God prompted grandma to jump into fight, saving police officer

Williams-Tillman next to the cop she saved.

By Michael Ashcraft —

A Baton Rouge grandmother is being called a Good Samaritan after she plunged into the middle of a life-or-death struggle between a cop and bad guy, saving the officer’s life.

Vickie Williams-Tillman, 56, didn’t think twice when she pounced on the back of a hulking Thomas Bennett after a routine drug arrest escalated suddenly into a dangerous fight for control of the officer’s weapon.

“I could see in his eyes he needed help,” said Williams-Tillman, who stopped her car, called 911, and lunged into the fray on Feb. 19. “You don’t have time to think about it. I did what God needed me to do.”

Suspect Thomas Bennet

The grandmother pulled on Bennett’s arm as cop and suspect wrangled for the officer’s gun. All three fell to the ground.

Quickly, a backup unit pulled up and another officer stun-gunned the suspect, who was arrested on charges of battery on a police officer, resisting an officer with violence, possession of cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Baton Rouge Mayor President Sharon Weston Broome lauded the lady for fearlessly joining the brawl.

“Vickie Williams-Tillman epitomizes the true Good Samaritan,” the mayor said, as reported in The Blaze. She reached out and offered a courageous and unconditional response to the officer. Ms. Williams-Tillman is a hero and demonstrates the true meaning of loving God and loving your neighbor.”

Cpl. Billy Aime was handcuffing the suspect after spotting incriminating evidence when Bennett suddenly resisted arrest. The cop struggled without success to subdue the suspect.

Cars passed the road next to the incident without anyone stopping except for the elderly saint.

“It was just instinct,” she told People magazine. “God led the way. They both had their hands on the gun to see who would get it first, so I twisted the suspect’s arm. Then we were all falling. I didn’t let go of his arm until we all fell.”

Williams-Tillman sustained an injury to her wrist and bruises.

“I’m a big girl,” she said. “I’m a strong woman. It didn’t matter at the time. We have just lost too many men. Thank God I was able to help.”

Michael Ashcraft pastors the startup Lighthouse Church in Van Nuys.

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