Updated prayer request for Pastor Chuck Smith



By Dan Wooding

Pastor Chuck Smith
Pastor Chuck Smith

Janette Smith Manderson, the daughter of Pastor Chuck Smith, senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, California, has issued a  prayer request for her father,who is battling lung cancer.

In a message posted on Facebook, she wrote: “Update for September 20: My dad was just admitted to the hospital for ‘general weakness’ brought on by the severe anemia his chemotherapy has caused.

“He had a transfusion yesterday, but he told me last night that it had not helped him to feel better. He had received a good report from the doctor that the cancer is not showing up in his blood work, so this setback is a ‘bump in the road’, as he would say.

“Please ask for the Lord to accomplish His perfect will for my dad, with no interference from the enemy.”

She also posted from Psalm 62:5 this verse, “I wait quietly before God, for my hope is in Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will not be shaken.”

It was on Sunday (January 1, 2012), when many in the congregation at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, California, were shocked and surprised when Chuck Smith announced during the morning services that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Yet Smith, now in his mid-eighties and the father of the Jesus People Revolution in Southern California, said that he has never smoked in his life.

On December 27, 2009, Chuck Smith suffered a couple of “minor strokes” and was admitted to a local a local hospital.

During an interview shortly after he first announced he had lung cancer, I was able to interview him and Pastor Chuck explained the lung cancer differed from his previous illnesses.

“This is different because, with the strokes, I was really physically weakened as a result and it took a little longer to rehabilitate from that. But this is something that I expect to just be out for just a short time,” he said.

He was correct and, in typical fashion, he has continued preaching on a regular basis, and has also been doing his regular radio and TV programs.

When I asked him at the time how people could pray for him, he replied, “Well, just pray that the Lord’s will be done because whatever it is, I’m open to Him.”

Since the news initially came out about Pastor Chuck’s lung cancer, many thousands of people around the world have been praying for him and I know that, with this latest news, he needs our prayers more than ever.


  1. Pastor Chuck was a big part of my Christian life for the first 37 years of walking with Jesus. He baptized me in CDM in 1971, and dedicated my two children to the Lord. Along with his rich understanding and love for the word of God, and his constant and consistent shepherding of the body at Calvary Chapel, he has imparted to me a thoroughly rich understanding of God’s love for me and His provision through His Son Jesus Christ. I am a better Christian and a better person because of Chuck’s input into my life.

  2. To my dear Pastor Chuck,
    I thank Jesus on how He has used you and Key greatly in my life of such a great and firm foundation in my walk in Jesus !
    I got saved by reading His word !! At my high school in Ill., was let out for the day and these guys were handing out the New Testament Bibles. At the time I was going to all different churches and cults, but saw that they had religion and didn’t know Jesus. Moved to Calif. in 1974 and worked at Albertsons’ where a older man named Milo would tell me about, but just blew him off. Thought he was fanatical , but couldn’t deny his love for Jesus ! I cleaning out my closet and saw that I had kept that same Bible. At work I asked Milo, ” If I were to read the Bible were do I start ?” he told me to read the book of John and He turned back to work. That was a miracle since He was such a talker. I started to read the Bible from start to finish chapter by chapter each night. God gave me a brain and only His word to show me and no one else. Reading He word I had experienced spiritual war fair since I have been exposed to demonic things. My hands would be shaking while reading the Bible and also at bed time I would hear someone breathing in my ear. Seeing how powerful Gods word is I kept on reading. At the end Jesus had me look at my heart and asked Him were is my Dad when I need him? Jesus answered me and said, ” Pam I am here and I love you ! ” This hard shell heart of mine broke with tears and said, ” Jesus, no one has ever touch my heart the way you did. Take my heart and do what you want to do with it !!” Walk out of my bedroom the next morning and knew that was Born Again !! I Praise Him for His great love for me!
    News got around at and Milo came to me and asked, ” So whats new?” I told him that I am born again. He asked me 3 times and said in a loud voice, ” I am Born Again O.K. ! ” Milo said that he thought that I would be the last one to get born again. Bible started at a friends house with 8 of us and ended with 32. Jesus had blessed us and other stores were asked if we were a christian store now.
    Chuck I just wanted to share what Jesus has done in my life and that Jesus has greatly use you in my life. Love you and Kay with the love of the Lord !!!

  3. Pastor Chuck you and Kay are two of the most wonderful people I have ever known. Over the years your bible teachings and love for lost souls has encouraged so many thousands of people. You dedicated my babies and now my sons also learn from your teachings. I miss those days I lived in Costa Mesa and attended your church and was part of the worship .I pray for you and your wonderful son’s dsughter’s and grandchildren. Love you so much! May The Lord bless you and keep you, may The Lord make his face to shine upon you , be gracious unto you and give you peace.

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