Man expecting baby in transgender couple


By Mark Ellis

Fernando Machado (left) with his partner Diane Rodriguez
Fernando Machado (left) with his partner Diane Rodriguez

A transgender couple in Ecuador has made history with a unique pregnancy: The father-to-be is carrying the baby of his transgender partner.

Fernando Machado and Diane Rodríguez announced their pregnancy on social media in early December. The revelation caused a sensation in a region that has endured an explosive evolution in LGBT rights, similar to the United States, according to Fox News Latino.

Rodríguez (born Luis), is one of Ecuador’s most-prominent LGBT activists and says she and her Venezuelan-born partner, whose birth name was María, decided to publicize their pregnancy to help shift attitudes in the largely traditional country.

Although both take hormones, neither has undergone gender-reassignment surgery, so the child-to-be was conceived the old-fashioned way, according to Fox News Latino.

Michael Brown, writing for TownHall, captured the essence of this head-turning development: “It used to be pretty simple. A man marries a woman. They have a baby together. The man is the father and the woman is the mother. Well it’s not so simple anymore.

“Today, you have to figure out if the man who is marrying the woman is actually a man and if the woman who is marrying the man is actually a woman.

“Then you have to figure out if the man is the father or the mother and if the woman is the mother or the father,” Brown noted.

The transgender couple acknowledge they are in new territory. “We’re trying to break the myths about transsexuality,” Rodríguez told the Associated Press.

There have been no reactions from the Roman Catholic Church – a major influence in the society –, which astonishes Rodriguez.

“The church is always criticizing gays and homosexuals for adopting children, so it would be a contradiction to criticize us for giving birth naturally,” she said from her home in Guayaquil.

The transgender movement has won political victories in South America. Approximately six months ago, Colombia’s president issued a declaration allowing people to change their gender on national ID cards with only a trip to a notary. So far, more than 340 people switched genders, according to Fox News Latino.

Argentina has even gone further with legislation guaranteeing free hormone treatment and gender reassignment surgery.


  1. What an utterly ridiculous non-story. A woman, who happens to think she is a man, gives birth to a child.

    “Fernando” is a woman, always has been a woman, and always will be a woman.

    Any “Christian” who would refer to “Fernando” as a “he” is committing apostasy.

  2. This is my first time on this Christian website and I read/see a story like this??? I do not understand, is this a ultra liberal or alternative christian site? I kept reading hoping to read the opinion from a bible scholar, pastor, deacon or religious leader. You know something, what if a young impressionable mind reads this, it’s like anything goes. The young, all colors, need structure of family. I think I am still in shock to see this kind of story with no opinion here?.

    • This was intended to convey information — a straight news report — not an opinion piece. People in the LGBT movement need God’s love and the transformational power of the Gospel. Finding God’s forgiveness at the foot of the cross is the only hope for healing their souls. Over time, God’s Word and the Spirit will bring change and eliminate gender confusion, to the extent they appropriate the mind of Christ and abide in Him.

      • Christianity is a conservative religion. There are rules and conditions that must be followed and they are there for a reason (to protect us from the evil of this world). Forgive me for saying this, but your views are unsound. Neither God’s Mercy nor his Forgiveness are limitless (as Liberal, Neo Christians would like to believe), so you can’t expect God to waver on rules that He has commanded for our welfare.

        If YodHeVavHe destroyed a city of LGBT practitioners, why would you expect Him to accept them now? The same conduct and mentality that permeated Sodom and Gomorrah are front and center stage today. IF a crack fiend can be moved to abandon his/her crack addiction for God, the a homosexual/Lesbian should be able to do the same.

        Those LGBT folks who are ‘born that way’ are no different than the blind, deaf, or mentally handicapped; they are born with a defect. Yet you don’t see them celebrating their defect in a parade. There is only one Christianity and that is the traditional/conservative.

    • LOL! I feel the same way you do. Neo/Liberal Christians are always trying to find a way to pacify the general public, and they do it under the guise of trying got make Christianity more palatable to people who do not want to give up their sinful ways. Neo Christians are part Christian and part Pagan/Babylonian. I’ve also noticed that many of these ‘Christian sites’ are condoning tattoos and other Babylonian practices just to pacify a young and immoral generation. Hypocrites!

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