Seven evil spirits came out of Muslim woman with loud shrieks


By Mark Ellis — 

A 34-year-old Muslim woman had been sick for 16 years and neither medical doctors nor witchdoctors could bring relief from her suffering.

“She always continued getting sick,” says Muhammad, a church planter with New Covenant Missions (NCM) in East Africa.

As her family’s money drained away visiting these practitioners, she got desperate. “No help was obtained for her from these medical institutes and witch doctors,” Muhammad notes.

As a last resort, she decided to visit a Christian church. “She came to our church and heard about the saving Lord and then we prayed for her, we laid hands on her and seven evil spirits came out of her with a force of great shouting and screaming,” Muhammad told NCM.

“Then we told her about the Savior Lord Jesus Christ and about Satan who is the enemy over our soul, and then we invited her if she was willing to receive this Lord Jesus Christ into her heart.”

Moved by the powerful encounter, the woman stood up and received Jesus in her heart and received forgiveness for her sins by calling on His name.

Even with the powerful deliverance and redemption, God was not done with her yet. “We prayed to the Lord Jesus to heal her sicknesses and bring about a complete healing to her body. She received not only the salvation of her soul and spirit, but she received a healing to her body!” Muhammad recounted.

When her family witnessed the powerful changes, her husband and two children received Jesus as their Lord and Savior.


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