Church planters lead 211 to Christ in village during Covid


By David Nelms —

Distributing food in Kenya (photo: TTI)

Jonas is a church planter affiliated with The Timothy Initiative (TTI) in Kenya and a respected leader in his village.

When his nation shut down due to COVID-19, he saw the havoc it wreaked on his community. People lost their jobs and income. Price gouging and food shortages caused families to struggle. Jonas saw that people needed help—and that people needed Jesus.

Jonas used his own income to buy food to share with the needy. Others were inspired by his generosity and donated food, which was distributed to the most vulnerable families in his community.

Three other church planters joined in on the effort, and as they showed and shared the love of Jesus, the results were astounding: 863 people heard the Good News; 211 people received Christ!

Among them was a Muslim man named Aasir. He lost his job due to COVID-19, leaving him and his family homeless. Jonas took them in. Aasir saw what it looked like to walk in a relationship with Jesus, day in and day out, and he surrendered his life to Christ!


David Nelm is the founder and president of TTI. To learn more about their work around the world, go here