Nibbling at the Life of the Spirit


By Jay Grant

When I pull into my driveway at night, I often find rabbits madly nibbling away at my plants. Shoot, they’ve gotten so used to me, they don’t even scurry away anymore. They just keep nibbling right in front of me, like they own the yard. Nibble, nibble, they just keep nibbling.

 Did you know there are things that nibble away at us? It’s behavior that nibbles away at the life of the Spirit. You know, just a little nibble here, a little nibble there. A little too much this. A little too much that. I know exactly what nibbles away at the life of the Spirit in me. Too much sports. Defiling entertainment. Losing my temper. Caustic language. Stinking thinking. You know, critical thoughts of others. Judging people. Too much computer. Too much TV. Lots of other unnecessary stuff that dissipates the life of the Spirit in me.

 The result of this nibbling? Lifeless spirituality; religious boredom; a mediocre Christian experience; terrible lukewarmness. After awhile I can’t stand it and find myself in complete frustration, running to God, confessing, repenting and rededicating myself to Him.  This doesn’t happen these days as often as it used to, but it still creeps up on me once in awhile. I always know when I’ve allowed too much nibbling of the Spirit. I get grouchy and waaaaaaay out of sorts. If that’s you today, say “no” to those pesky spiritual rabbits and pray that God would help you keep your heart undivided.