Does the ‘God Particle’ disprove God?


By Mark Ellis

Computer-generated image provided by CERN

To listen to some of the news reports surrounding the probable discovery of the Higgs Boson — the so-called “God Particle” — one might believe science had disproven the Bible.

In an interview with acclaimed physicist Michio Kaku, a CNN anchor leaned forward and gushed excitedly, “Is this how science may disprove religion?”

“We’re going into areas that take us before Genesis, chapter one, verse one,” Kaku replied. “We’re talking about going before the beginning itself. This is deep. It has philosophical and theological implications as we talk about other universes out there, parallel universes co-existing with ours.”

Kaku said a particle like the Higgs Boson was “the fuse that set off the explosion that created the universe, so everything we see around us, including life itself, is the byproduct of an explosion that was set off by a Higgs-like particle.”

Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss, author of “A Universe from Nothing,” went a step further when he argued that the discovery of the elusive particle “demonstrates the plausibility that everything we see could arise naturally from an initial state of no particles and maybe no space and maybe no fixed laws, without supernatural shenanigans.”

Krauss believes the discovery adds weight to the idea the universe is self-existent, even though it had a beginning. Christians believe the universe had a beginning as well, but hold that only God is self-existent or eternal.

“This discovery doesn’t explain why the universe exists in the first place,” says Jeff Zweerink, a research scholar in astronomy and physics at UCLA. “It doesn’t prove the universe is self-existent,” he maintains.

Most who believe the universe is self-existent presume the laws of physics were in place at the creation event. “If you try to explain the laws of physics apart from God, these laws of physics have to have causative powers,” Zweerink notes. “Krauss and Stephen Hawkins both attribute causative powers to the laws of physics themselves.”

“Their first cause is the impersonal laws of physics,” he adds.

But could laws arise without a law giver? The laws of physics often involve elegant mathematical formulas – information transmitted by a superb intellect.

Zweerink believes further discoveries about the properties of the Higgs Boson will reveal its fine-tuned nature, confirming a magisterial design pervading the cosmos.

“From a scriptural perspective, God is actively, moment-by-moment, sustaining creation,” he says. “His sustaining work is so reliable that we can characterize it by the laws of physics.”

“The laws of physics are a measure of how reliably and faithfully God sustains creation.”


Jeff Zweerink is author of Who’s Afraid of the Multiverse? and coauthor of more than 30 journal articles, as well as numerous conference proceedings. He serves part-time on the physics and astronomy research faculty at UCLA. He directs Reason to Believe’s online learning programs, Reasons Institute and Reasons Academy, and also contributes to the ministry’s podcasts and daily blog, Today’s New Reason to Believe.


  1. I think that we (Christians) have brought a lot of this on ourselves; we have fought against science from Galileo to today by using the Bible which we see as the inspired Word of God to apply to situations that could have not been understood by those who first received God’s word. To take some obscure passage to say that Galileo was wrong is just as wrong as modern day Christians saying that scientific discoveries are wrong because they don’t fit our interpretation of the Bible. We need to take a step back and be amazed at the mind of God as revealed by scientific research. We are in danger of being just as wrong as the Catholic Church was about Galileo’s discoveries. What none of us seems to realize is that God was perfectly capable of creating the universe 10,000 years ago with all the evidence of age that the scientists are discovering. If we can accept that then pat them on the back for their discoveries instead of demonizing them and then this meanless and unprovable debate will go away. God apparently did not create universe to prove He exists it appears that he created the universe with order and a complexity of laws that keeps it going which point at a beginning not evidenced in Genesis.

    • I do not believe Christianity, especially protestant Christianity has ever been fighting against science. This is a misunderstanding. Our fight has not been against natural science to any degree, many scientists, including the founding Fathers of western scientific discovery have been Christians themselves and have always understood science as a means of understanding God’s creation and the laws in which God has created our universe and our world. Our fight is against the religion of science, which has made science as a god rather than God the Creator! Many theories have never been proven, yet they are taught to our children as fact and believed by much of the world as the only fact there is. I agree we can pat these scientist on the back for discovering this particle, but we must also be careful to realize that science will ultimately have it’s limits and that human beings, even with these laws will never have the capacity to “play God” successfully. We only know a tiny fraction of the laws which our Creator has given us.

  2. The Scroll of Creation
    A Counterpoint to Creation.

    Recently our Lord God Almighty, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth lead me on a collision course, that lead me to your awe inspiring but apparently contrasting interpretations of Creation.

    About 3 months ago, I was so very blessed while attending a men’s retreat organized by my church, where Dr. Ross was the keynote speaker. His presentation on “Old Earth” creation made so much sense and was so very parallel to my own understanding of how things work.

    A couple of years ago a friend (Kathy) loaned me her DVDs of Dr. Hovinds’ “Young Earth” conference at Calvary Chapel at Costa Mesa, Ca., but no sooner did I receive them then my DVD player went on vacation. On Saturday January 24, 09, my DVD capabilities were restored and I played Dr. Hovinds’ DVDs immediately. What a powerful, enlightening and entertaining presentation Dr. Hovind shared.

    So over a lengthy but very short amount of time I was given the opportunity to receive both interpretations of Creation. I found both Drs. Ross Old Earth and Hovinds Young Earth evidence and testimony to be so very compelling and therefore exceedingly unsettling.

    As you both know this conflict is a very powerful destroyer of faith and contributes to doubt of the inerrant Word of God. The Word of God as directly inspired by Him, is the inerrant Word of God. However, the numerous translations of the Inerrant can cause perplexed bewilderment and opens the door to confusion and the subject of inerrancy to debate.

    Seeking the truth, I had been praying for reconciliation of this dilemma and on Sunday Jan. 25, 09, I prayed for His inspiration, and blessings on you and your mutually contrasting ministries as to which scenario was the correct one.

    Sometimes the Lord in His perfect timing will allow us to wait an interminable length of time for His reply. This time it was in a flash. That night He answered my prayer and blessed me with an introduction to the remedy, in the form of a vision of a single word ”Scroll”.

    The best that I can do in describing the vision of the Scroll was that of a 3-D script, emanating from the inside of a tube, just like a spool of the cash register receipt. My interpretation of that is that before the beginning of the first coil inside of the tube of time, “I AM” was in existence, predating the beginning of the actual Creation. The script was that of a continuous stream of water squirt, all connected, spelling out Scroll and ending once again in a tubular vortex spool, which indicates to me that there will be an end of time, as we know it, but the continuum of eternity will continue on in a different and unknown dimension.

    I looked up the word Scroll in my Strongs Concordance and though the word scroll can be found 65 times in the NIV and 35 times in the NKFV, in my concordance there are only two instances listed in the KJV, as follows.

    Isaiah 34:4,
    And all the host of heaven shall be dissolved, and the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll: and all their host shall fall down, as the leaf falleth off from the vine, and as a falling fig from the fig tree. –† Isaiah 34:4† (KJV)

    Revelation 6:14
    And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. –† Revelation 6:14† (KJV)

    That night, the vision was realized in a dream.

    The verdict? Neither is exclusive of the other, Hovind and Ross are both correct, only your vantage points differ.

    Both of these references to a scroll refer to the heavens rolling back as a curtain to reveal what is going on, on the other side.
    This brings to mind the cartoon of the little mouse pulling and releasing the window shade, flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap.

    Envision if you will a roll of cash register tape. Hold it in your hands look at the width of the tape and see how singular and limited it appears. But now, unroll it and the surface seems to go on and on and on. The down side to this metaphor? Wrap it back up and it seems to go on even longer.

    Now look at its’ side and ponder if you will. Try to count the many layers that make up its length. Around and around it goes as a scroll, how infinitesimally slight each lamination appears, how very close each of these laminations are to the next and “as the crow flies” such a short distance from the beginning of the scroll to it’s end.

    Please see if you can wrap your head around these possibilities.

    Reduce the thickness of each scroll lamination to sub atomic and morph the cylindrical coil into a toroid and unroll it, like a drop of oil disipating on the surface of water. Very interesting, Ouch!

    Now try this one

    Revelation 5:1
    Then I saw in the right hand of him who sat on the throne a scroll with writing on both sides. Possibly in another dimension, a type of Mobius Loop. A toroidicle mobius scroll. Are my ears bleeding

    Many doubt or dismiss the gravity of these two powerful young and old Earth interpretations, However, the Genesis record has been used as a powerful wedge that “The Father of Lies” has driven to create an exceedingly deep wedge so as to separate many from Christ and is the efficacious point of issue, that has caused many theists to turn to the faith of atheism.

    Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed
    Pt1. “”
    Pt2. “”

    I would like to challenge the Doctors, Ross and Hovind to take a new and closer look at the ever increasing evidence in scripture and around us, as to how, when and why our Lord God the Almighty, created each and every principle and particle in all things that is this miraculous universe and see if it is possible for the Doctors to knit these two vantage points into a single complimentary Uni Verse. Then in concert share it with all other Young / Old Earth professors. I believe that it can and will be done. All things are possible for those who truly love the Lord. I am certain it will open up many new and exciting concepts, potentials and points of view, but that is what makes His Creation so fascinating.

    In the beginning God created the heaven/s and the earth. The Word, spoken into existence. As a Scroll.

    Psalm 90:4
    For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night.
    2 Peter 3:8
    But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

    What is it to be Christian? To be Christ like. What is Christ like.

    Dr. Kent Hovind – Political Prisoner, A man after my own heart. Not being politically correct, the wrong argument often creates a tragic outcome. (see; and Joseph Bannister and related links.)


    IRS Commissioner Everson Statement HYPERLINK “”

    Sherry Jackson Peel – IRS Whistle Blower – Political Prisoner

    America From Freedom to Fascism



    This is why the references in the attachment are so important. And must be comprehended in mass. The wilderness is before us, but not for 40 years, but for 400 to 700 years. We must be united in the courage and power of our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus or we will have failed. Divided we are thereby concurred, we are fallen victim to the evil that now besets us. Do the peoples of God live by the Faith or Fear. Thank you for your faith.

    In His Love, Eternal Blessings

  3. I wonder how thick the Bible would have been if God detailed out all the science of everything in it. And, considering that all the science we already know today could just be the tip of a very huge iceberg of understanding of “how-God-did-it”, the Bible would have been, maybe, as big as the Library of Congress? Then, the more important message of reconciliation (with the Creator) would have been lost in all the science of the ink and of the paper that it is written on.

  4. Comments regarding Beth’s remarks: Many Christians believe that man and dinosaurs co-existed because God “created them in one act of creation” and they believe that evolution is evil-lution. They simplify God’s handiwork and make fun of it when their take is not what current scientific thinking is saying. There is demonstratable progression from ancient forms to modern forms not just in the human line but every line that has been studied. We share DNA, we share body structure, organ systems, etc. with our ancestors. Our ability to walk upright, ability to talk and brain size are the primary differences. Yet they cling to interpretations of Genesis to say that God would not do it like that. I am not trying to invalidate the Bible, I just think that God did not lay all of his cards on the table when he inspired Genesis. They simply could not have understood it. Thank you Juan Pascual, you said it best. The Bible’s job is not to tell us how everything was done but to reconcile us with the Creator through Jesus. It is belief in Jesus that saves us – not on how we interpret Genesis. Basic Christian belief is that the Old Testament points to Jesus and that is what we as Bible readers should focus on. It is no wonder that Science is a religion to some when they are rejected by some of us as heretics.

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