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A message from God Reports founder Mark Ellis:

Thanks for visiting and supporting the God Reports website. Our goal is to promote Christian missions through collected stories, testimonies, and videos from the mission field.

We want to see more and more believers catch the vision for missions and find ways to engage, plug-in, and get involved. Let’s work together to complete The Great Commission in this generation!

While some websites have large staffs, we operate with one employee and a few volunteers.

God Reports is a special website. We’re a non-profit ministry operating without advertisers.

We’ve worked hard to maintain a lean budget. We fulfill our mission efficiently.

If everyone reading this donated $20 or $30, our fundraising goals will be met.

This year, please consider making a donation of $20, $30 or whatever you can to help sustain and grow the God Reports website.

For His Kingdom’s expansion!

Comments from God Reports visitors

“Wow! I am so impressed with God Reports! Overwhelmed really at all the work you have done on our behalf. Great news! We just received a new volunteer from the God Reports site. So, a big thank you for what you do. I promise to promote Godreports and use it in the future..” — Susan Loobie, One Mission Society

“I love this story! What a great reminder that Jesus is always with us! Makes me fall in Love with Him all over again!” — Carly

“In relation to some journalism that I’ve seen done, I think you do a remarkable job of accuracy when compared to these other wire service and newspaper reporters. Plus your account is interesting and focuses on the spirit of the matter. So, I am totally honored to be included in your web article.” — Rory White

“GLORY TO GOD! I wept as I read the story and saw the photo. The presence of God filled the room, HALLELUJAH!!!!!” — Odee

“Thank you for blessing me…so amazing yet God receives the Glory!!” — Allee

“God IS…Thanks for simply sharing this uplifting story!” — Karen

“That is so beautiful! Jesus rocks!!” — Jen

“Your story is amazing. It captured my attention. What great comfort to have Jesus’ presence. This is really inspiring. Thank you for sharing this.” — Pat

“Absolutely amazing story! God is so good and loves us so much!” — Ashley


Our Mission


Help expand God’s kingdom
Build greater collaboration in the mission field
Provide tools to accelerate world evangelization and complete The Great Commission