Bob Dylan’s latest album confirms Christian faith


Intriguing reference to Mary

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan has just released his 35th studio album, full of references to his Christian faith. Dr A T Bradford, author of  the book Dylan, Depression and Faith, analyzed Dylan’s previous works and found numerous references to the Bible and to active Christian faith. Dr Bradford has now reviewed Dylan’s latest album, “Tempest,” and found many references to the Christian faith, confirming his previous findings regarding Dylan’s on-going use of Scripture to communicate his beliefs.

Bradford quotes the following lyrics from Dylan’s latest offering:

Duquesne Whistle: “I can hear a sweet voice gently calling, must be the mother of our Lord …”

Soon After Midnight: “I’m searching for phrases to sing your praises, I need to tell someone …”

Narrow Way: “It’s a long and narrow way, I can’t work up to you, you’ll surely have to work down to me someday”… “Look down angel, from the skies, help my weary soul to rise”… “I heard a voice at the dusk of day, saying ‘Be gentle, brother, be gentle and pray …”

Pay in Blood: “I’ve sworn to uphold the laws of God … Man can’t live by bread alone, I pay in blood, but not my own …”

Tin Angel: “He renounced his faith, he denied his Lord …”

Tempest: “He read the book of Revelation …”

Roll on John: “I pray the Lord my soul to keep”

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine about his new album Dylan said: “I wanted to make something more religious. I just didn’t have enough [religious songs]. Intentionally, specifically religious songs is what I wanted to do. That takes a lot more concentration to pull that off 10 times with the same thread – than it does with a record like I ended up with.”

Dylan, aged 71, continues to play 100+ shows a year. Could he still be communicating his faith? Bradford’s book, Dylan, Depression And Faith – The Messages Behind The Music Of Bob Dylan, shows that he is.

Dr Bradford can be contacted through Templehouse Publishing, — Christian Newswire


  1. Spot on. Don’t forget ‘Christmas in the Heart’. Where? In the heart!! The feast of the incarnation of Christ – in the heart.

  2. Few years ago i prayed for Bob Dylan non stop as i listened to his two old christian albums. Soon after that i went and seen him I’n concert with a new album he did. It may have been stabler arena or one near there I’n PA or NJ
    Anyone who wrote two christian albums that he did had a real encounter with Jesus Christ. I pray one day i can meet him personally.
    He’s still I’n my prayers.

  3. I’m so glad for another album of faith songs from Dylan. He had 3, I said three, great Christian albums. Slow Train Coming, Saved, and Shot of Love. They were the best albums he ever made!

  4. Some “christians” think bob has backslidden and/or lost his salvation because they believe one can. Salvation is by God, not man. No man, not even oneself, can remove oneself from the grasp of God’s will.
    If all parties involved would only read the bible closely, like the Bereans, they would all realize that IF a soul has been reborn, i.e. been given a New Nature, BY God, it cannot be taken away. But what can be lost, for failure to repent ( 1st John 1:9 ) is that believer’s earthly life ( 1 John 5:16 If any man see his brother sin a sin which is not unto death, he shall ask, and he shall give him life for them that sin not unto death. There is a sin unto death: I do not say that he shall pray for it. )
    This doctrine is given that our Joy may be full, and we can work out our own salvation with fear and trembling ( lest we incur God’s wrath and are taken home prematurely )

    Sooo, like it says ( if you are, presently, indicatively, in the spirit and new nature ) pray. God will be pleased.

    God gives grace to the Humble, but resists the Proud.

    • Pretty religious for someone who tells us not to be to religious. My KJV says our names can be blotted out of the book of life and I know professing Christians who are fornicators, ect. So either the Word of God isn’t the full truth or your only taking the part that works for you, just saying

  5. I heard one of Bob Dylan’s Christian songs on a Christian radio station about a week ago. It was outstanding as only he can be. I hope to hear more of his Christian songs.

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