Planned Parenthood using business model to get kids hooked on sex, activist charges


By Mark Ellis


Most people are aware of the role Planned Parenthood plays in providing abortion services and birth control. Fewer may be conscious of a more devious side to their business plan, which involves exposing young people to all forms of sexuality to increase profitability.

“They are a billion dollar organization predicated on getting young people addicted to sex,” charges Michael Hichborn, host of the American Life League Report. “Planned Parenthood is all about the perversion of sex so they can drum up their own business.”

Hichborn does not charge Planned Parenthood with criminality, but he believes they borrow business techniques from the underworld. “Just as the goal of a drug dealer is to make drug addicts, Planned Parenthood’s goal is to make sex addicts,” he says.

“For instance, Planned Parenthood’s gateway drug is masturbation,” Hichborn notes.  As evidence, he cites one of their primary resources given to 10-year-olds, a book called “It’s Perfectly Normal.” The book contains graphic cartoon images of naked young people, young people masturbating, and couples engaged in sex.

Hichborn finds the book inappropriate for children. “If a dirty old man showed these things to a kid in a park, he would be arrested,” he alleges. “But when Planned Parenthood shows it to kids in a classroom it gets government money.”

Planned Parenthood’s website for teens provides an instructional guide to oral sex and anal sex. “They tell kids that all sexual orientations are perfectly normal.”

This is the way Planned Parenthood’s business plan works, according to Hichborn. “They get the kids addicted to sex so they can sell them birth control,” he says. “When teens get a sexually transmitted disease, Planned Parenthood sells them testing services. When a young girl gets pregnant, it sells her an abortion.”

“This isn’t education. This is indoctrination intended to drum up their business,” he concludes.

The American Life League created a video, “Hooking Kids on Sex,” which outlines their allegations against Planned Parenthood. Under pressure from Planned Parenthood, the first version of the video was removed from YouTube, due to charges that some of the images displayed violated copyright laws.

“We decided to redo the video without any images that could be deemed proprietary,” he says, which resulted in “Hooking Kids on Sex II.”