Syrian women brave 13 checkpoints to attend ‘School of Prayer’


BY AMBER HOLLOWAY, Partners International

Syrian Christian women holding Bible, praying together

Because of the influence of Muslim culture, Middle Eastern women sometimes become Christians only to follow their husbands. For women who are mature believers, they often fall prey to a belief that they have no role to play in the Church. However, Arab women have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to reach unreached women for Christ. Our hope, through a variety of ministries including PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL WOMEN, is to encourage and equip women to step out and serve with confidence.

Our partner RAJA AL UMAM has launched a new effort to train women for ministry. Just last week they completed their first “School of Prayer” for 26 Middle Eastern women including four from Syria.

“The Syrian ladies bravely took a step of faith to come as they didn’t want to miss the School,” said Ester, the conference leader. “They had to go through 13 checkpoints to get here. At the border they had to wait for a long time and faced many questions.” The conference hosts had hoped that nine Syrian women would come, but in the end, due to the worsening situation in Syria, just four courageous women were able to attend.

The purpose of the event was to study prayer and intercession and to equip women to make prayer an integral part of their outreach to unreached women.

“God handpicked every woman who was meant to be there!” Ester said. “They were like sponges, absorbing the teaching very well. All the women faithfully and persistently followed the tough schedule of eleven lessons in two days. They also fasted together on the second day. The Syrian ladies said it is worth it to come all the way to be part of the School! Ten ladies responded to the call to be intercessors. They felt that this is what God wants them to be—intercessors who will stand in the gap for their land.”

One woman saw a vision of a huge cross passing through the streets of Syria. Again she saw the vision of the cross when praying for Egypt. This time, a big crowd of people were running to the cross. Everyone wanted to take hold of it. Please pray that God will use these women in a mighty way as they pray for and serve their families and nations.

“We have been very encouraged to see the progress of the Arab women who have been part of our training,” Ester said. “Many thanks for your precious prayers! You share the victory and the joy.”


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