Miracles reported on set of Bible miniseries


By Mark Ellis

Jesus baptism on The Bible
Jesus baptism on The Bible

The hit miniseries The Bible is setting records on cable television for the History Channel, with as many as 13 million viewers tuning in for the blockbuster. But certain aspects of the filming were even more remarkable, as producer Mark Burnett reports highly unusual occurrences behind-the-scenes that he labels miracles.

The epic five-part series, which runs through Easter, is the most-watched entertainment program on cable television, according to ABC’s Good Morning America.

The show has many celebrities following it, including rapper and actor L L Cool J, actress Lisa Rinna, and even Oprah, according to ABC. Oprah tweeted throughout the most recent episode several times, particularly about Samson: “Samson distracted by Delilah. fatal flaw,” she noted. Oprah’s interest and involvement may boost the ratings even higher.

R & B superstar Cee Lo Green’s musical addition to the production is also attracting a younger audience, giving a fresh new feel to a time-honored story.

The making of the TV behemoth was filled with strange happenings that Producer Mark Burnett can’t quite explain. When the actor who portrays Jesus told Nicodemus “The Holy Spirit is like the wind,” a strong rushing wind that felt like the exhaust behind a 747 almost blew the set over and sustained for 20 seconds, Burnett told Entertainment Weekly.

“Everyone just looked at everyone like, ‘What just happened?’” Burnett said.

The production – filmed in Morocco —  also hired a ‘snake wrangler’ to make sure that dangerous reptiles did not get near the actors, and he usually found one or two snakes each day.

However, on the day the momentous crucifixion scene was filmed, the snake expert found an unprecedented 48 venomous snakes crawling around their re-created Golgotha – the place where Jesus defeated Satan, who is often depicted in Scripture as a snake.

When the baptism of Jesus was filmed in a reservoir, the producers were alarmed when part of the actor’s unique costume came off and floated away.

“Four days later, a kid showed up from many, many, many miles away, who had been seeking us through the desert to return this to us,” Burnett told Entertainment Weekly. “He didn’t know what it was why he should seek us, but he felt he had to return it.”

The series will air its final installment on March 31, Easter Sunday.





  1. Most people who watch this have never read the Bible. My prayer is that it would create a desire to read the Bible.

  2. This show has been amazing. Im enthralled. I can not wait to see more. I hope it reaches people who really have fallen and are truely seeking a way to change thier lives. God be with all of you. Thank you for making such an awesome movie!!!! Remember, we are all sinners. Each and every one of us but God loves us and will wrap you in his arms everytime and forgive you.

    • It’s fantastic to see people react this way. I am thrilled to see the responses. Having been buried in the Bible for decades, these thrills are common among Bible students who receive the gift of the Spirit. I endorse this film or anything that accurately serves God and the salvation of human beings is the end result. I’ll have to find it, and have a look.

    • The Bible series can be ordered (among other places, I’m sure) from Elijahlist.com, an awesome website dedicated to distributing breaking Christian news to its massive email list.

  3. Hi, That is great to hear. How can I get hold of this series in Australia? Will it be available on CD/DVD?
    Thanks John

    • Agree with your comments, Vicki — BAC, did you used to work for EDS in MI ? MISS YOU! (Haffner here)

  4. FYI: MODS, would LOVE to see an icon on this page allowing PRINT of the the ARTICLE .. without right column notes/ads.

    • Gayle, If you “very carefully” start highlighting the article beginning with the title, it will highlight just the article. Right click on the highlighted material to print “selection” only. Hope this helps.

  5. My husband and I have been taking a weekly Disiple Bible study offered through Sunrise Methodist Church in Holly Springs, NC. This film has reiterated all that we have read and learned through scripture in the Bible. I encourage everyone watching this Bible series to learn and read more of the Bible. You will be surprised how it will change your lives.

  6. The best I have witnessed…such an anointing from the first. This will be the greatest impact in these last days we live. For such a time as this. God bless you. I study my bible along w/each segment and is according to the word. My prayer, a hunger for the word as never before.

  7. We have been watching the show And love the way it was done. I myself believe in miracles and know God is pleased for this is the best way to get his message to millions thank you so much. Love to all and may God Bless you for making this epic movie .

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