a circle dance in heaven, I suppose like the Jewish people do. My son added … and they looked younger!!!

    Thank the Lord, for our children who He uses to bring us such comfort in difficult times!


  18. When I was about 2 years old, my Mom told me that as my Grandmother laid in bed in her last hours of life, I yelled out to all the people in the room, that the bed was surrounded by angels. They asked me where, and I said they were all around her. As I grew older my mother would remind me of what I had seen as a very young boy. My Mom passed on to be with my Lord and savior, about three years ago. I was sitting at her death bed singing praises to the Lord when Jesus took her, I was holding her hand. The Lord our God is very precious to me. He has protected me through my whole life. I should have died at least ten times over, and has filled me with His Holy Spirit and deep love. I have been a Christian for over thirty years, and it is true that time is short. Maranatha!

  19. I was touched by this story and I firmly believe that children see angels, I work at
    a movie theatre and most kids that walk past me, look at me, but I”m 100% postive that
    they are looking at my guardian angel.
    When I was 17 years old, my dad died in our downstairs bathroom on a cold cement
    floor. We were building a new home and wasn’t done with it at that time, my mom was in
    the bathroom helping him get ready for the day. He got diabetes later in life, and some paneling fell on top of him and broke one of his knees. His leg was in a cast and the hospital had sent him home on January 8, 1975. The next day there was a blizzard so school was canceled, it was like I was in some kind of trance that day and I went from school directly to the new house. My dad greeted me at the door and said his last living words to me, and then my mom helped him into the bathroom. The bathroom door was closed, and I was in the living room staring at the closed bathroom door. All of a sudden I burst into tears and then I stopped. My dad’s spirit was comunicating with my spirit and said their goodbyes and said that I couldn’t go on this trip. My dad’s guardian angel and him headed for Heaven and that’s when I stopped crying. I went with my dad on service calls and handed him the tools that he needed for the job, I also went with him
    to Minneapolis to pick up freight for our Hardware store in Dawson, Minnesota.

  20. Hi

    Angels are real and Jesus is able to communicate with us when we are sleeping. I am the kind of person who is scared to sleep alone. but one day i felt like sleeping alone. I heard the voice of God teling me that I must be strong, I must be strong. The male voice continued to say that it had asked God to not make me go through the things i am going through now but i must be strong, i must be very strong. I am pretty sure that was the voice of Jesus.

  21. When I was very young around 2 I sat On my Moms lap and told a story of Jesus sending me down to them because they needed me!! To this day my Mom can recall the conversation almost word for word 50 years later!!

  22. When my son was barely two, he was playing in the living room floor and I was on the couch watching tv. I saw him suddenly look down the hallway, very excited he jumped up and ran toward the hall. I had never seen him act such a way and my first thought was there was a fire or something. I jumped up and followed and saw him turn into his bedroom. He was very excited, looking up at the ceiling and pointing, he said “look mom, sky baby”. It took a couple of times because I thought he was saying “guy baby” at first. I will never forget the excitement on his face. He kept saying “you see?” I didn’t see anything and quite frankly was a little freaked out because I was home alone with him. I picked him up and asked him what it looked like. He pointed toward a humidifier I kept in his room (and told him several times before not to touch because it’s hot) and he said “hot, hot”. Then he said “look there’s another, and another.” He looked and pointed to about 7 different spots toward the ceiling. I knew what he was seeing, but still couldn’t help being a little freaked. I knew when he said “hot” it must have been shimmery. In his little mind that was the only word he could think of. In the next month, he saw an angel twice more; once in my bedroom and once while in our car. He is 5 now and hasnt seen anything since. I have no doubt Angels watch over that child. I am so blessed to have witnessed the event even though I didnt actually see it.

  23. When I was two years old, until about the age of 4, I saw and would speak to a guardian angel. He told me his name was Norris and that he was there to protect me. I told my parents that Norris would also look after my sister, who was 19 and was having a hard time during her first marriage. I don’t know how I knew he was an angel, but I can still picture him today. I have a poor memory when it comes to the rest of my childhood, which seems strange to me. I remember feeling sad, but also happy on the day that Norris decided to leave. He told me that he had to move on, and I accepted that and moved on also. I’m not a religious person by any means, but I believe in angels because of Norris. And no, I didn’t know who Chuck Norris was at the time.

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