A retired schoolteacher considers the national debt problem


By Dale Ghere

Who knows what 13 trillion dollars is worth or how long it will take for America to actually pay off that kind of a debt? That is soooooooooo much money my brain goes blank when I try to think about it. I went into serious debt when I bought my house ($29,000) and then again when I lost it in a landslide and had to rebuild. In each case the bank expected me to repay the debt in 20 years. Yes, I had to pay off both debts. Just because the first house was destroyed the bank still expected me to repay the money I borrowed. Does anyone seriously think America’s present debt can or will ever be repaid?

I am expected to pay taxes, control my spending to stay within the boundaries of my income, to not go into so much debt I cannot pay back money I borrow, to help others, to invest in the future of America and on top of this to save money for emergencies. All of this is normal for the people I know.

What happens to people when they are elected? When do elected officials cross over to the dark side of financial understanding and proper planning? This mess can’t be the fault of the Democrats because they were handed this problem from Bush and the the Republicans. It can’t be the fault of the Republicans because the Democrats are in power. It can’t be the President’s fault because he has only been in power for three years. Could it be the Tea Party’s fault? They represent 3% or 4% of the population, they have no power and they have been at work for about two years. No, I don’t think it is their fault. The guy who runs Walmart probably owns a jet. Maybe he is one of the guys who has made all of this happen. But on the other hand if America fails and goes down what will happen to Walmart and the other big business owners. Somehow I think all of this is going to turn out to be my fault. So I will be charged more taxes, lose more freedoms, be required to fill out more forms, charged more fees and be expected to live at a lower standard so the elected officials can keep doing the same things while they tell me how well they are serving our country (and why they should be re-elected).

All of this is very frustrating to me. I saved my money like I was told to do and now I am told it is not worth anything. I have more money now than when I bought my first house, but I cannot buy another house today. This house had better last or I am going to be in deep trouble.

I thought I would be able to relax and go fishing when I retired, but even that will become illegal in Laguna Beach on the first of October. Government action at its worst.

Fortunately my true satisfaction comes from knowing Christ, not government. If I did not have an understanding of where my faith is leading me I would be truly frustrated by watching what is happening in our country.

I will appreciate hearing your comments about my thoughts.