The Word spreading rapidly in China thru social network Weibo and B2J Movement


By Anthony Bollback

House church meeting in China
House church meeting in China

The task of reaching almost 1 1/2 billion people cannot be accomplished through trained pastors alone. There would never be enough. The answer lies in training believers to share their faith in the power of the Holy Spirit, and one-on-one.

The B2J or Back to Jerusalem movement within the Church in China is doing just that and the Word is spreading so rapidly that it boggles the mind.

A Compass Direct News report this month states that Chinese Christians are beginning to make use of the Internet to share their faith. Facebook and Twitter are banned in China, but in their place is their own state-regulated social network called Weibo. It reportedly boasts of some 400 million users and it is growing rapidly. Christians are beginning to share their faith through testimony or prayers. Let us join in prayer for the Christians to be bold and for millions to hear the Word. One billionaire businessman shares prayers with his 6 million plus followers every Sunday! Imagine the impact on the nation!

BELIEVERS ARE SCATTERING all across the old Silk Trail not necessarily transporting spices to the mid- east and Europe as in the days of Marco Polo, but carrying the gospel country by country with the goal of planting the seed that some day will become a church. And what success can we report?

It is possible to tell you that Timothy, Esther, Adam, John, Paul, Luke, Mary, Eve, and hundreds of other Chinese believers, like their first century counterparts, are spreading the gospel person-by-person and country-by-country. Their real names and locations cannot be revealed for security reasons, but they are transferring their faith to others who in turn are transferring it to others. Pray for the new converts who come to

Christ at great physical risk in lands that for- bid Christianity to exist. Give thanks to God for thousands who are coming to Him for hope and the assurance of salvation.

LET US PRAY for these believers to be strong in the Lord and clad in the full armor of God. Pray that they will be bold in their new- found faith, and when persecuted, to endure triumphantly.