Brain tumor almost took out eye, but prayer changed things


By Shannon McIntyre —

Over her whole adult life, Evelyn Cartwright suffered unbearable headaches that she thought were due to high blood pressure.

In 2014, she experienced a headache like no other.

“Kind of like a heartbeat just thumping on the top of my head,” she told the 700 Club. “And the pain was worse than anything I had ever felt in my life before.”

Evelyn went to the emergency room and after having an MRI, she received the news that she had a inoperable, benign tumor on her brain.

Over three months, Evelyn went through five rounds of radiation.


While she went through the treatment, Evelyn’s husband was dying and she needed to take care of him.

“God, where are You through all of this?” she cried. “What’s really going on here?’”

She recruited a prayer group to support her.

After three months, radiation treatments and another MRI, there was no positive progress. After six months, the tumor had grown and was engulfing the optic nerve. She might go blind in one eye.

Instead of flagging in faith, Evelyn experienced a surge of faith. She felt like God wanted her to stop asking for healing and start praising Him for healing. Evelyn requested her prayer group and family members do likewise. They were perplexed but reluctantly followed orders.

Nine months after her initial diagnosis, the doctor told her the tumor was dead.

She was so overjoyed with happiness she began to praise God.

Over the years, the tumor dissolved and Evelyn feels great.

Her husband lived long enough to know that she was well and she is grateful for that.

Evelyn’s experience deepened her family’s faith in God.

“Now, I feel I can trust Him for anything in my life,” Evelyn says. “I feel that if He could heal a brain tumor, He could do anything. All things are possible if you could believe.”


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Shannon McIntyre studies at the Lighthouse Christian Academy of Santa Monica.