Israeli man stabbed on street in Jerusalem ‘rose from the dead,’ says he’s unwilling to give up the land


By Mark Ellis

Mendy Rivkin
Mendy Rivkin

An Israeli man stabbed twice in the back by an Arab terrorist on February 3rd recounted his frightening brush with death and miraculous recovery.

Mendy Rivkin was walking with his wife in Jerusalem when a terrorist approached from behind and stabbed him twice in the back, according to The Jewish Voice.

“I went out with my wife to have a meal,” he told reporters. “Suddenly I felt two blows to the shoulder and I felt all the air go out of me. I told my wife that I’d been stabbed twice.

In shock and gasping for breath, Rivkin staggered into a nearby store. “I pushed my wife with me by instinct as I fell. I got the coat off and lay down on it. I was cold. Again I shouted that I’d been stabbed and I felt the life seep out of me,” he recounted.

Rivkin said he saw God’s hand in the swift arrival of paramedics. He credits God and their emergency first aid for preserving his life.

“I got to rise from the dead…maybe just to send this message and say – ‘Guys, this is our land. God gave it to us as a gift. Under no circumstances can we give it up.

Rivkin ceremonial“We must start raising our heads because we are a wonderful nation,” he added. “We need to stand tall because we can beat this thing. We can attack all those who are challenging us.

Rivkin said that while the attack was harrowing, he and the Jewish people must stand together in the fight against the enemies of Israel.

“The feelings are unpleasant ones at first, but on second thought I decided that I will not let them scare me or give a prize to terror under any circumstances. We will raise our heads and win,” he said.

He quoted Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, who exhorted the Israeli government not to bow to terror.

“The Lubavitcher Rebbe said that just by talking about handing over territory, we are endangering millions of Jews. We are utterly forbidden to talk about handing over territories in any way, in any diplomatic context. It mustMendy Rivkin stop.

“It has caused damage, and there are thousands who did not get to reach a press conference like this.

“So guys, let’s win, and with God’s help we will succeed. And stop thinking about handing over territory. We need to defeat terror in the toughest way possible.”


  1. Thank God for answering Prayers for healing and restoring those who are attacked in these senseless acts of violence in Israel. If God is for You Who Can Be Against You! God Bless You!

  2. The Lord is God and all honor and thanks is due Him. I thank Him for preserving you and reaffirming His covenant.

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