She embraced evil, all men in family died or were disabled


By Mark Ellis —

A young woman prays before a group of statues of the Buddha at Wat Pho in Bangkok, Thailand. (SIM:Mark Fischer)

Because of her mother’s involvement with evil spirits, the entire family suffered unexplained accidents and deaths.

“My mother was a medium and she communicated for an evil spirit,” Prang told a worker with SIM based in Thailand. “When my mother was possessed by the spirit, she would predict the future for others and for her children. My mother would offer sacrifices of flowers and money to the spirit so that it would give her more and more power.”

Prang’s mother went regularly to the temples and shrines at Nakhon Si Thammarat and Surathanni to receive a blessing from the spirit. “When my mother prayed, she could sense the spirit surrounding her. My mother knew something in the darkness was trying to tighten its grip on her and the longer she worked for the spirit the more afraid she became,” Prang recounted.

Others in Prang’s family also got involved in consulting evil spirits. “If you were weak in heart or spirit, they would control you and make you their medium. Everyone in my family was very fearful and we all suffered because of these spirits,” she told SIM.

As a result of their involvement with the forces of darkness, four members of Prang’s family could not smile or laugh.

Even worse, strange accidents and deaths occurred. “We also didn’t have any males in the family because they all died in accidents, and if they didn’t die, they were disabled from the accident,” Prang lamented.

“My father, my older brothers, and my uncle all died or became disabled.”

The spiritual oppression cast an element of gloom over the young woman. “Whenever I used to see other people smiling, I wondered how anyone could be happy when my own family had such suffering in our lives. Our family had no peace.”

But God was designing a strategy behind the scenes to rescue her family. It seems Prang was employed as a domestic worker at the home of a Christian named Simon.

“I first heard about God at Simon’s house. I’ve worked for Simon’s family for eight years as the house helper. Two years ago, Simon had a lot of trials; he had problems with money, and he lost his house. But I saw a wonderful thing in Simon’s life – even though he had these problems, he didn’t try to run away from it.”

As Prang learned more about the God of the Bible, she surrendered her life to Jesus Christ, and found a contentment she had never known.

“I became a Christian because I saw how Simon believed in God during his time of trouble.

“Since I became a Christian, my life has peace. Because of Christ’s power over evil, the evil spirits can no longer bother me, and I have freedom from them. Even though they didn’t agree with me becoming a Christian at first my sister and now my mother have both accepted Christ and the spirits cannot bother either of them anymore.”

Others, however, in Prang’s family have resisted faith in Jesus. “At the beginning my daughter didn’t want to spend time with me. My relatives have tried to distance themselves from me; they don’t want to interact with me. My older sister and my brother-in-law don’t want their children to come visit or play with me because they don’t want me to “brainwash” their children with Christianity.

“But I want to tell my family that my life has gotten better since knowing God, even if my daily life still seems the same. I want my family to see that I have a great God in my life. I have seen the power of God at work.”


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