Video offers advice to Christian parents with homosexual children


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David Kyle Foster, the former male prostitute who once hated God, had a dramatic turnaround in his life after he met Jesus, and a river of new life flowed into his heart. Foster began offering hope through Christ to sexually broken people 30 years ago.

He authored Love Hunger and produced the documentary film, “Such Were Some of You.” His latest documentary, “How Do You Like Me Now?” offers consolation and guidance to Christian parents looking for answers.

“This video is one of comfort and some good advice about understanding what they are up against,” Foster says.

David Kyle Foster
David Kyle Foster

The production prominently features the wise counsel of Joe Dallas throughout, whom Foster considers “a giant in the field of sexual brokenness.”

“When I came out to my parents in 1971 it was a very different world,” Dallas relates in the film.

With compassion for a child’s struggle, he says parents must hew to a message centered on the cross of Christ when addressing gay children:

“I am telling you with tears that you still must take up your cross,” he says parents must communicate to children. “The cross is never easy; the cross is messy; the cross denies to us things that seem so natural and right and vibrant and it is no small thing for me to be telling you that you must say no to this.

“You living in disregard of God’s will is something I can never countenance no matter how powerful the emotions are you’re experiencing. I grant you they are powerful and I want to be with you as you find the courage and resolve to say no to something that is so profound to you.”

In the video, Dallas says only God can bring any hope for change. “We know that God is not only the one who reverses someone’s direction, he is the God who heals; he is the God who restores. This (healing process) I have to put in God’s hands knowing I have no guaranteed outcome, but I have guaranteed hope.”

Joe Dallas
Joe Dallas

Christian parents will be up against a seemingly overwhelming message from the present culture. “Regardless of the fact that homosexuality is being widely acknowledged as normal and right, there are still people who are saying no to it. There will always be that remnant who will swim against the tide and say ‘I will not say yes to something God has said no to.’”

“We are left with a solid hope in the nature of God without knowing the means by which God will fulfill his purposes.”

Foster says rapid change in one’s sexual orientation is rare.

“Probably a majority of those who claim instant turnaround aren’t really getting an instant turnaround, they are getting a massive dosage of grace in that moment to handle what’s ahead of them, which is a long and painful process of finding the roots of their brokenness and their trauma and working through it with the Holy Spirit’s guidance,” he says.

“What God normally does is take advantage of that one issue to help you overall with issues that are tied to it. It is essentially the sanctification process that everyone has to go through if they really want to pursue God.”


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  1. Hi, thought I’d buy it, but it becomes over $80 Australian, a huge leap in costs and unaffordable. Can it not be bought and downloaded? It would be much more accessible

  2. If a person can be born without a limb, blind, with mental illness, etc., it seems plausible that a person could be born with sexual differences. I read of 4 year old boys wanting to be girls…that’s not learned, they were born that way. A small percentage of Homosexuals have been on earth since time began. Why can’t Christians accept them and love them and not try to change them. Isn’t that what Jesus professed. I guess it says something in the bible against homosexuals but aren’t there numerous examples of lack of knowledge in those times. The extreme Muslims outwardly hate homosexuals but it seems many Christian’s anti gayness is just more discreet. I am a Christian but you lose me on this one.

    • Jesus never proposed “not changing them”. Without long discourse: we are called to unconditionally love them and call them higher than their sin of lust, as we do with anyone caught/trapped/ensnared in their own respective sins. The only way ANYONE changes is by experiencing and loving the radical love of God the Father in Jesus on the cross. And that “switch of affections” only happens by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit works through His Church to love broken people. Cheers!

    • Hi David! Yes children can be born blind, or lame, for whatever the reason, yet The Lord God is yet good, we live in a sin sick world, and it’s getting worse, for as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be at the coming of The Lord. Our sinful nature wants to do our thing and believe it ok and we want to stand with our Loving God who gave us free will to do or choose to continue in sin or choose his will which is to love him the creator more than the creature (our bodies). TV not only has people that are in homosexuality or sex before marriage, but are teaching others to do so — even children. I had a few children trying to kiss each other and ask if this is for adults only, I rather tell them truth , that God is not only a loving God but that he is also Holy. The word of God was written by Holy Men inspired by the Holy Ghost. He loves the sinner and hates the sin and hates what sin does to us. All have sinned and fallen short of his glory, but he made it known to us that he has given us space and time to repent, not to flaunt our sin, parade it, but to humble ourselves before him and ask him to create in us a clean spirit and renew a right spirit with in us. Take anything that is not like him out of us. He is Love, yet it is set that none but the righteous shall be saved, Roman 4:7 says Blessed are they whose transgressions are forgiven, who sins are covered, whose sin The Lord will never count against him .
      Sign without pointing fingers ,
      Sis Celia (forgiven)

    • NO. Children are not “born gay” it’s a myth, a learned behavior. Tell me, how it’s even feasible that an INFANT could even grasp the concept of homosexuality? The complex nature of gender CHOICE and BIOLOGICAL SEX? No baby is born with a mentality of these things. They need to be TAUGHT this behavior. A child could be born with a physical defect, or even a mental illness that takes time to show up. Perhaps that’s what you are referring to when you assume people are “born” gay.

      As for transgenders… You are BORN the sex determined by your genetics/chromosomes.
      You make a CHOICE about your gender and CHOOSE clothing that correlates with whatever
      Gender you feeel you are.


  3. I have been completely demolished,emotionally,spiritually and physically when six years ago i stumbled on proof my son was attracted to men.It is gut wrenching to think this precious son, who exhibits numerous characteristics that coincide with the Holy spirit. Im perplexed on how my son (who just last year told me) says he tried everything to live under the law of the bible. I sensed the desperation in his eyes,the look for answers. I spent the last 5 years being so angry at God,heartbroken by God. I gave my son Josh to Him. Now as i search every morsel of reasoning, and fight so much anxiety,im trying to learn to trust my father. I just got off the phone with josh and he told me more details of his life. in this moment,i feel like screaming a gut-wrenching hurling cry to God. It hurts,like an unimaginable pain,like being attacked by a scary shark,in dark waters,but you cant scream,because you dont want others to think badly of your child.I pray people have compassion,every one of us for sins. I ask all of Gods followers to pray for my joshua.

    • I am heartbroken for you and your son. I believe more and more believers have compassion for those who are caught up in this lifestyle and for you, as you suffer. I pray God will uphold you and give you strength as you love him, exercise grace and compassion, but ultimately stand firm on the truth contained in Scripture. The “law of the Bible” will not save him, but having a close walk with Jesus by His Spirit offers hope for a transformed life.

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