After cancer spread to her lungs, the doctors gave up, but God…


By Mark Ellis —

Naw Tu with Kawsay (photo: FBR)

A couple years ago, Naw Tu, a woman in Dwelo Township, Myanmar, sought help from Free Burma Rangers for a large mass growing on her neck. Tests revealed the mass was cancer and it was growing rapidly.

“She had surgery to remove it and radiation to make sure it was all gone, and then extensive wound care,” notes Kawsay, a patient care director for Free Burma Rangers (FBR).

Later, doctors made the terrible discovery that her cancer had spread to her lungs in three places. “She has seven children so we wanted to help her live longer for her family. The doctor said she should have chemotherapy but her kidneys weren’t working well enough for chemotherapy so we made a decision to send her back home. She was given three to six months to live,” says Kawsay.

But after the doctors gave up, in response to many prayers, the Great Physician moved with power.

A year passed and Kawsay was shocked when he heard Naw Tu was still alive. “We passed near her village on a recent mission and I decided to go visit,” he reports.

When he arrived, he found her working in a field – looking robust and healthy!

“She is very strong now and so we praised the Lord and had a good time worshiping together,” he notes.

Naw Tu said she wants to tell everybody about God’s grace. “It is really a miracle for me to be better and [I’m] feeling very healthy now. I am so happy!” she says.

Naw Tu’s family with Kawsay (FBR)

“I would like to thank the Free Burma Rangers, and all the leaders, doctors and staffs who are helping me.

“I also would like to thank the Karen church and pastor in Chiang Mai for praying for and encouraging me. I am feeling so happy and I can’t stop crying. I [want] to give my testimony to everyone about what God has done for me.

“I also am planning to send my oldest daughter to Bible school this coming year.”


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