Convert from Islam to Christianity beheaded, video shown on Egyptian TV


By Dan Wooding

The moment before beheading

Video footage of a convert from Islam to Christianity being murdered by Muslims has been shown on Egyptian TV, according to the Barnabas Fund.

The graphic incident, which is reported to have taken place in Tunisia, was aired on a program called Egypt Today.

The footage shows a young man being held down by masked men with a knife to his throat. One man chants a number of Muslim prayers in Arabic, mostly condemning Christianity. The man holding the knife to the Christian convert’s throat begins to cut, slowly severing the head amid cries of “Allahu Akbar” (“god is great”).

The story continued by saying that the Egypt Today presenter was visibly distressed by the scenes. Then, referring to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis, who together hold the majority of seats in the country’s parliament, he asked, “How are such people supposed to govern?”

“The footage of this brutal beheading is the latest alarming indication of the violent threat to religious freedom in the post-Arab Spring order,” said a Barnabas Fund spokesperson.

The spokesperson added: “Give thanks to God for our Tunisian brother’s life and his faith that would not waver, even unto death. Pray that his witness will touch the hearts of his killers and those who have seen the footage of his death and that they will turn to Christ.”

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        • How ignorant can you be? Can’t you see that the foundational principles of freedom are erroding and yet you want to use a fallacious partisan argument to justify your party affiliation. I for one am sick of blaming everyone who proceeded this current administration. If we keep this up there will only be freedom for those who through tyranny and oppression force their will on the others…WAKE UP!!!!

    • This all boils down to Isaac and Ishmael. Isaac was the promised child and represents Israel and the Christians. Ishmael represents the rest. There will be no peace until Jesus returns, it is just a fact. We need to earnestly pray for the return of our Lord and Savior, and the salvation of all. The time is very, very near. This dear brother is now with the Lord…we should be so brave. This murder is not a victory for Islam, but for Jesus.

      • Ishmael had nothing to do with Islam.

        Please stop giving credit to the moronic quranic inventions of that madman Mohammed who followed over 2,500 years later.

        Please apply some critical thinking and avoid anachronistic thinking.

      • This response is not much better than a partisan justification, eKay. First, if you know that Jesus is coming “soon,” why do you need to pray for the inevitable? Second, for those who did see both the full and the partial footage, you just witnessed someone being murdered. If this happened at the house next door to yours, how do you think the discussion would differ?

    • Not quite Gail. The commandment is Thou shall not commit murder. It will be and is fully acceptable to defend ourselves against these murderers by killing them in the war they have declared upon the rest of mankind.

        • Yes, the 1611 King James Bible does say that, but later translations of the original Hebrew found that the word for “murder” was mistranslated. So, in most modern translations like the English Standard Version, it does read “Thou shall not murder”.

        • No, you’re wrong. The correct translation of the original Hebrew is, “Thou shalt not murder.” Murder would definitely apply to beheading anyone who changed his mind about Whom he believed God to be.

        • To actually be actual Josh, The Commandment in question uses the word “ra-tshahh” which is only used to denote murder, not just any type of killing. If it meant all killing then we would violate it when we pulled out a radish or carrot. We would be in trouble eating a steak or a strawberry. In the Old Testiment there are numerous words for causing death, but in this case the word used is the one for”murder”.

        • Actually, the commandment is Thou shalt not Murder, that is in the Torah, published long before your king james version or what ever version you have.

    • Muslims believe in the same God as you, as you probably know, and it has been said that the death of an innocent is like the death of the entire human race. True, there are some muslims who want war, but they are not considered true Muslims by most others. And seriously, are Christians really all that innocent of wars? Think of the crusades. I’m not justifying any war, but don’t be a hypocrite. I am a Christian, but I hate stupidity in all it’s forms. This singling out of muslims is becoming reminiscent of how the nazis singled out the jews. This is how it began. Shame on you for spreading your hatred. God is not proud of the ignorant.

      • John, this is total nonsense. Muslims DON’T believe in the same God as Christians. They don’t accept the Trinity. They don’t accept that Jesus was God or that HE died on the Cross. They, in general, believe that the Christian Trinity is the Father, the Son and Mary. The idea that ‘some’ Muslims believe in war is rubbish. Please, read the Qur’an. Our son lives in Saudi and teaches Arabic and English. His honours degree was in Arabic, Farsi and Middle Eastern Studies. He speaks several dialects of Arabic and Farsi; he knows the Qur’an extremely well…and it is a bloody book, full of anger towards those, who are infidels and non Muslims. You said ‘God is not proud of the ‘ignorant’…do you have a verse for that?
        If this is so, then He sure isn’t proud of you!!!

      • The crusades were in response to the Muslim conquests that had to be stopped and pushed back. They had reached Vienna in the east and conquered all the way across north Africa to Spain. Christianity spread by the gospel. Islam, always always always spreads by deceit and by the sword. Placate them if you wish. They will not spare you because you were welcoming. In Islam, kindness is weakness.
        Also remember, if Islam didn’t even exist until around 620 ad, how is it possible that all of the middle east and Africa is now Muslim. They were not that way until muslim invaders conquered those lands.

      • No Muslims don’t. Think of Jesus’ own words in John 8:19. They don’t know the one true God because they don’t know His Son. If they believed in the Father then they would believe in the Son, but instead they kill those who believe in the Son.

      • J.. I can not believe that you, if you are a fellow human being, could tell such a lie. You can not name or show one incident under Bush’s eight years that comes close to the horror of this young man’s death.
        Had there been Bush would have spoken out quickly and condemned such savagery . The Muslim evil phony in the White House has not only kept mum on all Muslim cruelty world wide but he has given aid in various forms to Muslims including millions to Kenya, the Palestinians and he has imported the killers to our own country. I can only suspect that you are one of the yellow bellied savages.

        • Wow… Not one single such item under Bush? Look this poor mans death has nothing to do with American politics, but it amazes me how willfully and angrily ignorant a certain group are. When Bush lied us into war in Iraq (my opinion as no prosecution over admitted false testimony has been done) we saw a LOT of beheading videos. The first one, of a young American contractor, started a media backlash about the war and so FOX news began a character assassination of the young man that was beheaded, and the right wing media sphere even began debating whether or not it was faked. It wasn’t until ambritish man was beheaded on video while pleading for his life that they gave up calling it fake and embraced the beheadings as fuel to justify the war itself.

          Anyone can politicize anything. But here you have barbaric madmen using a distorted view of religion to justify hatred and violence. Nothing more.

      • “Think of the Crusades”? Do you know why the crusades happened? They put a stop to the dark ages. Do you know what the dark ages were and who caused them? Go out and learn before you paint with a broad brush.

      • No your wrong, the allah that muslims worship comes from their moon god that was chosen, and allah is so different than the Living G-D and his son Y’shua we worship. And the differences are as night and day, and before you ask, yes I have read the Quran. And yes I am a follower of Y’shua, the one you call Christ Jesus.

    • Christians have done their share of killing in the “name of God” through out the centries. Trust me, they are no saints. (no pun intended!) Christians, Jews and Muslim’s have all done their share of killing. None of these organized religions have their hands clean. Institutionalized religion is all about control.

      An X-Christian of 15 years. I’m finally free!

      • I understand the problem Liberty and you are correct. However, you pursued your so-called “Christianity” as a religion, which is man’s attempt to reach God. True Christianity is a personal relationship with the One True God, YHVH, through His Son, Yeshua (aka Jesus). Focus solely on Him (Jesus), repent of your sins and ask Him into your heart as Savior to be changed forever and you will pity those who do these horrible things in the name of religion, any religion. The Bible does NOT instruct Christians to do these things; to the contrary, Jesus taught to turn the other cheek and do good to your enemies. The Quran, on the other hand, actually does teach these things.

        Read what the Quran says about Jesus (misnamed as Isa but recognized as the Jesus Christians worship): Surah 4:157, 18:4-6, 23:91, 9:30-31. Compare these verses to the Bible – 1 John 2:22 and 4:3. Read also in the Quran where violence against non-Muslims is encouraged: Surah 9:5, 29, 112, 123, 8:39, 65, and also Ishaq 587.

        Look at it this way
        If the whole world acted like Jesus, the world would be a lot more peaceful and kind (people who call themselves “Christian” included).
        But if the whole world acted like Mohammed, then we’d all be dead because we didn’t believe like him.

      • the christians you refer to were not christians but members of the Church of Rome, the Catholic Church, you believe that you need priests to intercede with the Messiah for you and that you cannot confess to G-D without a priest. They are the ones that started the spanish tortures, and other sects of christianity have had their tyrants also who didn’t follow Y’shua, but followed their own beliefs and understandings

  1. This is how the Christian faith grew so large, it’s truth’s are worth dying for, as Christ died, so did his Apostles, and many other followers. Every time a Christian dies for his faith, God grows it’s members through grace. Christians gain members through peaceful means of truth and grace by the Holy Spirit, not through violence and murder. Killing will never overcome truth!

    • i have respect for modern christianity but christians have a very muderous past eg the crusades into the batlic region against pagans, burning apparant heretics, the crusades into the holy land to stop islam spreading over greece which was acceptable until they killed jews and christians too when the massacered entire cities, so please dont come about that christianity has always been perfect and peaceful, these days it is a nice religion, just not mine

      • You cannot compare those times to what is supposed to be a civilized era where men use the gift of prayer and then actually listen to the answer and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit regardless of how mere human man may think of how to handle a situation.
        I respect whatever “religion” you follow but Christ never called for battle unless it was to further his plan. Let’s think of the future not of the past and put someone in office who will listen to answered prayer, and follow His will not selfish and power & money grabbing humans. I prayer for them daily.

  2. The Muslims murderers may not realize that they have given this convert a direct path to heaven!
    May God forgive them for they know not what they do.

  3. I know God will forgive and I know we are taught to also – I’m not sure I can. I have been subjected to Muslim abuse right here in the USA.

      • What? Please be specific.
        Don’t use the Crusades, that was defensive not preemptive.
        To be honest one needs facts not rhetoric. There is blood shed in the Bible BUT there are no standing orders to kill as in the Quran. The Bible teaches us to love our enemies and those outside our faith and guide them to the true knowledge of God. The term Infidel is not in the Bible but it is found in the Quran and there are specific evil commands on how they are to be treated. Murder is one of those commands. Islam is filled with Jihad and hatred of Jews, Americans and all the Earths Infidels. Islam is wicked. If you step on a pile of rattlesnakes and one bites you, you don’t make claims that only a few rattlesnakes are dangerous and the rest are peace loving because they haven’t bitten you yet. Snakes are snakes, period. If I’m wrong then show me the Muslim outrage and resistance to the openly radical terrorists. It does not exist except as distracting token lip service. Want the truth? Then toss your Bible and your Quran, both are vastly miss-translated by men, and pray to the creator and author of us all and ask Him to guide you, He knows.

    • The Living G-D will forgive, ONLY if you truly repent of your sins and place all of your love and trust into Y’shua and follow him and his teachings, especially his 2 greatest statements: You shall love your G-D with all your soul, heart and might, and shall love your neighbor as you love yourself

  4. May this brave martyr Rest In Peace and the joy of Heaven!

    May muslims be deported from the United States-their religion is an evil creed
    that is corrosive to allowing people of diverse faiths to live together.

  5. I saw that video. Frankly speaking, it is plenty of gore. A true bloodbath. Difficult to watch it until the end. Amazingly, this poor guy looked calm, uttered not a single word, begged no mercy. He looked resigned as if he already had caught a glimpse of Heavens, as if he longed being in God’s arms.
    Surely he went straight to Heavens in less than one second.
    We should pray him to intercede for our salvation and the salvation and conversion of his murderers.
    If you are afraid to watch the video, at least make it known to your friends, especially if they are muslims or muslim friendly.

    • Jacques:

      Sorry about your request for the poor young man to intercede for us. I’m afraid he won’t be able to but I certainly hope he attains glory for himself.

      1 Timothy 2-5
      For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men,the man Jesus Christ.

  6. Oh my!! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this could happen in our modern world. To me, martyrs were old timey people; heroes of a bygone age. But here we are, and videotaping it too. As a Christian, this has forced me to confront my own fear of martyrdom for Christ. I have been praying that should this kind of thing overtake me in my life, that I have the faith and grace to act as did this young man, who went like a sheep to the shearers, and “opened not his mouth.”

    • Beeb, Eastern Christianity is very familiar with martyrdom. By that, I mean the Eastern Orthodox, the Oriental Orthodox, and the Church of the East (Assyrian Church). These are most of the Christians of the Holy Land and the Middle East, as well as Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Ethiopia, Egypt, and in smaller percentages in virtually every country of the world, including in the United States. I am myself Eastern Orthodox, which is the second-largest Christian “denomination” in the world (next to Roman Catholicism), though we don’t really think of ourselves as a denomination, but simply as the Church – the Body of Christ. Our little congregation in the USA includes genuine Corinthians, Thessalonians, and folks from just outside Philippi (today Philippi is just an archeological site). We’re still here, and the gates of hell have not prevailed against us in 2000 years of persecution. I present our epistle readings to the congregation during worship in the original Greek of the New Testament. MILLIONS of our Eastern Orthodox Christian brothers and sisters suffered martyrdom in the 20th century alone, due to Communism in the Soviet Union and other East Block countries. Martyrdom continues today, notably under Islam. I know people who have come to church to find their pastor crucified and dead – nailed to the church door. I consider how I might face martyrdom as well, particularly when I travel in the Middle East or to the Balkans, and I find your words on this to be of great beauty. Who knows, we may be called to suffer for Christ in undreamed-of ways in the future in the USA, Canada and W. Europe, the way things are going. May God bless you and yours.

      • Thank you Yianni. You are right. Most of us in the USA do not really know the hardship and abuse that Eastern Orthodox Christians have gone through in the past century. But the Creator of world knows, and just like this young man, He was with each one through their travail. Our God is a compassionate and gracious God, and He will never leave or forsake those who call him their Savior.

    • I would strongly suggest that everyone subscribe to Voice of the Martyrs magazine. It’s free. Martyrdom is not all that uncommon in many areas of the world.

  7. Martyrs are nothing new even in our recent world history. Remember the Soviet communists martyred Christians by the millions. So did Hitler and Mao. Cambodia, Vietnam, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia and some more are all countries who did and still do persecute and kill Christians one way or another. We just did not hear about it. The internet has truly been an eye opener to what this world really looks like. The Chinese still do the same this very day to Christians. The Muslims are just a tad more cruel unless being beaten, starved, jailed or shot to death is less cruel. My prayer is that all of Christians would finally stand together and sincerely pray and entreat the Lord to let this scourge pass from us. All Christian martyrs pray for us!

  8. all honor and glory are yours almighty father , son and holy spirit . the fifth seal has been opened . pray much for many will suffer .

  9. “Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    Blessed are ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake:
    Be glad and rejoice, for your reward is very great in heaven. For so they persecuted the prophets that were before you.”

    Truly blessed, he’s now at home.

  10. They did d same when they invaded India…forced ppl to convert to Islam by…n those who refused were made to watch their family members gang raped..tortured…beheaded before their throats were slashed….is this what they taught them…Im sure this is very unislamic…d true Islams r fair n loving ppl…n those who use religion to commit such crimes r sadist…n shld be put away for life….
    They destroyed among many thousands of years old universities….temples…heritage sites in India….d sad thing is d muslims in India dont realise their forefathers converted to islam only bcoz of d ‘talwar’ placed on their throats…..
    Today they are killing each other off…condemning d same ppl whos ancestors ate frm d same plate…bathe in d same rivers…cared n loved each other n spoke d same language.

  11. I know this martyr is with God so my prayer is to the church to recognize and honor his dying, unshakable, unbounded Love, Faith and Trust in God that when his time came to choose darkness or Light, he laid down his life so brave and honorable as a Servant of the Lord. He is, to me, the 1st of many modern day Saints who will choose God over Satan and be slaughtered. If the church does not bring forth some type of recognition to this mans name and his journey to martyrdom then it will only state with out words where our church stands.
    And may God forgive those filled with evil and allow them to come to him for their salvation and confess their wickedness because they do know what they do.

  12. yes he looks just like a lamb, i cannot help but think of ST Stephen, surely a saint, i have already started to pray to him and for his family. What an example to the human race, such a beautiful man, it would make you cry.

    • Marie-

      There is only One who can receive your prayers. Please don’t pray to this man. It would dishonor our Lord and what this man died for. Jesus Christ is our intercessor, not this man. Pray to the Lord who can answer your prayers. May Jesus Christ receive all the glory.

  13. So much for the Qu’ran telling its adherents,

    “There is no compulsion in religion…… ”

    If they believe or change their beliefs – slaughter them.

    This is wholly barbaric. God help his family.


  15. Why would anyone who claims to love God kill in His name? “By their fruits you shall know them”! These wicked people will find their justice by the one true God whom they know not.


  17. This video is in IRAQ during the war , they killed that guy for tratory . please check your story first . I’m a Tunisian , and we are living in peace ,

  18. For those who are confused about christian theology on dealing with enemies. It is this, you are are to live in peace with your enemies and even try to win them over with gifts and to do things that make them feel guilty. You are to try to engage them in dialogue and seek a peace. If they hurt you, you turn the cheek, it is then you allow the governance of law to take affect in defending you before second offense, third time time when allow to defend yourself. So simply what Jesus was telling us basically 3 strikes you out. Peter got rebuked because it acted immediately in the garden and didn’t try to speak for their defense. Action in defending yourself must be taken immediately on third offense and severely against those who would harm you. But you not allow to take revenge after the fact of the deed is done, it must be done immediately or not at all. For it is said, “Vengeance is mine” said the Lord. it is at this point after deed is long been done you pronounce a curse on them and deliver them into the Lord’s hands to deal with.

  19. Obama just stood by and let Mubarak be overthrown and now Egypt is a fundamentalist islamic state. He does nothing to prevent Iran from inching closer to having the bomb. He has treated Israel our ally of more than 60 years shamefully. He knoes he cannot defend his lousy economic record so his character assassins are going after Romney over Bain. He said his health care overall would not be a tax…then sends in his lawyers to argue before the scotus EXACTLY THAT. Smile democrats, your party has been charlatan-ized by an incredibly unabashed LIAR. Come November 6th AMERICA STRIKES BACK!

  20. Where is the transparency Obama promised everyone back in 2008? Just how are his big supporters public school educators instructing our children to review his glorious life when no one can access his scholastic records??? Columbia: sealed. Harvard: sealed Obama’s legal records: sealed. Talk about transparency.

  21. Thanks to fundamentalist islam something that more rightly belongs to the dark ages has returmed namely decapitation and these psychopaths think it is Allah’s will to strike off the head of the unbeliever. Then why mot a single swift strike of the sword and show the guy a little mercy instead of a prolonged agonizing death? Simple. Because these murderous berserkers are motivated by hatred and empowered by religious fervor…and that is why militant islam is so dangerous.

  22. And these are suppossed to be civilized peaceful people. The CULT of Islam is a vicious lot. Sharriah Law is in Michigan and the Leftist Liberals of the Socialist/Communist Party USA are promoting it! Is this what you want for the world? Vote for the Great Impostor and suffer the consequences. ~Rick Magee, FL (I am an Armed Patriot)

  23. Islam used to be a religion of peace before the rise of a barbaric archaic form of medieval islam that reared it’s ugly head in Iran back in 1979 with the hostage taking. Since then this archaic form of islam continues to foment murderous violence everywhere. In india hindus have been attacked and murdered without provocation. Mad Dog Assad and his muderters have turned Syria into a hellish charnel house that the likes of hitler and tojo would be proud of. Meanwhile China and Russia provide the syrian berserkers with political cover in the UN. Even Kofi Annan has objected vehemently to all this murderous mayhem…which is more than anyone can say for his divinity Barack…blessings and peace be upon him.

  24. But the world must turn and turn and endure more terror until Novamber when our unofficial lord and savior gets more …flexibility. I hope not. I sincerely hope not. America and the world deserves better…ALOT better then we are all currently getting. Thank you and good nite -scator

  25. This type of event is no surprise to many who have followed the plight of Christians in the world. What is somewhat amazing is that this was aired in Egypt. A mixed message from that government? We as Americans are so very familiar with mixed messages. We call them campaign promises…We also have a long acquaintance with leaders looking the other way, but only recently a leader who follows the other way. Equal and opposite reaction is a physical law . It was also part of American foreign policy…

  26. It is a common occurance in the lands of Islam to pillory Christianity for the Crusades of the 11th to the 14th centuries. Its funny peculiar that this one of the few times in history that Christians actually acted like Muslims. The main thing is that there was no real justification in the Bible to do so. The Koran is a very different matter, it compells the faithful to act thusly. Are Christians allowed to fight? That matter was settled by Augustine of Hippo hundreds of years before Islam was spawned. YES! They can! And to survive they must.

  27. So sad..and even more sad is the fact that this news is not picked up in the West, when stories of some accidental Koran burning becomes big news but not so when real lives are killed in the middle East. So sad.
    May the Lord see to it that the martyrdom is not in vain, and that even more muslims come to faith.

  28. i despair quite often at simply being a human. I am CERTAIN that somewhere out in space, hovering on a floating bouy, and written in a alien language, is a sign which reads: BEWARE. VERY VIOLENT, MURDEROUS, FLESH EATING BEINGS ON 3RD PLANET FROM THAT SUN. DO NOT LAND.

  29. America’s news media has blood on their hands for not reporting these events. If they would make a big thing about this, maybe the killing would diminish. The murderers must be put to shame! They will pay someday if not here on earth, then on judgment day before the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! May the Lord touch their hearts in repentance which only He can accomplish. He will forgive them if they truly repent.

  30. Read what the Quran says about Jesus (misnamed as Isa but recognized as the Jesus Christians worship): Surah 4:157, 18:4-6, 23:91, 9:30-31. Compare these verses to the Bible – 1 John 2:22 and 4:3. Read also in the Quran where violence against non-Muslims is encouraged: Surah 9:5, 29, 112, 123, 8:39, 65, and also Ishaq 587.

    Look at it this way
    If the whole world acted like Jesus, the world would be a lot more peaceful and kind (people who call themselves “Christian” included).
    But if the whole world acted like Mohammed, then we’d all be dead because we didn’t believe like him.

  31. A far better man than I he had the conviction and faith to join the holy martyr’s, as it say’s in St John’s revelation christ proclaimed when I return I will come with clouds and those beheaded for my names sake shall come with me, they whome beheaded them shall be filled with great fear and dread, This man is indeed at the table of christ I have no doubt and know also how many of us whome call ourselve’s christian are silent and not fit for the title he (MYSELF INCLUDED) took and died for God bless his soul and look after his family.

  32. These vermin who behead Christians are nothing but cowards! Are they so afraid of Christianity that they have to kill someone who isn’t? All I can say is they better keep that insanity in the sands of Egypt, Iran, and any other country foolish enough to allow this evil religion in! Religion of peace I think not!!! America will release the death angel soon and we will rain down death and destruction upon Islam and wipe it’s very existence from history books!

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