Unemployed coal miner who confronted Clinton invited her to join revival sweeping West Virginia coal country


By Mark Ellis

Bo Copley speaks to the media after a campaign event for U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Williamson, West Virginia, United States, May 2, 2016. REUTERS/Jim Young
Bo Copley speaks to the media after a campaign event for U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Williamson, West Virginia, United States, May 2, 2016. REUTERS/Jim Young

Bo Copley, an unemployed coal miner, who gained media attention after he challenged Secretary Clinton’s statements about the coal industry, is a strong Christian who has been at the heart of the revival sweeping West Virginia.

He prayed and fasted before meeting Mrs. Clinton, then invited her to attend a revival meeting that night only a short distance away from their encounter.

Revival meeting at high school (Photo: Lauren Copley/Charlee Lifestyle Photography)
Revival meeting at high school (Photo: Lauren Copley/Charlee Lifestyle Photography)

Copley gave his life to the Lord in grade school, influenced by his grandparents’ strong faith and involvement in the Church of God. He re-dedicated his life in 2002, was baptized again, and tried “to live the best I could from that point forward.”

He attends the Regional Church of God at the epicenter of the revival and the pastor of the church, Mitchell Bias, lives across the street in Delbarton.

Copley was a maintenance planner at the mine before his layoff in September 2015. The mine declared bankruptcy earlier this year.

Baptism during revival (Photo: Charlee Lifestyle Photography)“It was the second biggest shock of my life,” he says. “But I pay my tithe and try to do what God tells me to do. God is my provider and I try to do my best by him. If I don’t have a job I know God will put food on the table for my kids.

“He has provided every step of the way,” he adds. After the lay-off his wife Lauren took up photography and it’s become their main source of income. “She is amazing,” he says. “God gave her the eye to see things other people don’t see.”

Another photo by Lauren of baptism
Another photo by Lauren of baptism

The revival, which started April 10th at their church, has had a huge impact on Copley and his wife. “The revival is something that has been prayed for a long time, and we finally hit the right center of where God had people hungry for the Word, and a man who has been bringing nothing but the Word, no fluff or filler, just Jesus and the Word.”

Copley is referring to the young Tennessee evangelist, Matt Hartley, whose preaching became God’s instrument for the awakening.

W VA Charlee Lifestyle Photography“It was God’s ordained timing to release this on us,” Copley notes. “It couldn’t come at a better time for me and my family. There are so many things about the revival that have strengthened my family.”

After the fourth week of revival, the meetings moved into the neighboring town, Williamson, which Secretary Clinton decided to visit after a last-minute change in her schedule. “Some may think that’s a coincidence but it’s not,” Copley says.

revival baptismShe arrived in Williamson on Monday, May 2nd, to visit a health and wellness center that receives government funding. On the Saturday before the visit, a soccer mom approached him during a game Copley was coaching and asked if he would represent “an out of work miner” on a panel discussion with Mrs. Clinton.

Copley accepted the invitation with some trepidation. “Immediately I thought, ‘wow, I don’t know how this is going to go.’ I prayed that evening after the game was over. On and off I said, ‘God use me however you want to use me.’”

On Sunday he prayed and fasted and kept asking God what he should say.

Mrs. Clinton’s assistant, Trevor, called while he was golfing Sunday afternoon provide a briefing about the panel the next day.

Copley boldly invited Clinton’s assistant to attend the revival meeting that night.

“I understand you probably have other obligations, but I would feel remiss if I didn’t invite you to attend revival,” he told the surprised assistant. “There is a definite move of God here. It’s moved to the field house, about five minutes from where we’ll have the discussion.”

Trevor politely declined, saying they had other obligations in Charleston that night.

As Copley continued to pray and fast about the meting, God kept putting on his heart, Show her your children.

Photo handed to Secretary Clinton
Photo handed to Secretary Clinton

Show her the people who are really affected by her comments and her policies. He decided he would bring a photograph of his three children and hand it to Mrs. Clinton at their meeting.

Copley also printed Jeremiah 29:11 on the back of the photo. “We have held tight to that verse here,” he says. “We really believe we are a remnant people in a remnant time and God has something special intended for West Virginia and the coal fields.”

He arrived for the meeting with Secretary Clinton wearing a black tee shirt emblazoned with “#Jesus is Better” on the front. Outside, angry protesters were shouting insults at Mrs. Clinton.

Most of the other participants in the roundtable brought notes. When someone noticed he was empty-handed they asked, “Where are your notes?”

“I don’t have notes,” he replied. “I’m here because of God and leaning on God and I’m going to let him use me as he sees fit.”

Bo with Mrs. Clinton
Bo with Mrs. Clinton

Soon Copley was face-to-face with Clinton at the roundtable discussion, seated only a few feet from the presidential candidate.

When it was his turn to speak, he talked to her about his industry, and about her divisive comments on the future of coal.

“The reason you hear people out there (the protesters) say the things they do is that when you make comments, like ‘we’re going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs’…these are the kind of people that you’re affecting,” he said, as he handed Mrs. Clinton the photo of his

Jeremiah 29:11 scrawled on the back
Jeremiah 29:11 scrawled on the back


“I want my family to know they have a future here in this state because this is a great state…West Virginians are a proud people, we take pride in our faith in God, we take pride in our family, in our jobs, in the fact that we’re hard workers.

“I just want to know, how you can say you’re going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs and then come in here and say you’re going to be our friend? Those people out there don’t see you as a friend.”

Mrs. Clinton tried to defend herself by saying she had been quoted out of context and that people had misunderstood her true intentions.

When the roundtable discussion finished, Secretary Clinton made her way over to where Copley and his wife were sitting. She was holding the photo in her hands.

She asked about their children, their names and their ages.

Bo and his daughter
Bo and his daughter

Then Copley boldly invited her to attend a revival meeting. “I know you have other obligations, but I want to personally extend an invitation to you to come to our revival with us tonight. It’s about five minutes from here. I know I’ve invited your assistant, but I felt God tell me to personally invite you.”

“She thanked me. She never said no but she didn’t show up,” Copley says. One can only wonder if history might be changed if she – and other candidates – were touched by such a powerful move of God.

Then Secretary Clinton shared about her own religious background. “She told my wife and I about her faith, said her family were Methodists, started that way from a revival with John Wesley in the 1800s. My wife told her that we are praying that God’s will is done regardless of who is in office.”

Lauren extended her arms and embraced Mrs. Clinton. “She genuinely choked up after Lauren hugged her,” Copley says.


  1. This is my nephew and I and our family are very proud of his comments and actions because this is not a front. He truly believes in what he says and how he lives. His grandmother, 95 yr old Marie Copley is still alive and prays for him daily in his ministry. Thank you for this article and know, what you see with him and his wife is truly how they live.

    • I am so,moved at how he allowed God to use him. Please tell him I am praying for him and family and the people there in the miming. He has a great annointing on his life, tell him to guard that, I know he will know what I mean. This story by him has so lifted my spirits today. God bless him and his beautiful family and God bless you also, for sharing what you know about him. The scripture says, we build each other up in His most holy faith and you did him.
      Sincerely Bernie alambert

    • God bless you and Mr. Copely. He is the epitome of “Raise a child in a way he should go and when he is grown he wont depart from it.” It to hold stead fast to Jeremiah 29:11. It is emblazoned over my desk and my head board.

    • Bill, I can’t tell you what it means to me to know that Bo has a 95 year old grandmother that is praying for him daily. Every revival in history began in a prayer meeting–large or small, it didn’t matter. Prayer was behind it. I have a great grandma, age 101, who prays for us. I called her and asked her what she was doing and she said, “Oh, I’m reading from the book of Psalms.”

      PRAY, grandmas! PRAY!

      PRAY, mothers and fathers of faith, PRAY!

  2. This is exactly what our country needs , a great awakening to Godly lives! May the Holy Spirit bring revival all over our sin cursed country!

  3. What an amazing gift Mr Cooley gave to Hillary. God’ love. I believe a seed was planted that very day. She will never forget this experience. God will continue to remind her. It truly did have a spiritual effect

    • As a mother & grandmother, with praying parents & grandparents I know how important Bo Copley’s praying grandmother was to him & his beautiful family. My heart just melted at the site of those innocent children’s faces. He was bold & correageous to take a stand for his faith in the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ.

    • I hate to be a party pooper, but Hillary Clinton probably choked up bc the thought of a Christian hugging her disgusted her. She and Bill are known killers. They are part of the elitists who are referred to in Psalm 2 ” Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain? 2 The kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together against the Lord and against his annoint, saying ‘Let us break their bands assunder…” Since the LORD is a single entity, who is “their” referring to? The people who stand in the way of the New World Order: the Christians, most middle class Americans. Of course she didn’t show up to the revival service. She probably had a local witches’ coven to visit or a hit to plan.

  4. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Holy Spirit got hold of Hillary and convicted her of all her sinning? From the Holy Bible: 1John 1:9—“If we confess our sins, He(God) is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

  5. How awesome! If all of those who follow Jesus would speak out in this way and share their faith our country would be a better place. It is faith, hope and love that is the basis for all lives. And as the Bible says the greatest of these 3 is Love.

  6. Lauren, you have done a wonderful thing! I applaud you and give praise to God for this opportunity! I too have prayed for Hillary. This is SO amazing and thrilling what God is doing in WV with the revival! Also by way of encouragement Bo and Lauren, your faith is wonderful in the midst of not having a job! You are wise to keep on paying your tithe. When our three children were about the age of your three (SO adorable yours are!) my husband lost his job. I needed to work out side the home for 6 months. Then my husband got the best job ever and has been there for over 25 years, about to retire soon. I was able to stop working and didn’t work again until much later as a part time substitute teacher. When we began tithing regularly the “hole” in the basket disappeared, so to speak. His raises steadily increased and God blessed us SO much we cannot contain our joy about it!! We do not have a fancy house (we don’t want one — we love our little cottage that still needs work), but God has blessed us so much that we are able to give a lot to missions– something that will endure forever. Our three kids grew up and are serving God in a strong way. Our cup runneth over truly. May you CONTINUE to be blessed as you ARE BEING a HUGE Blessing to West Virginia now. God be praised! We thank God for the work there! and we pray it blows a revival wind up to NorthWest Jersey (and ALL of New Jersey) where it too is desperately needed. God bless you Bo and Lauren for your courage and faithfulness! (and God bless Hillary — for He is not willing that any should perish, and ALL of us like sheep have gone astray; each of us has turned to our own way; and the LORD has laid on Him the iniquity of us all. Is. 53:6).

    • Again, I hate to be the sole dissident on this, but tithing (especially based on Malachi 2 which is directed at the stealing priests, not the laity) is not biblical for New Testament believers. Tithing in the pre-Cross days was only for Jews in Israel who had increase via agriculture or livestock (two fields that only the LORD can increase bc He is the giver of life) which were to supply food for the priests on duty at the temple. Which ohbytheway we don’t have a temple anymore except our bodies which are the temple of the Holy Spirit. And for every story of how tithing paid off, there are at least as many people (Catholics for instance who are great tithers bc they believe their salvation depends on it) who pay tithes and yet live in poverty OR people who don’t pay tithes but are blessed. For instance, while I was married to my unsaved husband and we didn’t pay any tithe , he made lots of money (110K/year) and a few years after we divorced, he still being an unsaved person, was making 200K. How do you explain that?

      • read your new testament. GOD clearly indicates it rains and shines on both the believers and non believers (Matthew 5:45. read all of Matthew 5). It must be understood that the blessings of the spirit are not to be confused with the materials things of this world.

        As for you indicating no need to tithe. JESUS CHRISTS’S own words indicate where the money is so is the heart (Matthew 6:21). If we are the Church, how can you honestly say its not biblical to tithe? Wouldn’t that indicate where the heart is? Any further doubt read Matthew 23:23 where JESUS CHRIST rebukes those who tithe but do not show justice and mercy and faithfulness but then HE goes on to say you ought to tithe but not neglect the justice and mercy and faithfulness. Finally, read Acts 5:1-11 where Ananias and his wife, Sapphira, died for lying to the Holy Spirit.

      • The amount of money we have is not the object. Being humble and loving the Christ and the church is more important that having riches.
        I tithe and my small income stretches because of the anointing of the Spirit of God that is with me.

      • Hello Sandra, bless you — I do believe that if people serve money, they may be allowed to have a great deal for a season, but it’s not always a good thing. Receivers need to be givers. I only respond to encourage you towards a great blessing. We too, once believed that tithing was not a NT thing. And we only gave “what we had,” but we realized that we were living in fear and not faith. The clincher for us was that in the Old T. Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek, which was Before the law…….That got us thinking. We’ve discovered that the whole bible is grace really, but especially the NT.

        We believe that tithing is truly so much more than money as my brother expresses below. Sometimes God asks us to give above the 10%. It’s an opening of the heart, it’s a relinquishment of our lives to God. When I said that “our cup runneth over” I did not mean only financially. I do not adhere to the prosperity gospel, that is error and the wrong focus. What I meant was that we have so much joy in our hearts in serving our King ( as well as having more than we need so we can give.) But I tell you we are not wealthy, our savings is minimial and the checkbook right now is $10. But the key is faith. To give when you don’t think you have it. It’s like rivers of Living water; we must not dam up the flow. We give and God gives back to us (in just the right amounts so we always remain dependent on Him.)

        About Hillary: I do not stand with her politically, but she needs our prayers, as much as I needed prayers, before I surrendered to Jesus (and still need prayers).

  7. Let us keep praying for all the candidates during these elections that they will not be able to fight the move of God’s Holy Spirit anymore! May the King of kings, Jesus our Savior do ALL HIS WILL in our country!

  8. I am a coal miners’daughter, born in a coal mining town – Killarney, West Virginia, a town which I believe no longer exists. I appreciate so much the revival going on in West Virginia now, and hope and pray it spreads across this land.
    Prayers going up for all the coal miners and their families Also prayers for the upcoming election for God to place the people he wants to be in the presidency and government. Vaya con Dios

  9. Thank you so much for standing up for true Christianity. If a very large group of Christians would do something like that , We would have a good America & world.
    I have been hearing about your Revival, & it is great, We all hope it spreads all over. I do not live near your state so can’t be there.
    Where I live the best teaching I have ever received is SBN TV, It is a 24/7 station, They teach the Message of the Cross which is Jesus all of the way. I encourage those of you that can’t be at the revival to watch sonlife TV called SBN, or on line, a free ap on your cell is sonlifetv.com. Thanks again, I appreciate so much that you invited Mrs Clinton to your revival.

  10. God bless you all and your town; I ‘m thankful to the Lord that He is blessing you. I was born in Morgantown a long time ago and now know how essential the Lord’s presence in our life is. More precious than silver as the song goes! I’m proud of WV and visiting Morgantown in July. Keep the focus on Jesus as you are an I will too. PTL

  11. Dear Mr Bo I thank Almighty God for you allowing God to use you! Life and death is in the power of what we say. Continue to say what West Virginia needs to turn around the condition of that city. I believe God will use tbe Secretary Linton to do it. The Lord said to me back in 4/20/2015 that he was preparing his daughter to become President,and as we can see hell as come against her . But if God be for you , who can be against her. We just need to pray earnestly for her that tbe Holy Spurit can do what He want through her.

  12. Take a good look at Hillary’s face. Sin meets Light, should have been the title’s caption.
    For all the times this woman has professed, what should have never been professed, now is the time to come into That Light. She shows her understanding to the Something that is truly present in this man’s heart.

    Love, peace, forgiveness, instead of hate and revenge.

    A time for decision many times does not come more than once.

  13. He’s a man of God!
    They need to continue to pray about this, and they will see their furition come to light!
    what he did was great and marvelous!

  14. Praise God for the boldness this young man displayed. Even though they did not accept his invitation to attend the revival meeting I feel certain seeds were planted. It is exciting to hear how revival is there in West Virginia. It gives all of us hope that in spite of all the negative things we are hearing and seeing, God is on the throne!

  15. I just can’t get over my loathing of this vicious, fake, murderous woman. May God forgive me, but I just can’t see her as human.

  16. I am touched by Mr. Copley’s commitment to Christ that he was willing to be God’s voice to Mrs. Clinton. The opinions expressed here/above are spot-on& don’t need repeating except to say: There will be a day, likely this year, when the brick facade will tumble on her head, & Hillary will be reminded that the arms of Christ are still available to her. And no matter what month or day those bricks fall, there will certainly be a Day when she will stand at the judgment seat of Christ and will have no more excuses of Right Wing Conspiracy or that her words have been taken out of context. Her Methodist revival of the 1800’s does not nor will it ever save her. You don’t get the Christ-Vaccine by signing a membership roster. By their fruits ye shall know them. I would hope myself that she and Bill would come to Christ, but Pride & Arrogance are tough taskmasters.

  17. The Loving God of all humans, who He created, says that He does not want any human being to perish and I assume this means even Bill and Hillary Clinton and her daughter and husband and child. So, even though we know of many evil things that have been written about the Clinton family…we still need to pray that God’s will be done in their lives. I am like Franklin Graham. He says, at all of his meetings, in every State Capitol, do not put our trust in Republicans (I have mostly voted Republican) nor in Democrates, nor in any other
    political party. Put your trust in Yahwey Almighty God and ask Him who you should support. God is able to control good Leaders and bad Leaders. He made “Old Neb” eat grass for 7 years before He allowed him to become King again and then “Old Neb” declared that everyone in His Kingdom would worship The God of Daniel! He can change anyone ….even if they are just “smoking grass” which Bill used to do in college! I will not be voting for Hillary, but I am certainly praying for her to be delivered from her
    evil ways…..whether she is given, by God (not me) Leadership over the Believers of this Nation that is still supporting most of the Godly Christian Missions around the world….in spite of the decline in true Christian fellowships in these past few decades. God told Elijah that He still had thousands of Believers who had not bowed their knees to the evil gods of Jezreal after Elijah ran for his life under Jezzabel’s threat on his life. So, just remember, God is in control as long as we are praying and asking our Father In Heaven to
    help us just as this brave young Coal Miner Worker has done. God Bless him and his family. Giving to God’s Purposes is not a just 10%….it is everything that God asks each one of us which can be a lot more than 10% of our money. It can mean 100% of everything over which we have Stewardship. Job found that out the hard way! And, his story is considered one of the oldest Books written in the Bible! Now that over $100,000 of food can be grown, on a 24/7 basis in anyones small 40 by 100 foot backyard garden, using squarefoot gardening techniques and Israeli Tentnet systems, and can be “freeze dried” and vacuum packed to last 28 years (4 times the preservation of food that God gave to Joseph of Egypt) ….food can be used, now, as a legitimate “medium of exchange” , like paper, or metal or credit card “money mediums of exchange.”….by using Memberships in Barter Bank Systems like http://www.BX.com ….which exchanges over $60,000,000 among it Membership in California, alone, for the last 50 years which is monitored and regulated for taxes by the I.R.S. which has to be paid, unfortunately, with manmade “mediums of exchange” like paper or metal or credit card monies. P.S. BX Exchange has, recently, been purchase by another Barter Bank System in another State and I do not want to reveal that new Barter Bank System without their permission. But, anyone can “set up” this kind of Godly Food Barter Bank System using modern Computer Card Banking Systems. I recommend that they call it The CBS Barter Bank (Christian Barter System ) Bank! I am 85 years old and am too old to be involved in such a massive project at that. We need to put our trust in God’s and His Systems and not in Man’s Monetary or Political Systems. As Franklin Graham is promoting in his Capitol Meetings throughout the U.S.A., we need to “identify” Christians like this young Viginian Coal Miner and support them to become City Counselpersons and Mayors and State Senators and then encourage them to become our National Congresspersons and Senators and Presidents. Meanwhile, ask God our Loving Father who He wants to have in office until we can get someone who really “loves” The Creator of All Mankind” Right now, we do not have that kind of choice in the Republican or Democratic or any other Party! All we have is a choice of “the least of evils that God can use, temporarily until we offer Him a better choice like He had in the beginning of our United States of America. George Washington was not perfect, and Lincoln was not perfect, but they confessed God as their
    Leader. Neither one of our current “Leadership Contenders” have even come close to confessing their dependence on the only God Almighty Jesus The Christ! But, God can mold and use anyone that “we pray for.” Let us pray for all “Leaders” as we are commanded to do! King David was a “military killer”, a “murdering adultery person

  18. I believe HRC didn’t go to the Revival because she has allowed such negative issues in her life to happen, she is afraid of Who our God IS! If she becomes our President, The Lord IS OUR KING!!!! AMEN!!!

  19. God can do anything. His obedience to do what he was told was not without purpose. Remember Saul ‘s experience who became Paul. Be it Hillary or Trump or whoever. Be encouraged Bo there was purpose in what God asked you to do the results are God’s responsibility.

  20. I think that is wonderful! I recall some prophetic Word if I remember right, about Hillary coming to Christ years ago and that it was going to effect the whole East Coast or something to that affect, anybody else remember it?

  21. Look at her face. She was touched by the Holy Spirit in Bo!
    With God nothing is impossible! He wins every time!
    Keep praying for her saints.

  22. This is fantastic testimony of the faithfulness of God in helping all those that put their trust in Him in times of trials and temptations. The courage and boldness expressed in prayerfully reminding and drawing Hilary Clinton to her Christian roots and background was certainly divine though she did not attend the revival meeting. God will never forsake those that put their trust in Him, and I know that His future plans for the coal miners will turn out to be good in Jesus Name. Amen. that is regardless of who wins the race to the ‘White House.’

  23. John Wesley died before the “1800’s” rolled around and he never conducted Methodist “revival” meetings because John Wesley remained Anglican his entire life, believing Methodism was in line with Anglican thought.

    Either this article misquoted or Clinton lied once again.

  24. Hello Mr. Copley,
    I believe you are a brave and courageous man. To trust the Lord enough to lean on the Holy Spirit to speak through you encourages me to have ears to hear, eyes to see, and a heart to receive. It say’s in the Word to think and dwell on things that are true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence, and if anything worthy of praise. It seems to me that you fulfilled this commandment.
    As for Mrs. Clinton I am very happy to know that you as a man of God were sent to speak to her. The saying of what would Jesus do (W.W.J.D.) that is exactly what He would do. He went to those that most people would never think He would visit. I would be very excited when the trumpet is blown to see Hilary Clinton in heaven worshiping our Lord and Savior Jesus next to the Father.
    As for this time I am here on planet earth, with the elections for our Nation, I have to judge what is of public record how Mrs. Clinton speaks, thinks and dwells on which is the Democratic Platform. Many of the major issues of the platform is directly against the Holy Scriptures in what our God has written and is of an antichrist spirit.
    The Scriptures say we must pray for our leadership, but not mandatory to vote for them.

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