Rockets hit Sea of Galilee near swimming beaches


By Mark Ellis —

Gofra Beach, Sea of Galilee

At least two ISIS rockets exploded in the waters of Israel’s Sea of Galilee on July 25th near crowded beaches, according to the YNet News.

“There were two explosions, and we saw a wave of people leave the water,” an Israeli swimmer told Ynet. “We heard a strong boom that caused a strong wave in the water.”

“As I was watching the water, I saw something fall in. I didn’t see what it was but I saw the spray from the impact,” Hasdia Rada, a life guard at one of the beaches said.

Officials scour beach (Photo: Emek HaYarden Regional Council)

Another man told YNet he heard a whistling sound before impact near Gofra Beach, north of Ein Gev.

Authorities believe the rockets were launched as a result of internal fighting between ISIS and Assad’s army.

There have been other incidents with stray fire landing on the Israeli side of the Golan plateau during the fighting between Syrian rebels and forces loyal to President Assad, but a rocket flying 4-6 miles into the lake is unusual.

The rockets were not intercepted due to the “non-hermetic air defense system,” defense officials told YNet.

In retribution, Israeli jets struck a rocket launcher later that evening and shelled the area from which the two rockets were launched. The IDF issued a statement after the military response saying, “The IDF will act against any attempt to violate the State of Israel’s sovereignty and harm the security of its citizens.”

Authorities searched the lake for three hours and found two BM-21 rockets.

Searching the lake (Photo: Emek HaYarden Regional Council)

The rockets from Syria came a day after the IDF shot down a Russian-made Syrian fighter jet that had entered Israeli airspace.