Surprising call to pastor from appliance delivery man


By Pastor Jim Davis —

Jim & Shonda Davis

I answered the phone, “Hello.”

The caller responded, “Are you a pastor?”

With all the spammers and sales people calling this was different. I responded, “Yes, can I help you?”

“Do you remember me, my name is Jacob and we delivered an appliance to your home some time ago and you shared about missions? We were interested in going on a short-term mission.

“Yes, I do remember!”

“My wife died in an accident, we were hoping to go together to the Philippines but because of the virus shutdown, a mission trip was no longer a possibility, so she flew to Ohio to visit family and she was killed in an accident.”

“I am so sorry to hear this.”

“I had my wife’s phone that day and I placed your number in it, my pastor told me to call everyone that she had talked to.”

I was overwhelmed, I said to Jacob, “Lets pray…” I was so emotionally moved I could barely make it through the prayer.

Pray for Jacob and his five children as he is a young father and has no parents.

All that day I was taken back to that call and prayed repeatedly. The Lord showed me two vital issues, first people are hurting all around us and secondly, you have the answer, the Lord Jesus Christ. So the question is, will you share your faith more aggressively? Dear friends this is what we need to do during this virus fear. Be bold, pray and speak up to everyone, now is the time!


Pastor Jim Davis and his wife, Shonda, founded Pastoral Training of Asia, which helps train pastors in Southeast Asia. To learn more, go here