Report from house churches in North Korea


By Peter Jun Kim, Cornerstone Ministries

Worship in Korea
Worship in Korea


A North Korean missionary sent us a message which said, “I recently met a house church leader. This leader has been leading a house church for three years now and training North Korean escapees who have been sent from missionaries in Manchuria.

Arriving at the rate of one person every two months there are now up to 20 North Korean Christians who have been sent out as fully trained missionaries. They eat and work together. The leader tries to show how to live a true Christian life while teaching them the word of God. These 20 North Korean refugees went back to North Korea bringing wonderful news from their home nation and they formed a group of people to worship together. There are around 30 people in a group meeting in a secret place. There are 17 gathering in another group. It is a miracle. God is sending a wind of revival in North Korea through the believers.”