1400 children raped and trafficked in British town by men of Pakistani Muslim heritage


By Mark Ellis

Five men convicted in 2010 for sex abuse in Rotherham
Five men convicted in 2010 for sex abuse in Rotherham

A shocking report released by an independent commission in the UK found that at least 1,400 minors in the town of Rotherham – some as young as 11 – were beaten, raped, and trafficked over a 16-year period by men of Pakistani Muslim heritage.

The vast majority of the victims were young white girls. Some officials in the town turned a blind eye to the sexual abuse, believing social workers were exaggerating the claims, while others worried about being labeled as racist if they spoke out, according to the New York Times.

The report accused officials of ignoring “a politically inconvenient truth” about men of Pakistani heritage grooming vulnerable white girls for sex. The report chronicled the period between 1997 and 2013.

Some children were drenched in gasoline and threatened with being set on fire if they reported their abuse, others were threatened with guns or forced to witness brutally violent rapes and told they would be next if they told their parents.

Professor Alexis Jay, author of scathing report
Professor Alexis Jay, author of scathing report

Professor Alexis Jay, the author of the report and a former chief inspector of social work, said the young girls — mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds — were brutalized by groups of men. She said her estimate of 1,400 victims was “conservative.”

“They were raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten and intimidated,” Jay wrote.

Many of the cases involved “grooming” children over several years with the aid of drugs and alcohol. One child rape victim in the town, known as Emma, told a BBC radio program on August 27th that she slowly developed a relationship with her abusers over several years.

“After being groomed for quite a while, I started going into Rotherham town center, and I was hanging around with grown men,” she said. “They started introducing alcohol and soft drugs to me. And then, when I was 13, I was sexually exploited by them.”

Emma said she was raped weekly and that the abuse continued until she was 15. After local authorities ignored her parents’ allegations, Emma and her family moved away from the area. The report notes that police “regarded many child victims with contempt.”

One child victim was raped on multiple occasions before she found the courage to tell her story to the authorities. She had tried to escape, but the perpetrators had broken her brother’s legs and smashed the windows of her parents’ home as a warning.

When she finally visited the police station, she received a text from her main abuser threatening her 11-year-old sister if she spoke out. As a result of this intimidation, the girl refused to provide a statement.

In more than one-third of the cases, the victims were known by child protection services, but the police and local government officials failed to act. The report heard of two cases where fathers tracked down their daughters and tried to remove them from houses where they were being abused only to be arrested themselves when police were called.

Jahangir Akhtar, the former deputy leader of the Rotherham council, is accused in the report of naiveté and

Men convicted in 2012 for sex abuse and trafficking in Rochdale
Men convicted in 2012 for sex abuse and trafficking in Rochdale

“ignoring a politically inconvenient truth” by insisting there was not a significant problem of Pakistani-heritage perpetrators targeting young white girls. Police told the inquiry that some influential Pakistani councilors in Rotherham acted as barriers to communication on grooming issues, according to Frontpage magazine.

“The problem began at the top with the same culture of Muslim abuse and Western denial as we see with terrorism,” according to Daniel Greenfield with Frontpage.

It was not until 2010 that the first case of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham made it to court. Five men received sentences of four to 11 years for grooming three teenage girls for sex. The men convicted include Zafran Ramzan, Razwan Razaq, Umar Razaq, Adil Hussain, and Mohsin Khan.

Three earlier reports, published from 2002 to 2006, detailed the abuse, and according to Ms. Jay, “could not have been clearer in the description of the situation in Rotherham.” But the first one was “effectively suppressed” and the other two “ignored,” she said.

Some officials were apparently ordered by their managers to withhold information on the ethnic origin of the abusers, the report said. As a result, no contact was made with local Pakistani leaders for help in identifying gangs that continued to assault and abduct teenagers.

Professor Jay said Rotherham is not the only place in the UK struggling with this issue. In an interview with the BBC she said “demand for this kind of sexual activity with children is on the increase and that is validated across not just the UK but Europe and worldwide. We can’t say that Rotherham is any better or worse than other places because the information simply doesn’t exist at a national level to tell us that.”


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  1. Why do you (UK) let those people come to your country and abuse your children? Why do you (UK) keep silence until 1400 cases happened? Why? Why?

    • that’s for damn sure, u kept this secretive until now, that’s allowing the explotation in the name of ‘their God, its alright according to their beliefs then?

  2. Will the British justice system charge the town officials that actually aided and abetted in this horror? There should be a group suit against the perpetrators and those who did the cover up claiming damages for the children who will suffer for the damage as long as they live,

    • Yes, and those town officials and police who refused to help should be photographed and named and charged with aiding and abetting these crimes, by deem of their refusal to help.

  3. I first read these awful news on a french website.
    The ethnical origin of the abusers wasnt at all mentionned. In France there is a similar omerta when muslims are hold by the police or tried in courts.
    The political correctness is afraid of “stigmatizing” or “making an amalgame” like muslims=criminals.
    With such restrictions to the true truth, I believe that the european citizens are brainwashed by the media and that Europe is on the path to self-destruction.

  4. My heart aches for those poor children. These is what happens when you get a combination of powerless parents and a PC government that DOES NOT keep it real with evil.

  5. My heart goes out for these young innocent children. We must work with church to reach out the poor marginalized community through development programme. We must rope in Corporate world and church leadership should organize such interaction with CEOs- Corporate social responsibility. Youth retreat is needed. May God give us wisdom for each one to speak out for these poor victims.

  6. Its not unusual in India here, it is the Muslim mens’ strategy. First young boys make friendship with non Muslim girls. After that very very dirty sexual activities are done with girls by boys, the boy’s father, brothers and relatives. So girls get violated by them, but do not tell anybody about it as they feel shame, because they have faced an animal-like gang of 5 to 12 people, aged 15 to 70 years old. This is an important cause of riots in India. I tell this to (warn) all non Muslims, to avoid the mosque, especially on Friday,after men listen to the molvi speech, then they may attack someone with fire. When muslims are less in the population they call you brother brother, but when they got a higher percent of the population, then they say you are kafir, evil. They teach that cutting off a non-muslim’s head will send them to jannat(heaven). So be united in your faith.

  7. This is what we get for the multiculturalism ethic. These are Muslims. Read the Koran carefully, and you will see that these Muslims are not going against their ‘holy’ book when they abuse girls.

  8. I feel sorry for white people because every year it seem like they are getting ……. over and at some point they will lose power in Countries they build

  9. Muslim men are targeting you girls who are not covered. By raping and/or threatening rape they can drive fear through the hearts and minds of young English girls. The message is simple: If you are covered you won’t be raped. If we ban the Burka this problem goes away because there is no longer a project. Baroness Warsi’s continuous preaching that Muslim Women should have the right to dress in non-western clothing is disrespectful to our culture. I agree with Warsi’s claim that women should have the right to choose, but Muslim men are forcing small Muslim girls, under 10 years, to be covered. This could be a sign of Misogyny. Misogyny is rife within many Islamic communities. While we allow Muslim men to erode women’s rights we will not resolve this matter. What is more important to the British Government – the right of Muslim Women to wear non-western clothing or the protection of Children? Ban the Burka.

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