Hindu’s dream about Jesus, ladder to heaven, brought change


By Mark Ellis —

Asish Sunar

He came from a Hindu family that was very invested in idol worship, but a dream about Jesus and a ladder to heaven changed the course of their lives.

“Even though my entire family worshipped idols and performed all the required rituals, we had no peace in our home,” Asish Sunar explained to Biglife. “My parents fought regularly which made me very unhappy. It made me begin to question our beliefs and to search for truth.”

While most of Sunar’s family was Hindu, he had one aunt who became a follower of Jesus. “My aunt used to share the gospel with my parents, but they always refused to listen to her and rejected hearing the truth,” he recounts. “However, my aunt was able to share with me the truth of the Gospel. She encouraged me to believe in the Lord Jesus because only He can save us from our sins.

As a result of his aunt’s testimony and the power of the Word and the Spirit, Sunar was born again.

Sikkim, India

He was not fully prepared for his parents’ reaction to his newfound faith. “My parents became very upset when they learned about my conversion,” he says. “They would not allow me to meet with other Christians, so my aunt began to take care of me.”

But then something unusual happened – Sunar had a powerful dream about Jesus.

“I had a dream where I saw Jesus holding my hands and taking me up a ladder until I came to a road and saw a huge light. I woke up suddenly and I cried out to God to give me understanding of this vision. I could sense God asking me to share my faith with my parents. I shared this dream with my aunt and we both started to pray for my parents.”

After Sunar shared about the dream with his parents their hearts began to soften toward Jesus. “Praise God that the Holy Spirit moved upon my parents and changed their hearts!”

“Today my parents also follow Jesus and now there is peace beyond understanding in our home. I am so thankful to Jesus that he has delivered us from all our problems. Now I am sharing my testimony and challenging people to believe in Jesus.”


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