Pro-life video “180” goes viral on the internet


The one question that changes minds about abortion 

By Mark Ellis

Ray Comfort, the noted author and apologist, started to make a video about Hitler’s religion when he suddenly realized he found a

Ray Comfort

powerful tool to alter people’s minds about abortion. He abruptly changed the direction of his project, which led to a new video he calls “180.” That video has since gone viral, with nearly 1.5 million views on the internet.

It began as a book project for World Net Daily called “Hitler, God, and the Bible,” which was to include a video about Hitler’s faith – or lack of it.

“I went on the streets and talked to people about Hitler and came back horrified that I had 14 interviews with people who never heard of Hitler,” Comfort says. Comfort is the found of Living Water Publications. He also co-hosts (with Kirk Cameron) the television program “The Way of the Master,” which airs in 70 countries.

Comfort mostly interviewed college students on the streets of Southern California. In his interviews depicted in the film, he described a historical incident from World War II when the Nazis shot 300 Jewish people and threw them in a large pit. Then the soldiers used bulldozers to bury the Jews, many of whom were still alive.

“If you were at the point of a Nazi gun, would you drive the bulldozer forward to bury people?” he asked young people in the streets.

“I could never do that,” many replied.

“Why? Do you value human life?” he asked.

Steve, a neo-Nazi interviewed in the film

If they answered affirmatively, Comfort then asked how they felt about abortion. Many told him they think it’s a woman’s choice, parroting the position of the dominant media and educational establishment.

“Do you think it’s a baby in the womb?” he asked.

If they answered yes, Comfort proceeded to ask a question that caused them to change their minds from being adamantly pro-abortion to pro-life in a matter of seconds.

Comfort doesn’t want to divulge “the question” in advance of people viewing the free video on-line.

“We had interviews with eight people and decided this is not about Hitler’s religion at all; this is a pro-life video,” he notes. “So we did a ‘180’ ourselves and changed the name to “180.” Within a month of its release on-line, it received over a million views.

The 180 movie often leads to a dramatic transformation in perspective. “Many who view it are pro-abortion and are changing their minds,” he notes. “They are also coming under the sound of a biblical Gospel and that’s absolutely thrilling.”

Comfort is saddened by the hardened hearts of many young people he meets on the streets. He places much of the blame on internet pornography. “Kids have access to hardcore pornography at their fingertips in seconds,” he says. “Very few teenagers have not been in the dark realm of hardcore pornography.”

“When a generation is given to darkness, they hate the light,” he adds.

One key to breaking through their hardened hearts is the Ten Commandments, Comfort believes. “We use the Ten Commandments to stir up their consciences, to bring them out of a state of deadness.”

“Once the conscience does its duty, its an impartial judge in the court of the mind. It accuses where necessary,” he notes. “It shows people they need God’s forgiveness and consequently the cross and the Gospel begins to make sense.”

Comfort also believes that American education has let down young people, leading to a woeful lack of awareness of history. “Holocaust education is only mandated in five states in theU.S.,” he reports.

“The people we spoke to were not dummies,” Comfort says. “They are college students and they are intelligent. The problem is the American educational system has failed them.”

To see the film and find out more about Comfort’s ministry, go to


  1. Great video! Amazing how many college students never heard of Hitler. As a Messianic Jew it was a bit hard listening to Steve, the neo-nazi, but Christ died for his sins as much as mine. I pray these students will bow their hearts to Christ and that He will change their hearts concerning the Holocaust and abortion.

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  3. Hello,
    I am a devote Catholic and Pro Life including the abolishing of the Death Penalty.
    I have misplaced the contact info for the anti abortion group in Lake Forest. Could you help me with this?
    Thanks in advance.
    Larry McCook

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